Could not bear to forget you


If I was a song I do not know after a hundred years who could not bear to forget me now, I’m watching the sunset, listening to the small window facing such a touching song really want to let it come off a note to remember me tonight through the time I thought of a century after sunset reluctant to let it sit forget my man while listening to the song, while sniffing flowers, while reading my poem I believe that time my soul must be happy flying just do not know whether there I could not bear to forget that 2 people; often felt very lonely but still vapid perseverance to make the effort to hopefully land planted with my own work, not as a place of hope who can nurture life of the mother are looking forward to the baby is born because I know that as long as people something to look forward to be able to push forward and late autumn of my life has been impossible to restore life to spring up that I do not have the ability to correct mistakes in the spring because I know a person’s life can not have another four seasons Four seasons cycle of the future will belong to those new life in the days of late autumn in as long as I work hard, it will clear conscience