Countdown to write rapidly reunification


On the tenth day: all over the country to celebrate the return of Hong Kong (1997 mid-yy yy.6.21) embrace reunification, the blink of an eye only for 10 days.   Previously, this problem always felt very far away.Until entered the countdown stage, discovered near getting closer and closer.Today, the only remaining full ten days.   Hong Kong’s return, celebrate.Almost all of the news media have a very keen interest the arrival of this major event of the century.All the sons and daughters are all immersed in the atmosphere of today’s celebration.Music and dancing are everywhere filled with song and laughter.Chinese American gathering from the city of Chicago and other Chinese living in other parts of the world, tens of thousands of overseas Chinese and students studying in the face filled with pride and joy, they express themselves this unique experience in different forms.It mainland and Hong Kong and Macao and other regions of the same is true.   After all, there are tens of thousands of ordinary people, but it is difficult to hide his pride and Xinxinran.Countless ordinary people in extraordinary day, talking about the topic of reunification, day or night TV is still concerned about the change in Hong Kong.Whether Hong Kong’s past, present and future, people are concerned about her.   I’m in his spare time, he has also written a Zhuowen to express feelings at this moment.My article title is “Jinghai Temple, alarm bells ringing” as one of two task units, has been part of peer recognition.Not only that, I also copy sent to the relevant newspaper article, but the possibility of making the next; Factory authorities also interested in reading program is based on my book adaptation, in order to participate in the show on the eve of Hong Kong’s return.If we can really the case, I will be satisfied.   Today is the weekend, the factory is the weekend.When informed ten days, I started to have the will to write a few of my article, also in order to express their joy.   I do not know whether the purpose.Of course, the first priority is to strive upward.(1997.6.21 midnight) Ninth Day: Chinese sports in the international arena, particularly eye-catching (1997.6.22) Strange to say, China has particularly eye-catching sports in the international arena, although usually the results are gratifying, but with the pace of Hong Kong’s return draws near, this result is particularly impressive, there is the fact that as a basis – First: Chinese ping-pong badminton team and the team has achieved success in the UK, Manchester City and League City, ping-pong team to all except the men’s singles champion took back badminton team returned achieved all titles except the men’s singles, men’s doubles.Just two months to get a six table tennis world champion and four badminton world champion, and in the United Kingdom, sensation produced during the more unusual.It seems to be more than two events specifically for the Chinese people and do.Outstanding performance of Chinese athletes, plus the game was lively scene, people have witnessed on television, that rich Chinese sentiment and pride for the world’s attention.This is the reunification of the motherland before!She is making strides towards a strong and prosperous.   Second: Other sports also made breakthrough achievements.Chinese weightlifting team won a number of world champions, Chinese shooting team performance has gone up, Chinese chess team to be outdone, won a number of semi-finals or finals.It is worth mentioning that there are two, the first is the Chinese soccer team’s performance is quite impressively.The national team in 1998 World Cup qualifying competition in Asia preliminaries eighth team has after playing all the games, that is the first team to win the final five games of a flat gratifying results obtain qualify, will participate in the Asian Top Ten in October in order to qualify for the final sprint.The third youth team into the finals, although the team did not qualify, but part of the team’s remarkable performance, worthy of a good summary.The team is still young, still a long way to go.It is reported that the campaign team on behalf of the Chinese team at the World University Games, this new force people wish to achieve better results.Another worth mentioning is the Chinese men’s volleyball team in straight sets after eleven games, the recent two-game winning streak at home, respectively, 3: 1 and 3: Spain, 1-0 win over teammates to break out the level of competition in China , play style, he played more confident.Time and performance will prove that the team under the new coach headquarters will embark on the road to success.   People are concerned about the pace of the return of Hong Kong, is also concerned about what was happening, because the link between the two is too close up.Childhood home to the country, subtle changes can bring huge surprise people.Grain – wheat harvest, farmers face to add how much joy and satisfaction; factories are drastic reforms, downsizing for efficiency constitute the main theme of industrial reform.China’s tomorrow will be more powerful, more prosperous.Hong Kong be better tomorrow!