Cotton skirt of love


No one knows how deep the scheming hidden under my pure eyes, I effortlessly with a cotton dress Mazumdar replaced him around the gorgeously dressed girl.(A) dead of night, ask yourself, lying on your side or not this man really love that hearts.Because of this one appeared on the cover of a best-selling novel, then, let me at three in the morning, they still toss and turn on a narrow single bed.  Xiao meters from the novel is borrowed, and handed him the book, she casually asked this question.  I am a single bed, how can accommodate a man’s body.I forced myself to try to calm tone to answer not reveal the slightest trace of.  Xiao meters at the moment does not know her husband Redgate month has at least one night spent on my beds.  Body wraps completely relaxed in a soft cotton cloth, the experience with a better physical contact with nature, is a more comfortable thing in.To this sentence Redgate, I will be home all fabrics replaced with cotton products.  Redgate never let me to belong to him and that total rice Xiao’s home, so I had no chance to know whether there is a world surrounded by cotton warmth.  There will not, I come from Redgate law firm to date of three years, I never saw Xiao meters through any cotton dress.  I turned the hands of the novel, pretending to be calm in the morning thinking about the answer, can not help but laugh, Redgate also said that my single bed was too small, for fear I fell to the ground in his sleep, had to cling arms around me, the moment can not let go.  How crowded it will not?I remember a writer said, good love, but also the most narrow time in bed, it was the most crowded; bad love, the most extensive of the time, just in bed, that was the biggest space.(B) I still clearly remember, seventeen years old that summer, wearing tails, basil tea brewing method I stood ancestral Chinese pharmacy wearing a light blue strap dress’s saying, come twenty-two Redgate face is surprised and confused.  Basil tea brewing method is very simple: the orange peel, hawthorn, sugar together into the boiling water boil for five minutes, after tasty, then they poured into a teapot has a basil and allowed to stand twenty-three minutes can drink.  I was born in a Chinese family, so opened a prescription treatment of heat stroke, for me, just like with the play.  Prescription is good, but too cumbersome, or forget it.Redgate faint smile from the face, I feel a great insult, he was questioning my qualifications.  Never mind, I can do it, you only need to drink once a day early in the evening on the line.I intend him to a military.  He had wanted to put off, pretending I was an aging and care about their patients Yede speechless, had to obey.  Drink three pots away summer heat, the fluid lungs of basil tea, I became a small town to practice Redgate eyes of senior cutest little sister.  Xiao meters at Redgate appear to leave town three days before, when wearing a white cotton dress, Xiao floated to the rice when not applied Prostitute, from Redgate intense and obsessive eyes, the first time I We know the delightful beauty of having a kind of shocking.  At that moment, I just desperately pulling skirt and knee, you want to cover the summer sun tanned skin.(C) the second year of Redgate left, in completing the College Entrance Examination, I gave over from an early age to determine the female practitioners, into a Shanghai University Faculty of Law, just because Redgate had to stay there his breath.  Five years later in the summer, when I walked into the new heavens and the prestigious law firm of General Manager’s Office, to see Redgate after sitting desk, I began to sincerely thank Xiao meters, she gave thanks when leaving I recorded that this book various divination methods, without it, there would be no reunion today.  Had to see the photo on the resume, I will never believe that you will choose to learn Chinese medicine to give up the love of the law, there must be something changes, do not you?I can imagine when you see Redgate resume the kind of shocked expression, just like four years ago, he was listening to my back, like a basil tea recipe.  I am indifferent smile, some things do not need to explain.  Xiao meters is the seventh day in my office to arise, between this, and I know other colleagues from the mouth, and now she is Mrs. Redgate brilliant, and this thing was originally makes sense.  A new women’s with a fine simple but expensive diamond jewelry to make her look more noble and elegant.  Fortunately, she did not wear cotton dress.