Hell Heaven has eyes


A mysterious eye the July thirteen cases of day, Gu Xiaobei alone quietly appeared in the two weeks after the detection of d City Station.He sets the upper body piece navy blue T-shirt, light gray pedal a pair of summer sandals, hand carry a new old tan box, how to look, not like?City import and export trading company’s senior white-collar workers.Gu Xiaobei want is this effect, he is to take his own frozen up, hid a big crowd, so that to know what to do, even if he has a hound general sensitive, can never expect to smell the slightest clues about his whereabouts.His vacation was carried out.In addition to company executives no one knows.Even CEOs also only know that he is on vacation, do not know the destination.When he came to the auspicious hotel, sultry night, we have lost our sense of human appearance.He looked around, just make sure no one went inside track.The hotel was filled with the smell of damp mold rot, as if hung a huge countless people grazed smelly fermented towels, a few words at home with peeling walls become unrecognizable powder.He said to a single room, when the head of a chicken coop, said there is a fifth floor, and if you do not mind go.When the deposit, the chicken coop head woman money to his eyes and looked again, and caress his hand for a while, this will throw out key.There are three fifth floor, in addition to a single room, there are two utility room.Open room, Gu Xiaobei was musty pungent choking a somersault.He wanted to open the window through a permeable to air, but found the window hinge is broken, the windows were a bit distorted, forced a push, crashed, falling a window frame of a crossbar, issued jingle sound downstairs.Despite the dirty air, but Gu Xiaobei slept soundly at night.Since receiving that letter threatening letters, the first time he slept so at ease.If not the letter, he had intended to leave again for two years.At that time, Gu Xiaofei has been completed, you can just go out to see the world together.However, the boss to intimidate the messenger becomes urgent matter vacations.Two weeks ago, that is,?City seven-thirteen cases of three criminal suspects after being arrested, Gu Xiaobei as to the company to work as usual, a door to see the letter.Letter from the crevices into the bottom of the door to the.It was a light brown manila envelope, the recipient and no inscription, notepaper open inside a print.Contents of the letter is simple: big deal should not control the pipe, to pay the price.The following are three words to kill, after the words dragging kill three exclamation, three sharp knife like, inscribed in the boss.After reading the letter, Gu Xiaobei feel like to be the backbone of ice water suddenly excited for a moment, take out cold sweat Shua.The name for the boss because the July thirteen cases in?The city has been a household name.With the arrest of most of the gang, headed to the boss only become slip through the net.Gu Xiaobei so dumbfounding that this turned out to be the boss in the detection of credit note in his head, and vowed to kill him.Maybe some things are predestined, it has been trying to not hide.such as?The July thirteen cases of the city, happens to occur in the door of his residence.The victim was a man and a woman, all junior.Gu Xiaobei 302 live, they live 301.Two people live in the summer is coming.Every time a cell, they are driving a BMW car, he looked very unassuming, causing many people’s eyebrows, eyes and reveals a jealous.Once in the corridor he ran into the boy still smiled at him.They just seem to come here in the evening, about six o’clock in the afternoon, with a lot of food and drink, seven or eight o’clock in the morning to leave, travel time always holding hands, very close look.Gu Xiaobei busy, never noticed the door to do.Until that morning, he was ready to go to the company to work, was stopped by two police only knew something was wrong.Reported that the deceased, they had an appointment at eight o’clock in the morning to go for a picnic, students who are punctual, eight went to see the BMW car parked downstairs went upstairs to knock on the door.Knock for a long time did not open, the boys feel right, find someone opened the door, a door they smelt a smell of blood, open the bedroom door and found two people died in bed, the body simply cover a towel, they the pale, as if blood were shed.OMG that students soon ran out, trembling police.Police rushed to the scene, saw the boy’s right hand grip tightly, as if clutching a straw.Broke hand, is actually a remote control.Apart from a few messy footprints, criminals do not leave any valuable clues to solve.After completion of the inspection site, the police asked Gu Xiaobei a little shorter, at night there did not hear any unusual sounds, such as what cries for help.Gu Xiaobei shook his head and said no.Police said the short man, you think again.Gu Xiaobei said, his voice does have, sometimes at night will hear two people shouting.How other name?The