Networking industry chains and the responsibility of the parties


  The main structure of the industry chain, including chip and technology providers, application and software providers, system integrators, network providers, system integrators, operators and service providers, users seven links, chain responsibilities of the parties as follows: the networking industry chain structure chip and chip technology providers and technology is the basis for the development of the upstream market of the networking industry, including chip design, code system and other technology providers。
At present, the domestic technology level in the field of things relatively developed countries there is a big gap, especially in the high-end market。   Application equipment provider applications products focused on data collection levels, including electronic tags, reader modules, writing equipment, reader antennas, smart cards and other providers。 Things equipment market is our country than in other areas of rapid industrial chain development, a larger number of companies, but medium and small enterprises。
  System Integrators System Integrators is based on customer demand, will achieve things hardware and software into a complete solutions for manufacturers provide to our customers。 Development of system integrators on the one hand reflects the extent of application of the business of things, on the other hand is an important factor affecting application promotion。
In the majority of domestic integration business is small, and to focus on a particular industry integrators based, multi-industry is also concerned about the lack of large companies。   Software and application software developers and application developers markets, including middleware vendors in China has developed a considerable number of enterprises。 Due to the application of things more obvious characteristics of the industry, therefore, developers are mainly for industry-specific business, providing professional software products and solutions。
  Things provider network provider network means data transmission bearer network service providers to network-based communications, including fixed and mobile communication network。
Three domestic telecom operators have been involved in this field, in addition, have also participated in radio and television network operators。
  Things operators and service providers operators and service providers mainly to provide customers with a unified terminal device authentication, billing and other services, and access control terminal, terminal management, industry application management, operations management, platform management services。 At present, China's Internet of Things market operators and service subject to the application of the promotion, has not developed。 Future, with the constant care of a large range of networking applications were running status, upgrade and maintenance, fault location, maintenance costs, operating costs, decision analysis, operations management data privacy and other needs of more and more, for operators and service providers the requirements are very high。 (Raymond)。