Left home many years, and will always be cherished hometown simple life.My family has achieved a lot of naughty Heilv also often fall asleep to.    Twenty years ago, the implementation of rural land contract system, livestock production team also assigned to the hands of farmers, due to the small livestock, can be assigned to one of several.In order not to delay the farming father bought a donkey from the mountains, a door with a loud voice and said: “Finally I like to buy the cattle.”Look at that donkey covered in shiny light hair, ears like two dagger pointing to the sky, high Yang Zhaotou, a thick and long tail swept around.Gordon back from time to time straight front legs upright, screaming loudly tiger.Put on the spot to watch the people scared busy hiding aside, he kept saying “good good ass donkey,” Only one person said: “nice, but some stubborn.”My father said proudly:” All I want is this stubborn strength.”It’s stubborn strength than people imagine.It must give two people with a good set of reins to bring it saw his father holding the reins on a full donkey running around, kicking back before kicking, dusty circles.Father aimed at the opportunity hugged its head, another person did her best to bridle the ground quickly, as long as the bridle, it rules more.Only recognized when his father worked, others find it difficult to tame it.    Once mother drove a donkey cart to pull the rice fields, on the way ran into a neighbor girl need a ride, waiting for her mother to let a donkey cart to stop and sit, but she did not wait to jump on the donkey cart parked the car.Donkey surprised and ran, ran faster and faster, almost like enclave.Mother did her effort could not have pulled it, but to seize the car along, thinking that lucky not to fall.Girl next door scared pale, heart almost jump out of his chest, sweating.Donkey running all the way, the car shovel, rope, sickles, bread, water bottles and other scattered all the way past.Left and right impulse donkey, passers-by have also dodge.Is a crisis head to a large tractors blocked the road, the donkey came to a halt.The girl next door immediately jumped off the donkey cart, squatting on the ground, out of breath and said: “Uncle Mom, you home I could not sit a donkey cart.”It also has a quirk, I saw pigs bite.Once mother asked me to exhort bought the pig to feed the baby a good lap before work in the fields.I went to school these carefully finished.Afternoon after school to enter the house to see a baby pig, my God, baby pigs missing.This is more than ten dollars to spend three to buy three more than ten dollars twenty years ago is a large number of.Worry, anxiety, fear, so I perspiring.Outside the house searched and no.In desperation, exhausted, I have not thought to Heilv drinking it, so I brought a half-basin water to the donkey circle, striking scene scenes appeared in front of me: cute baby pig lay flat on the donkey ring , the two eyeball exposed outside the orbit.I was on the hands of the basin dropped to the ground, water is spilled, and I slipped.I hurriedly got up and rushed into the ring picked up the ass baby pigs to see if there is help, any time I repeated calls to no avail: baby pigs died, was killed Heilv.I was crying and picked up a thick stick fiercely beaten black shit, and that the culprit Heilv but where indifferent, slowly eating hay, as if being to nothing to do with it.I think, certainly the mother reprimanded me back is inevitable.    Like this happens too many times, not a pig ran into the ring donkey is a donkey jumped into the pigsty, it would see the pigs bite.Baby pigs to be killed by it there are several, there are few hard and took us down from the ass mouth.The most annoying is that there is a donkey went to the neighbor’s house and saw a fat pig is eating, it jumped opinions bite, big fat pig bloody neck, twitching limbs lying on the ground.And so when we arrived at the pig has expired.Angry mother was crying.Father did not say anything to pull his ass back home, then take the money to pay a neighbor, atop his father did not hit a donkey whip.    But it reduces the burden of a lot of parents.Our house more children, the parents for our food and clothing, the most important goal is to go to school.We took a lot of ground floor.School fees from the ground plane out, so the family farm home more than others.We took Heilv with their parents, and from the fields.Farmland, fertilizer, mill, the seeds are combined with the finish Heilv.Throughout the year thanks to its transport to the fields.Harvest the fields also relied pull back.At that time also can not hold much shelf car, the number of laps run in multi-key.Golden wheat, maize rough Zhuangzhuang, heavy rice, as well as assorted crops.It is hard working, decades, along with our sisters from primary to university.    Heilv do live, my father saw this in mind, the feelings of Heilv gradually deepens.As early as the summer school, we go to a donkey holding a sickle mowing.This is the day’s task must be completed.Dadi said that once did not finish the job do not want to go, his father said donkeys grazing is a major event, the job is small, in fact, want to be lazy father knew Dadi.Land is the lifeblood of farmers, Heilv father is a good helper, Chihaohehao worry about it every day, someone’s home to hay guillotine on the line, and the father the hay, water, corn mixed together just let donkey eat, drink daily a few times.Middle of the night but also to add a donkey feed, so my family has been Heilv Biaofeitizhuang.    I remember one year, August 15, I called to ask parents did not offer the moon cake, mom answered the phone was out of breath and said “donkey ran” hung up.Later he learned that parents searching through the mountains and plains, go sweat, his legs felt weak, still did not find see.When parents are disappointed ready to go home, a neighbor, said he would give him a hundred dollars to tell their parents Heilv where his father a donkey, keen on the idea to give him a hundred dollars.One can imagine that in the case of time for the four students to spend a hundred dollars and as high as what it means for our family.But in order to Heilv, father or gave, because his father has been the Heilv as a member of our family, we can not do without a workforce, a great help.    Ups and downs than a dozen set, also on our sister school success, and younger brother graduate school, my family’s history is over for students.Parents do not farming, and the enjoy a leisurely day.Heilv old, also take a rest.But I never forget the days before, as Dadi say: Benz driving a car is very comfortable, but also often think of the previous day very happy to catch a donkey cart.