(1997.6.23 4:15 in the morning cursive) on the eighth day: China semi-factory workers prepare a variety of activities to celebrate the return of Hong Kong (1997.6.23) days of the reunification of the motherland is getting closer, now only more than a week.   Hua Chinese society as a semi-plant cells, but also to prepare for all aspects of Hong Kong’s return.Grass-roots units, independent rehearsal, each carefully designed program.During the day, go to work apart, using the time to take advantage of all the rehearsal, sometimes work again, and could not eat, drink too late.Abnormal hot weather, temperatures continue to rise, and occasionally sent between a cool breeze, even scratch the dark clouds burst, however, it is that it does not rain.Day, really hot; rain, especially stingy.All this did not stop the enthusiasm of the people of Hong Kong’s reunification.The warm natural flow, meaning there is no affectation.The flesh and blood of emotion is the inevitable result of thousands of years of Chinese culture and long-term accumulation.   Country without culture, as a terrible endless desert; no human kinship, but also tantamount to walking dead animals.After all, thicker than water, after all, the same roots and seed!   Day and night alternated.Daytime evacuation rehearsals, not idle at night.Only one purpose, that is to celebrate Hong Kong’s return to the motherland, the Chinese nation for centuries wash the shame.   ”Bullied” the painful lessons of the Chinese people, a deep impression.Since the Opium War, the Chinese nation is hardly a day of disaster stopped, large and small, almost all bullying Western powers over the past imposing octahedral accommodating illustrious ancient China.Because the retreat, because behind because of corruption and repeated combat and aggression, love of their King and lonely and sad, is difficult to express in words the.   History has opened a new chapter, after all, the Chinese people have stood up.Increasingly powerful country, but also to bring the supreme glory and pride to the nation.Therefore, the sing sing, jump on the jump it, no matter what form of expression of the mood with all reasonable.The elated when, why to remain silent!   But the greatest happiness of the working people of the country strong and prosperous.   Cherish the feelings and glory, to make our country a better place, it is the common aspiration of all Chinese people.   The date of the handover is about to come, China factory half Celebration program rehearsed yet?(1997.6.23 evening 23:20) seventh day: a few signs the British Hong Kong government to the end of (1997.6.24) always felt that the pace of reunification of collapse collapse ringing, urging them excited.   Despite the hot weather, a rare Xu wind mixed with sand and dust has not forgotten.But the enthusiasm remains unabated workers rehearsal.From the second floor reading room, from the school yard, from nurseries, a number of basic units of dress rehearsals are nervously engaged in.Dance accompanied by singing loud and clear, filled with fiery and intense patriotism, eye-catching, kicking up clouds of pedestrians stopped listening, and some would like to inquire Zaichou Mao Yin.Grassroots leaders personally take advantage and create conditions enlightened expression of love.   Ordinary people’s enthusiasm and heroic, to cover up the real end of the British Hong Kong Government.There are few things quite interesting.   First, the British Hong Kong government last session (a) the end of the Legislative Council.   Second, the British Hong Kong government last session (a) administrative will end.   Two things above show that the British Hong Kong government has come to their doom.This means that a complete end to the old times.   The pride of Chinese people are confidently meet the “Pearl of the Orient,” the smooth return!(1997.6.24 Nights) Day 6: Exceeding rehearsal, to return to Hong Kong (1997.6.25) dream, the reunification within the foreseeable future.   Impression that Hong Kong looks vaguely.   Today, Hong Kong so close and clear, just like in the eyes.   Men and women of all Chinese people very happy, a smile carved on his face, drunkenly talking about the return of Hong Kong, there are numerous.Some of them not just talk about it, but also with some form to express feelings of joy.Such as singing carols a return of Hong Kong, for a happy jump happy dance, so in order to express the pride and joy of the chest.   You see, the plant under a unit of dance and even up, and along with the fast-paced, vibrant music; you listen to someone’s heroic chorus tidy, exudes passion and charm.Dance and chorus, attracted a large number of viewers or listeners attracted to ponder.On stage, exchange, convey a common aspiration of each other: the reunification, celebrate!   Suddenly, a group of people dressed in colorful costumes, from the living area through the factory gate.Their Manner enviable, particularly eye-catching uniform clothing.Boys and girls jumping around the endless, brow happiness people may feel really hot.   