tall cop took the pen ready to record.Gu Xiaobei hasten to say that this matter do not mind, it is the cry, married people know.Police put a pen down, there is nothing else to ask?Gu Xiaobei say, no, they are not during the day, only at night to come.Police closed the notebook got up to leave.When we go out, the tall policeman wrote a number shabu to tear Gu Xiaobei, think that if anything, call this number.When Gu Xiaobei send two policemen to go out and see two wrapped in a white cloth to be carried down the stairs.Downstairs has been around a lot of people, the boy face sallow, dull eyes, as if endured lose their.It is killed?City Mining Group only child predators Tong Tong Lok.The girl is his classmate, is the home field.Her daughter did not know never see.The case was soon given the nature, this is a murder, typical Tucaihaiming.Tong music and he lived in the house had gone to the police sealed.The police took Tong Lok hands firmly holding the remote control when to go, and went away with one disc.Out of such a thing, the district where the people talking, saying that today’s young people is really incredible, money is a bloody fool, not a bloody fool may not lose his life.Because this murder, every household scared, full of fear.However, the efficiency of the police to solve the case of surprisingly high, less than three days, this sensation?City of robbery and murder on the declaration of detection.It is said that the police will soon get the suspect’s photos, and pursuit through the Internet, put under arrest warrant to the city and surrounding counties.Suspects have not yet had time to transfer, it was the police stopped in a small hotel.In addition, it led to the boss get away, the other three were arrested and brought to justice.According to the suspects confessed that they already eyeing the BMW car the son of Columbia.Originally they just want money, I do not want to kill.They still suspect a bright knife, and they were afraid, the boy obediently took out two credit cards, and say the password.Just when the suspect go, perhaps the boys think girls are too planted in front of the face, say, take the money you would not have the opportunity to spend.Yeah, the old laugh.Seen the boss does not believe, Tong Yue said, do not believe?A pair of eyes staring at you it.You take the front foot, the police will find the rear door.Then, Tong Lok eyes Piaoxiang ceiling.To the boss patted his face road, small, you do not talk, maybe what did not you talk to put a little life lost.Remember, do not talk nonsense, there are some things it is keeping everything secret, she says it became a killing knife.Tong Lok a panic, and hastened to beg for mercy: I was joking.Brother, I’m still young, or else, I’ll give you money, how much will do.My dad, but billions, open coal mines.Hear this, to the boss sneered: With this last sentence, you can not leave.Despite kill Tong music, but really should be a sentence Tong music, just like real pair of eyes in the police solve the case.The third day of the incident, when police surrounded them in a hotel, the money on the credit card to take out only one, not enough time to take another.They wanted to run away on the car that day, but, to this small hotel, a few people do not agree, saying there is no card to take a count Editor’s Note.On the first card thirty thousand, maybe second will be more, while the police have not found the money taken out quickly.They do not know the police would have issued an arrest warrant.To the boss said, you go nowhere in the hotel, I’ll go out and see movement.To the boss gone, a petit’s bored and left the room to talk to the hotel staff.Waiter think this small north familiar, suddenly remembered the pictures online, it quietly called the police.Although the case broke, fly in the ointment is that to let the boss ran.Police said he must win the boss to justice as soon as possible to.”C City Evening News” on cracked after the July thirteen cases were reported in detail.People reading the newspaper, immediately thought of Gu Xiaobei.About Gu Xiaobei eyes again been dug out from the depths of memory.A pair of magical eyes, in addition to Gu Xiaobei, who else?Gu Xiaobei eyes must be helped police busy.Otherwise, by the ability of the police to solve the case so bad not to mention three days, for fear that three years may not be able to solve the case.Twenty years ago, Gu Xiaobei help police break a big case has emerged to the people’s memory.That is?City cracked the largest case together, after receiving the informant reports, in?City train station, anti-narcotics police the suspect away from the wicket.Police repeatedly checks found no problems, is preparing to release, one side assist reconnaissance Gu Xiaobei like a pair of eyes to see the same X-ray abnormal.The man brought to the police interrogation room, the guy still pretending to be calm.The police and other feed him a purgative drug, he could not hold on, the drugs hidden in the rectum defecate