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A prime pen to describe your style.Return, return, I cook tea for you.feasible?Glass Court that past life as you send the signed Huanhua, whom pick?This is your life provision of Lorraine Court, who is disabled because of?Singing and fine turn of beauty, you forget.Poor, poor.Your oath old apartment in the brow.Strike, strike, strike.And then transferred to your kite string.Not the flowers do not seek a two-phase Huan, not in March do not seek Jade Musk.I’ll wait for you horse back, and so on lamp in a lamp burn.I wait for you and song flick.Return, return.I Meidai low ring. Moon is not round.Burial Ying Yan.There is only a single side of the return beam, dull voice.How much Qi Yuan.Hugh Hope, Hugh hope.It is also no longer the.Liuyang in front, to be king to meet.When you decorated canopy of Bin wire has been broken?Front desk, who shelved Yan rouge?Narrow waist body Sharp, who want to occupy insatiable?You distinguish good intelligence, nor escape the fate entangled. 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