The sky is still blue, but no trace of clouds.Sometimes the wind blowing, lazy listless, like a sleepy person’s eye.Enthusiastic crowd at the sky, the joy of color revealed in smiles or gestures between.   At this point, the radio reported positive with a good news: Shaanxi Shaanxi Ansai waist drum team on behalf of children going to Hong Kong to attend the handover ceremony of celebration.It laments, their good fortune ah!(1997.6.25) Day 5: Celebration concert curtain is enabled (1997.6.26) within the factory children on campus, in addition to the middle school students to actively respondents floor part of the class, living in the elementary school building teacher (all women) are the heart and soul rehearsal.Because after to 7:30 pm they took to the stage to show their achievements rehearsal.Mouth learn from others, the chorus sing praises two major song.Of course, with the return of Hong Kong-related topics.   Ten o’clock Xu, plant union officials came to school ready to organize makeshift stage rehearsal human need, then banners, flags, banners etc. You get ready; outlet, the podium all the tablecloths are also being prepared.Soon after lunch, that working hours will be hands-on implementation.   From the preparedness program of view, the basic unit indeed under a lot of work, such as determining program content, program formats the selection, testing and feedback of the general audience in place, the effect of rehearsal rehearsal place seem so solid, detailed, in Apple pie order.   Reunification is a large golden wedding.How many people with lofty ideals campaigned bloodshed, one after another, but unfortunately did not materialize, so now we run into, and that is how glorious ah!We must not forget the martyrs and predecessors of unremitting efforts, we must clearly understand their own burden on the shoulders of our ancestors to complete unfinished business, to dress more beautiful motherland.   Also, do not forget to tell our children and grandchildren, how is regained Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s history, present and future is what; they do not want to tell who had become, not a good construction of the great motherland, people will sorry deceased, but also tell them “bullied” this adage!   Program is about to begin, Forget thinking laugh.(1997.6.26) Day 4: aftertaste celebrating the return of live and looking forward to a bright future for Hong Kong (1997.6.27) “to celebrate Hong Kong’s return, a century snow disgrace”, China plant by the trade unions and the Communist Youth League semi jointly organized workers theatrical concert was held last night at.   Grassroots chapters from the factory has launched its own forte fullest heroic feelings of reunification.Dance, chorus, poetry readings, karaoke OK, and other programs brilliant a cappella opera, Haoxiliantai.The audience passion, along with a number of good programs and loved laughter, applause.   That night the wind from small to large, mixed with paper or sand, from time to time to hit the audience and the performer’s body or face, they seem to take into account not immersed.They still always attract grassroots chapters presents the highlights.   Undoubtedly the most eye-catching song concert performance clothing square members of the colors.Some orange, some white, some purple, some blue.Yellow, white, red, blue, dotted, can be described as extremely bright!Colorful costumes coupled with sonorous voice, the two side by side, won rounds of applause of the audience, to see the happy smile at each other often a knowing, sometimes contagious laughter off, a surge after wave.   Ordinary workers to celebrate the return of Hong Kong with the highest courtesy.It indicates that after the return of Hong Kong, will be a new attitude into the new era.When the transfer of the July 1, Hong Kong is the start date of the new bright tomorrow.No one reason not to believe that a better tomorrow in Hong Kong.One of the reason is quite simple: an irresistible law of historical development of Hong Kong’s reunification is the desire of the people, is.Time will tell people, more brilliant tomorrow in Hong Kong!(1997.6.27) The third day: when the silence implies anxiety among the dull homes can not afford to look forward to (1997.6.28) days of the reunification of only three days remaining.   