out, actually there are more than two hundred grams, are high-purity heroin.After breaking from the major drug trafficking that, Gu Xiaobei the eyes gradually lose the psychic, on several occasions it has adversely affected the aircraft.Originally, C City Public Security Bureau is to recruit him into the SWAT team, people he felt very sorry specific function, also had to give up.Later, with the help of the police, he went to now this company.He is very talented in business, his assistant company manager to negotiate a few strokes big.Ten years of work, he became head of the marketing department of the company, to become a white-collar workers the envy of everyone.Today awful murder solved so quickly, certainly Gu Xiaobei eye psychic resumed.You see how clever, dead just live with Gu Xiaobei door, Gu Xiaobei eyes to see through the door security door is not a piece of cake.Internet users also have a specific function of Gu Xiaobei a lot of hype, but also with his above a large photo.They read the online article said, Gu Xiaobei you too much bad, how does this ability with guys reveal it?If you know that a few robbers Gu skill in this, it must regret Green intestines.Two female office colleagues subconsciously put his legs together up.Gu Xiaobei said, guessing that is what happened twenty years ago.Now my eyes in addition to not wearing glasses, with a kind of you.Second, the terror Gu Xiaobei vacation from work as usual, did not think the danger will come to his head, until the boss saw in that letter threatening letter.At first, he thought it was just a joke between friends.Because of business reasons and he knows a lot of friends, business field on officialdom, no less than part of everyday hundred ten.He tried to come up with a telephone call a few friends, after a few pleasantries, he politely asked whether or not he wrote a letter to?Friends say no, he joked that both Han era, also wrote, is not a small secret wrote to you?You have to be careful, this is it sugar-coated bullets!Later, he called the phone and called him in?The ancient city elementary school students.Old school is the love jokes person, when normally the party, he always talk about a few people laugh belly pain.However, this time, the ancient school denied, said Gu Xiaobei, such a thing can not take a joke, play it to kill it, and is able to make fun of it?Validation is not Friends joke, Gu Xiaobei suddenly heavy up.In the afternoon, he proposed to take a vacation to the General Manager.When he raised his face sallow leave, risking head sweating.General manager said nothing, picked up a pen in his report signed vacations.Understand Gu Xiaobei general manager for the company’s value.In recent years the company’s other businesses are not the economy, Gu Xiaobei the only competent business after another made a few big business, stabilize the company’s footing.General manager looked at his face sallow goes, distressed to say that Gu was in charge of the vacation.He paced back and forth a few steps that will do where to go, how much money the company spent reimbursement, two weeks is not enough, you can also extend the.Gu Xiaobei almost to himself intimidated things to say, finally, he swallowed back the words.After all, this is just a letter printed piece of paper, what can explain it.After the vacation report approved down, Gu Xiaobei began working holiday preparations.He first needs to explain in detail the work of the column a bit, put into an envelope.He thought for a long time, he tore up a letterhead to write.After writing, along with two checks together put them in a delicate pocket lockbox.This is his daughter and left.Originally these things can explain some time later, but, people have always happens, good or rainy day.He was vice president of this circle there are three died young, aged almost related to him, one of which is two years younger than he, not to mention, he is still subject to the boss.Thought of this, Gu Xiaobei took to heart the waves of sadness.He took the letter knock on the door, deputy director of the Qin, no one answered.Then he remembered Qin, deputy director of a business trip 35 days is from him.He looked at his watch, has long been off work.Gu Xiaobei out the door to find the janitor Liu, Liu did not wait for the door to welcome out.The relationship with Liu Gu Xiaobei well, there are several companies send welfare, Liu helped send all of the work was done, not even a sip of water.Gu Xiaobei asked the letter to deputy director Liu Qin.Liu enthusiastically ask, how competent care not to him personally?Gu Xiaobei said, these days I’m going to do something d city, at the latest tomorrow or the day went, too late, it can only be entrusted to you.Liu said Gu supervisor you go in peace, to ensure that no problem.Gu Xiaobei the janitor’s room to see a man watching TV, asked who?Liu looks a bit flustered Road ,, a fellow.Gu Xiaobei smiled indulgently: This registration is subject to the countryside Liu, the young man also sorry