– He “Dabie Poetry” Stretching the fifth anniversary of the founding of eight hundred in the Dabie Mountain misty, luxuriant stand to amazing heights attracted many eyes, look up to a load a load, the soil in the breeding of poetry from generation to generation, bred in Akimitsu feelings endless, vast stirred intertwined with the spring wind, autumn leaves on this piece of land, unrestrained vertical and horizontal winding mountains, steep ridges and peaks achieved by an startle the world of style, fascinating kingdom of poetry, rhetoric ocean Lai home party eight Fangzhuan Yang artificially high mountain peaks, persistent obsessed poet normal ordinary day, raising it to the category of poetry in the eight hundred years of land, Mianmiao gallop five years of wind and rain intertwined, life-giving broad-minded euphemism five years of hard work, Kula sweet and sour harvest life of five years long and difficult journey, a journey through the mentality of Ke Ke sill five years to remain, emotions immersed soul of five years, the land when the paper, pens thought soaking up the sun 288, life can not be built up with poetry lack of height stands in people’s vision of heavenly scene youthful thousands of weather