The river of life flowing calmly.Market is still operating as usual: just days bright, living area door that palm plant market is no longer calm.Three thousand three hundred twenty-two past men working alone or selection or arrangement of stalls, stocked with a variety of vegetables waiting to sell.In addition to the vendors had several fixed, every day will be a lot of influx of new farmers.These new farmers attire and personality quite stalls.For example, face a more familiar, more scattered stalls and position are not so favorable, were more adaptable, where it met there to “camp”.In addition, the new farmers sells its own production of vegetables, as well as fresh vegetables they bring texture, drill a look to know it was freshly picked.Buy vegetable dishes always easy, neat and quick turnover immediately.Especially when busy farming, farmers can not afford to delay, always eager to sell.The so-called cheap can often be fulfilled here.The most difficult to speak of the vendors are those who are here almost every day warn that the pendulum point, came first, the latest closing time.If it is the vendors of food, its price is almost difficult to shake, their response rates, in general is the pricing, it is difficult to change.Unless no longer fresh vegetables, the general decline elsewhere, had such and such.Grocery shopping team come from factory workers and their families, and of course near the unit, such as unit 516, cotton libraries, vaults, substations and some farmers, etc..   The river of life flowing so quietly.Grocery shopping or selling vegetables naturally can not forget to talk about the topic of gossip in Hong Kong.They care about the immediate work and life, we are also concerned about national issues such as the return of Hong Kong, etc..Indeed, Hong Kong is about to go home.(1997.6.28 23:00) Day 2: Return bell will soon ring, descendants eagerly across the (1997.6.29) return to the motherland, to the time when calculated with the use of the minutes in seconds.36 hours, 24 hours, getting closer and closer.   TV, radio wave with plenty of shots and disseminating information at any time from Hong Kong.People look forward to the Chinese nation in this century (ie 20th century) events, have been fully reflected in the radio and television stations.   The withdrawal of the British garrison quietly replaced with the People’s Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong, constitutes one of tomorrow’s landscape.   And Bauhinia flag will fly off in every corner of Hong Kong.   Hong Kong according to the Basic Law, elected first Chief Executive of the new responsibilities.   Central leaders Jiang Zemin, Li Peng and other central government delegation to attend the handover ceremony led regime.   Song after another on Hong Kong, to express the people’s common aspirations.”Pearl of the Orient”, “My Chinese Heart”, “Hong Kong tomorrow more beautiful,” and so touching melody, sing over and over again.   People look forward to the early arrival of this day.There is reason to believe that the management of their own in Hong Kong, Hong Kong tomorrow will be in the hands of the Chinese people better!   CCTV will begin tomorrow morning at 6:00 for 48-hour broadcast, which is a feat never seen before.Tomorrow, June 30 – I do not know how many people witnessed live CCTV ah!(1997.6.29) the first day: the much-anticipated moment is approaching (1997.6.30) write the following text, from the return of Hong Kong, leaving only less than 10 hours a.   From six o’clock in the morning, CCTV main channels have been broadcast regarding the return of Hong Kong.Camp huge amount of information, accurate reports and so very prominent.   In particular, there are a few exciting, thought-provoking.   First.First, Hong Kong, followed by Beijing (The author is the seat of the State of Delaware), has under the heavy rain, then rain gradually smaller, until finally cleared cloudy.Some say that this a “timely” one hundred years of humiliation wash Hong Kong, thought-provoking, it just coincidence?   Second.People’s Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong held a grand farewell Assembly in Shenzhen.In a few hours, this newly formed special forces will be moved to the sacred territory of the motherland “Pearl” Hong Kong on a special mission.What could reflect the People’s Republic of China regained sovereignty over Hong Kong it?Only national army.   Third.Chairman of the Central Military Commission, the party’s general secretary has issued an order, I perform defense tasks SAR People’s Liberation Army stationed in Hong Kong from July zero hour.If there is no country on the rise and increasingly powerful international units, reunification is not an easy thing!   Fourth.Around the author, many people had planned to go home to visit relatives or to visit friends, however, they are due to watch the return of Hong Kong’s handover ceremony had to be postponed or abandoned.This seems unusual decision, the performance of a deep national feelings.They understand that the country continues to be strong people’s lives to prosperity is the fundamental guarantee.   When I finished writing the pages of text, the clock has been pointing to June 30, 1997 14:20.   Eyes always feel not enough, not enough time.   No hate and hate only two places at once, enjoy good people meet ah!(1997.6.30) [Description] overwhelmed by the continuous publication of ten Bowen was in June 1997 in order to meet the reunification countdown last ten days of written only in the text were made as small as possible in order to maintain the original appearance changes.Although the text nascent, but earnest feeling which permeated.