it.End the organization of work of the company, and immediately he took his wife and daughter moved into a new house to buy.New house from the old house a dozen miles, is a white-collar neighborhoods, security did a good job.This time they are very simple, without saying goodbye to anyone, just call a van with some valuables and a change of clothes to wear, like the disappeared general.That was a van, a dozen miles as long as ten dollars, but also enthusiastically helped put the luggage has been moved upstairs.When Gu Xiaobei think, so to see him, be sure to thank people properly.The driver is very characteristic, wearing a pair of big sunglasses, big covered his face, but just not cover the left brow sinking Atriplex size of mole.The driver left, Gu Xiaobei to put the password box, and said do not open until the last moment.After his wife certainly place his head he was relieved.Some do not trust my wife asked, a small North, you are not keeping something from me?Something you say, two people carry always stronger than a man.Gu Xiaobei say, you want to go, I keep quiet man, can have anything, do not cranky.In recent years I was too tired, just want to have a good rest.This relieved a wife.Settled his wife and daughter, he had come alone to the city d.I experienced a good night’s sleep, the spirit of good Gu Xiaobei up.From the fifth floor window looked out, all around the hostel panoramic view.Opposite the hotel is a street snack, snack street next to the city’s largest agricultural products wholesale d.Looked east, the newly developed high-end residential areas have been erected, the south can vaguely see Gushan cloud around.In addition to escape to the boss, Gu Xiaobei election in d leave the city mainly because of Gushan.His home in the countryside d suburban town, very close distance Gushan.His parents are buried in the mountains Gushan.Eyes and, once he has a specific function also has a mysterious connection with Gushan.Gu Xiaobei his eyes to recover from Gushan, see a street snack has become pervasive.Speaking in various accents and out of hawkers in the market, there are waiting on the goods sold or sitting snack Tanqian drink a bowl of bean curd, eat a pie, or half a catty fried dough sticks, two boiled eggs; there to a small bag and steamed slowly eat salty porridge.Downstairs, in front of snack stalls are colored save the head, golden fritters remove from the pot to make the sauce Lek yet they are looting an empty; Hamburger hawkers selling cooked meat on the board fine finely chop the sell pastry pie cut will sell salty porridge will only cover a plastic bowl placed down the board; and selling eggs to spiced corned driven forward side from the side yelling the district recently ravioli share, rising bursts plainer white heat, flooding made cardboard signs.And other heat scattered, only to see the word ravioli with carbon black writing crooked.Three small table, two tables have been filled with people.The boss is steaming wonton fish out, put a pinch of parsley to bowl, drain a little red chili oil, red and green particularly attractive.I watched, all of a sudden have the appetite Gu Xiaobei.Since leaving?Since the town, he always felt full stomach, but now I feel an empty, need food to fill.Gu Xiaobei down the stairs in wonton Tanqian sat down to a big bowl of wonton, and specifically asked to be put chili oil.The boss is very attentive, say your first time to eat?Said Gu Xiaobei.The boss said, I said, look, look unfamiliar it, ravioli I have here, is the ancestral soup, eaten are repeat customers, you eat a certain will come.Gu Xiaobei take the spoon tasted say, is really good, very fresh.Then, Gu Xiaobei eat up, he ate some greedy, and does not look like a white-collar, and pretty soon, you take the sweat on the forehead.He took a handkerchief to wipe the sweat, looked up and found the desk and sat next to the man, he can only see that person’s side.The man looked like a very young, very clothes, wearing a pair of sunglasses.Gu Xiaobei that this man some familiar, as if you saw them, I really can not remember.He finished ravioli, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief, then neatly folded handkerchief in his pocket.Leaving ravioli share, pretending he looked back and saw a man wearing sunglasses also being looked up.He suddenly saw a mole on the man’s brow.Gu Xiaobei suddenly remembered five days before the van driver, but he quickly rejected his.Van driver how it will come to the city d?Sure sign of a look alike of people, so many people, looks like a lot of people who.he is?When the city had put a passerby as the old primary school.Gu Xiaobei decided to finish their holidays in the city of d, perhaps waiting for him to return?When the city that has long been caught up in the boss.In the evening, Gu Xiaobei bored bored in a hotel, they brought in a stack of newspaper to read.That newspapers are half a month ago, there is still a “C City Evening News,” above board with?City cracked the July