Counterfeit detective off unsolved


This is a group of Night Train.Diaogen Gang Saburo seat is next to a 50-year-old man Jingzhuang, he just Saburo asked: how are you ride it at night?Saburo just do not know this person, casually replied: how you, not many people who ride at night Well!Your dress and demeanor of view, should be the medium of staff of a municipal authority, we have every reason to ride during the day, because only one car at night, is that you do a thing to do in the privacy of Hachiman.Saburo just heard surprised a moment, do not do this man in plain clothes **?Saburo is just a suspicious person, five years ago, he worked in the city of Hiroshima No. organs involved in a corruption case, although this is something that only chief, and his assistant Saburo just wide smoke and son trio know, but he apprehensive sad, no peace, he took on the old maid means mistress wide smoke and child, to block her mouth, and has resigned from his position with her organs.He made a fortune by doing business, the extensive smoke and son placed in a small warehouse in the suburbs of Yawata, rent a cabin, as the outer chamber.Not long ago, the city authorities male was discovered another piece corruption cases, that is a chief culprit, although during the trial chief committed suicide, but just Saburo do not worry, the child will be widely introduced into the wild tobacco kill Daughter Since his whereabouts has been careful and extensive smoke and the child is using the pseudonym rental cabins, so this murder investigation no clue, will slowly be forgotten.But just Saburo also always worried about, and today he sneaked into a small warehouse on the outskirts of the hut, to further eliminate traces of himself in there, everything is dealt with properly, it will bring all my colleagues when a child had extensive smoke and resignation gift clock, bound for Hiroshima multiplied by the night train from Yawata.Saburo was just in a daze, the man laughed: I am responsible for policing in the company, likes to learn Holmes that a deductive reasoning method, so people call me a fake detective, but my ability is not small.Just my analysis may be of?When he finished laughed again, the passenger sitting just across from Saburo alarmed.His bleary eyes wide open look fake detective, looking just Saburo found and what did not happen, in turn continued to beat him asleep.Saburo also just want to laugh, but laugh.Counterfeit detective talked about the murder occurred Hachiman: indications from the field of view, the murderer is dead lover, this ** and forensic have mastered.But they do not know the identity of the deceased, of course, we can not find out her lover is Huai.But I think the beauty, the consumer to see the status of the deceased, her lover can not be the manager of a large company or general staff, should be a mid-level civil servant on a fixed income or corporate chief-class people, just like you so identity.Saburo just very annoying with counterfeit detective everywhere even to himself, but his guilty conscience, inconvenience attack.Counterfeit detective added: ** failure is they do not have the patience to go deeper.I have this patient, then why the lover to kill his mistress it?To jealousy, it does not seem worth it, for abandonment, it would seem that there is no need; it is only together that they did anything illegal, out of fear of being uncovered.Saburo just trying to hide themselves, want to laugh, but how can laugh.As for what violations need only look through recent newspapers on the line.The most striking is the number of its organs City corruption case.Do you know the number yet City?Saburo just blurted out: No. I just ride gyrus City!Detective more counterfeit spirits: Ha, I imagine that you criminals!You have a variety of conditions murderer just Saburo heard here, is a fully found each other plainclothes **.As he prepared hard and when the man rushed past, the train arrived at a station head.Counterfeit detective stood up, muttered said: preoccupied with talking, the train station, and almost missed off.Said scored from the luggage rack bag, did not even acknowledge, went off the.Ah, it is completely a false alarm!Through the window to see just Saburo counterfeit detective on the platform turned anxiously search his own pocket.Presumably lost ticket.The man bent on the investigation of cases of others, seeing the station to be as free riders detained **.The train started up again.Just Saburo finally burst into laughter, the laughter of people sat on the opposite seat and awoke.No, it should be said that the seat opposite who never fell asleep before, but in order not to interfere with speech Saburo counterfeit detective and just pretended to be asleep.Then he said to just Saburo: I look at your luggage to be searched.what! prepare stick  age support Kangshanguadeng  restore  hug?The man produced a ** documents, said: Hachiman homicide not under my managers, I was just sitting on business this train.However, just get off of people said, and quite a few to the point, you really doubtful.** In just Saburo bag, find a wall clock, wall clock found in the back with a pen line of small print that says: presented extensive smoke and sub-pictures, all male government office building material Clerks.Really the case, the victim is a child with wide smoke, you must be Diaogen Gang Saburo bar!This, though not undertake ** murder, but because it is the same case ** Department, it is very familiar.Saburo no longer just laughing.