Could not speak Goodbye


Think of parting bell.   Time flies, time removed.Ten days three rural areas already came to a close, orange Suixi Yang Town primary school children who tender smile still clearly imprinted on my mind.Recalling the days get along with the kids, from the first day to the last day of the meeting of the stranger broke down in tears of devotion, every day, our feelings are accumulated in the.New words have looked at this school, and my heart a lot of sadness. Here is where I paid a sweat, here I have taught students, and there are a lot of teammates or the children’s memories. And you meet, so lucky.Still remember you, you make fun of the classroom, playing with a positive answer questions on your classroom, disruptive in the classroom you, ask questions in the classroom after school you.Those innocent children, have the most pure heart, the world in their eyes are so pure and innocent, as long as the person is good for them, they will keep that in mind, doubling the return. The children of the world, always so pure vacuum Chol, cleanse the soul. Want to see you smile.When we set foot on the car, I saw the double face that you in tears, and my heart super uncomfortable.I want to see you that day really innocent smile, I do not want to see your tears; I want to hear that your sister laughing Yingying, I do not want to hear that your sister choking.Car go away, my heart extreme sadness. This short summer countryside practice, I personally feel that the hard work of people’s lives, so I know better how to cherish the fruits of labor in the future work life, cherish the current campus living and learning environment.During this time, we increase the talent, the will temper, temper the character, I learned a lot!This makes me believe that: high-spirited after we experienced the “officials” of baptism, would never “ears do not hear out of the window, one read only the books of sages”, and we have a brilliant youth, there will be a better tomorrow. Surrounded by rice fields can not forget that, forget that the wind moving the lengthy fragrance, forget it everywhere dense with greenery charming, rural forget those innocent children smile, but also not forget the rain we twenty nine people help each other, rely on each other to smile.And all in all, will forever treasure in my heart. The sun in the sky photos, flowers smiled at me, the bird said early morning.This morning breeze to bring the fresh summer.Looking at our hostel waiting at the door, ready to give gifts to us of you, watching with us waiting for the bus with you, I do not want to say goodbye.Scorching July, thank you for your participation, thank you carefully prepared a small gift, thank you to bring my feelings and warm, thank you for allowing me to pay more than the harvest.