newsletter of the thirteen cases.Gu Xiaobei sent that communication and carefully read it again, think about this for the boss still can not be ignored, since he can mysteriously threatening letters left at his office, he must also deal with their own rack their brains.Can not believe the police will be able to bring him to justice thirty-five days of commitment, I encountered such a thing, or rely on their own.Such a thought, Gu Xiaobei settled for such a humble small hotel and do not feel up.Such a hotel is not safe, the wife and kids at home is not safe?The thought that he would use that contact with the family’s private cell phone telephone call, asked his wife if there had been a stranger?His wife said, no, that is too close to the water, but no door, just rang the doorbell, she let the numbers reported in the past.Gu Xiaobei told my wife that a stranger knocked on the door must not open the door, do not even open the doors of the parlor.More attention should go out during the day around, see if there are suspicious people.My wife said, you are not made nervous of it, we a flathead old, who will pay attention to?!Hear his wife absent-minded tone, Gu Xiaobei my heart a little angry, but his wife said, and not without reason, to have patience, said, Caution is the ship, you forget what happened the door we?My wife said, okay, we pay more attention to it wants mother and daughter.It touches you, you had better pay more attention to the outside of the vehicle.Now the car so much, driving too fast.Gu Xiaobei said, OK, I must note.Gu Xiaobei to hang when my wife said, what matter have to rely on outside conscious.Gu Xiaobei understand the meaning of his wife, afraid of their own nonsense out.Gu Xiaobei say, twenty years, I sawed the people you know best.My wife said, okay, you do not worry, and I was casually said.I got off the phone to my wife, Gu Xiaobei and an assessment of the safety of the hotel, and see if there is no loophole.Observation for two days, he found that guests checked into the hotel are live quadruple, and up to one night left.Gushan FIT to live on the third floor of the second floor rooms are standard, as is the summer vacation, many children come.During this period, the most notable is the fourth floor in the living standard between a pair of young lovers, while the third floor of the water between Gu Xiaobei to fetch water saw them, shocked, actually with two young men killed Tong music and the girl so similar.He boldly shouted, the boys come back.Gu Xiaobei saw not the boy’s mouth with Tong music is not the same, the girl’s face has not killed the girl’s face round.The boy asks you doing?Gu Xiaobei faltered: not doing.Boy chewing gum pop to spit it out: Are you crazy ah?Girl whispered, say nothing to care for him, the old goat!Teng Gu Xiaobei face red, and he lived to be so big, people have not been scolded, but he just did some rash act.Kick back water, Lok Tong think that with some resemblance boy, Gu Xiaobei and worried about their safety.This house is less than 10 square meters room, which has a toilet, in addition to a bed, and a closed-circuit television.As long as the door broke, the whole room at a glance.If you really get into it for the boss, his chances are not even escape.Only one way to guard against, is to keep the enemy outside the door.If the boss wants to come in, first broke into the house, one from downstairs to climb.From the first floor is unlikely to climb to the fifth floor, you can break down the door if it is a snap.The house, window hinge nail all gone, a wind blowing on the open, the latch on the door was gone, how does this line?Put down the bottle, he went to the hotel staff, requiring repair doors and windows.The waiter said, you, the funny, do not look at what time it is?Besides, doors and windows broken in 2056, and no one ever made to repair.I think you kinda pay attention to this person, to pay attention, then went to live in Gushan star hotel, live in a small hotel, do not be too particular about.Besides, it is not that a few days Well, there are not home.Gu Xiaobei said, it is to live one day to live, sloppy security.Waiter laughed and said you are a big man, you can eat?Gu Xiaobei say, anyway, I have to trim, or can only complain.This sentence may play a role, in order to develop Gushan, d is carrying out the catering industry City style rectification Month.The waiter said, they have to be repaired tomorrow, say, who take maintenance?Gu Xiaobei hasten to say, I come and collect maintenance fees.The next day, the waiter really got a maintenance man, repair the doors and windows again, spent fifty dollars.The maintenance man wearing a pair of sunglasses, so that he suddenly remembered the man seen in the stalls ravioli.He wanted to go after their own have to wear a pair of glasses, to save people recognize their own appearance.Because of the emergence of that man’s sunglasses, Gu Xiaobei and not to eat a snack street, he booked a meal in the hotel, like other