Councilor Zhang Qiao hide stakeholders


Xingtai County, Zhang Village Dole has a Zhang members outside, clever good fight, 得理不饶人, it offended many people, a lot of people are the root of his pain.  One day, a young woman home village Court sudden death, because having an affair with Councilor Zhang, Yuan family to discuss a method Jiahuoyuren, want to let him eat a lawsuit.Taking advantage of the dark, they put a family court body of a woman with a rope hanging in front of Zhang, hanged himself to do like, want to rely on its death sentence for human life.  The next morning, Zhang found the door to go out to do long-term employment of hanging a dead body, suddenly floundered.Hurry informed Councilor Zhang, I feel that this lawsuit is certainly no doubt will eat.  Zhang members outside to the door, saw the scene, know Yuanjiazao do hands and feet, his hands behind his back, thinking about countermeasures thin.  Note to be made up, he made double and family to find out about the same foot size of the new body of a woman’s shoe, to wear after the dead, they closed the door, waiting for the door to cause trouble Yuanjiazao.  Sure enough, not until dawn, families of the deceased came to her door, send a punitive expedition, and horse to the county government, reported the case.  The magistrate received a homicide, dare not have a trace of neglect.Personally led the runners-door inquest Wuzuo.See female hanged on the door Zhang, Zhang will be associated with.Put Councilor Zhang called and asked what enmity with the woman, it is beaten to death.To be attracted from the real.  Zhang members outside hurry, chuckled and said: adults are wrong, this person’s death, and Caomin nothing to do, but it was framed frame.  The magistrate said: Do not quibble, who obviously is hanging on your door, how to say someone else planted it framed?  Councilor Zhang Hui Bing said: I did not quibble, in fact arrayed in front of it, do not believe, you see her shoes, but brand new, with no soil.If she went to hang on my feet can not stick a little soil it?Ask an adult detailed investigation.  Magistrate approached a look, really clean shoes, a little ground traces are not.Then I turned around and asked how it was Yuanjiazao.Yuan Jia false cases have been reported, along with the Master Tomorrow, confession is difficult to maintain consistent, soon forced tells clues.So that the truth, so, Councilor Zhang not only from the stakeholders, the government also falsely accused of the crime Yuanjiazao.