Could you insist on it for a while?


Could you insist on it for a while?  Many times, when you think your choice is correct, then you insist, insist insist.As the Chinese richest man Wang Jianlin talking about it, adhere to the teeth, we must again insist on for a while, because that would very likely succeed.  A young farmer to sell all his possessions, came to a place called Colorado to pursue dreams of gold.After dozens of days of digging, he finally saw the glittering gold ore.In order to dig more gold ore, he went home to borrow money to buy the machine.Exhausted when he got the machine continued to dig, and soon met a bunch of ordinary stone, he saw no gold, and did everything will be worthless.He is difficult to maintain daily expenses, the machine had to scrap metal sold to recyclers, himself driven to distraction back home.Recyclers hoping against hope they hired a mining engineer on-site investigation.Engineers said the results, if we dig three feet, you may encounter gold.Recyclers under the guidance of engineers continue to dig down.As the engineer said, he dug a wealth of gold, to obtain millions of dollars in profits.The farmer youth newspaper know the news, regret death.  Hold on, success is at your feet.Consistently challenge setbacks, until the final success.Let your stress become a driving force toward the end of.A hopeless situation is a challenge, an opportunity.As long as we look, one day you will succeed.  Star Stallone is well-known star, he did not become famous, he was rejected 1855 times.At that time a total of five hundred Hollywood production company, Stallone visited one by one, no company is willing to hire him.Stallone face five hundred times a cruel rebuff, he did not lose heart, to look back and from the first start, house to house to sell yourself.The second round of visits, Hollywood’s five hundred companies, still no one is willing to hire him.Stallone did not give up hope, he is convinced that no such thing as failure, only temporarily successful only.He declined to 1000, as is a great experience.Then he began to encourage their times from 1001.Later, after repeated visits job, experienced a total of 1855 times harsh rejection, he finally succeeded.  When you waiting bus coming, you lose patience on a taxi.Who knows when you open the door to move taxis, buses coming.When you go to apply for a large company, the company responsible person on the go, you are so impatient, go Paipaipigu.The result is when you just go downstairs, he did find time to think and good to talk to you.When you hit one hundred business phone, did not make a business, you still insist on it?Maybe the next one is prospective client.99 ℃ burn water is not open, as long as the final reheat 1 ℃, will be able to break through the critical line begins to boil.  Walked the 99 steps, people say the last step the hardest step, the most difficult to go.In fact, this last step and every step of the 99 steps, no different, but people in this step by step when his own bluff, easy to give up, do not insist on nothing.Whatever you do, as long as the courage to uphold, never give up, that the impossible will become possible.A person wanted to do as a thing, we must adhere to, adhere to the teeth.Could you insist on it for a while?