hawkers, just at noon plus two vegetables, dried shrimps is a rape, a cucumber Pork, only at night plus a seaweed egg soup.After dinner, he stared unblinking watch TV?City legal Jingwei program, see there is no follow-up reports the July thirteen cases, there is no news to the boss caught.At night, he always want to open a lamp, if the room is too dark, he felt at ease, always felt a corner of the house hid people.He often opened up the middle of the night to see the bathroom, until you are sure there is no case was safely asleep.The next day woke up, he still feels something is missing.Yes, defensive weapons.In case that the boss broke into how to do their own unarmed how it lines.That afternoon, Gu Xiaobei wearing a pair of sunglasses out of the hotel.He crossed the street snack, it is not yet time for dinner, the streets deserted, those food stalls are a piece of cloth covering their rain, looked very mysterious look.Gu Xiaobei looked around and no one would turn into a monopoly off the body defense supplies store.The boss came to see customers, will take on the sofa leg move down, he gallantly to introduce product performance.Gu Xiaobei picked up a baton three sections, bought a knife.Choose the right things, paid for, he asked to see the boss never seen a man wearing sunglasses, he is doing?He asked the boss think this question is very strange.However, he bought a look at something so precious, they smiled and said, wearing sunglasses people more to go, d town in the summer is very toxic, strong ultraviolet rays, come here to stock traders mostly wearing sunglasses, they specifically do , clear, nothing more than to do business, to feed their families chant.Boss finished, Gu Xiaobei said the sound Xie, heart joked: this is a child, watching the impression.At that time the movie is wearing a cap, sunglasses card image.Gu Xiaobei not know that in the day he bought knives and batons, the driver look like a man wearing sunglasses also came first in the West Market Street, most plastic products store.They differ only five minutes, Gu Xiaobei Zaichi if some are likely to face encounter with the man.Plastic products stores is the market’s most remote places, to the left is a garbage dump, it is not really a good place to do business.Man came into the shop, immediately plastic smoked a bit pungent taste.Casual men looked at the shelves full spectrum of plastic products sub.When the boss came, men thumb and forefinger, the remaining fingers tightly grip rope, made a gesture toward the boss.The boss saw, immediately smiling and led him through the counters, and then through a courtyard, west hooked toilets, from the toilet to the right is a small partial Ha, Ha then turn right through the partial We came to a very humble house stopped.House is not big, not small lock on the door, is a large brass lock, looking incongruous with the house.Some debris piled house, two bamboo basket full-blown plastic bucket filled with dust, and some plastic pipes noodle dish at the foot of the wall, and dust lay thick.The boss will move away debris, exposing a length of about four feet of wood Huai box, open the box, a pile of old clothes.The boss picked up the old clothes and shake it aside, go down to the next dig took out a pistol.ElkY look, this is the number one station chipped soil pistol, commonly known as folding gun, you need to put the gun bullets into the open, and only put a bullet, this gun is not easily escape.A man shake his head, and made a gesture.The boss took out the pocket edition of the May Fourth Movement pistol from the bottom layer.Although this gun is imitation than really fifty-four a little small, but a very high level, with police almost, is smuggled from coming in Guangdong.Process just slightly rougher.Man hands turned a bit, shake the boss shook his head, handle Lianfan a couple, a man effort Nuzui, a boss shaking his head to indicate the price can not go further.Even lower and lower costs have not come back.Then the man pulled out a stack of hundred dollar bills readily.Boss counted installed, the man again received another house, took three bullets from a pile of junk style yellow below.Boss gun and bullets wrapped in newspaper handed the hands of men.Man smiled, with a hand on the Rotary sunglasses.Return counter, the man picked up a yellow plastic bucket and seriously looked at, loudly asked the boss: There is no green?The boss said there.Men picked up about a green plastic bucket down carefully looked at thrust the paper bag into the bucket, said it only the.The boss said, seven five.Paid for a barrel of a man to come out, he looked toward the sun.The sun bright on his sunglasses reflects the faint light.Third, the man wearing sunglasses buy from Gu Xiaobei knives and batons have seven days, and the entire hotel nothing happened, except in the lobby registration tenant busier, the entire hotel is like a live thirty years old dog lazily bathed in summer’s.Gu Xiaobei feel that they are not too careful.Recall their own travel arrangements and, Gu Xiaobei think that to the boss even really exist, you will not find yourself.He feels that he is lurking inside a fish in the sea, that the boss wanted to own screened out is almost impossible.Out of the house, he deliberately looked at this five-story house, found the walls full sun posted a sleek tiled walls no air conditioning and no security windows, no place to stay and proceed, do not want to climb to the fifth floor is almost possible unless the heroes will Feiyanzoubi.However, in reality, this is non-existent heroes, movie special effects are taken dodge.Moreover, he also doors and windows and repaired a little, for a new ground glass from the outside can not see inside the case, the door latch has had the kind of double insurance.If movement outside, he has the time to prepare.At this time, his new tools and electric baton will play a role.Of course, it is best to buy these things he has not come in handy, in that the boss has become caught fish.On several occasions, he was from the fifth floor when looking out, saw the driver of the van like a man in sunglasses eating.Because separated far away, wearing sunglasses can not see the person’s face, only know that wearing sunglasses, but not sure what he saw in that a wonton stalls.Many people were wearing sunglasses to dinner, it was the season of the strongest ultraviolet rays, wear sunglasses have nothing surprising.Gu Xiaobei quiet days so gradually relax the strained nerves.Looking away mist misty Gushan, he moved to look at the idea.After all, he is out on vacation.If you do not look at Gushan, returned to the company how do you say?Myself can not say that in a small hotel in the city of d spent half of it?Besides, also according to a few phases, but also buy little souvenirs given to colleagues.There is also the daughter of his wife to buy a little souvenir, this looks like a vacation out.Thought of this, he laughed.Is Gushan also need a reason to do?In fact, from the heart he is eager to Gushan take a look, take a look not seen for three decades Gushan What happened.For he Gushan deepest impression is that in nine years.October of that year, the school organized students to Gushan fall camp.At the time Gushan beautiful, nothing artificial construction, there is no development of tourism, everything is.That’s good weather, Gu Xiaobei and several students go to pick wild chrysanthemum, ready to go back compile a wreath can be worn on the head.Mining to gather with, Gu Xiaobei left the crowd came to a mountain stream, the other side full of colorful wild chrysanthemum.Creek twenty meters wide, the water is very shallow, there are many small fish in the water prowling.Gu Xiaobei not help wade to the other side, that was immediately flooded large areas of flowers.He excitedly pick the wild chrysanthemum, and soon a lot of hands on the engine, he took however, I want to call a few people over and he picked together.At this time, he found himself into the depths of flowers.He climbed a little higher slopes, found that just wading in the creek was gone, his classmates are gone.Gu Xiaobei some worry.He looked up and saw the sun shining hung on his head, remembering the natural common sense middle school textbooks had to identify the direction of the sun’s position in accordance with the method.He looked at the sun, and looked at their own, they go in the direction of the shadow.He walked for a long time, suddenly appeared in front of a piece of oak woods, there has been a white, time, care cerebellum went blank at the edge of flowers, the only bird in front of white rabbit.The rabbit go faster or slower, always a dozen meters away in front of him.Unconsciously, he followed the rabbit through the oak woods.The rabbit stopped, began to keep licking their forefoot, it has been pointed forefoot northwest, like a signpost.Gu Xiaobei walked over, the rabbit has not only run, but his forefoot stood.Gu Xiaobei forefoot looking down the rabbit in the past, found not far from a fir tree was lying a same white rabbit, the rabbit was caught in a noose hind legs, unable to move.Gu Xiaobei played compassion, he used to put the noose gently faded down the rabbit legs.At this time, the rabbit ran licked his companion’s legs, he looked at the two rabbits, to start all over one side is dark green hillside meadow ran.Gu Xiaobei along with two rabbits ran off, Paozhaopaozhe, Gu Xiaobei suddenly saw the creek, creek side, his classmates are still picking wildflowers.When Gu Xiaobei wading into the waters, he found the students did not seem like he left.To see him empty-handed, a classmate asked him: Gu Xiaobei, so nice to spend how you do not adopt it.Gushan from home already in the afternoon.At dinner, he suddenly looked up and saw the bones in flesh, pink heart beating and blood vessels, could not help but cried.Gu Xiaobei began to think that their bad eyes, he did not dare Man, in the street, everywhere walking human skeleton.In the classroom, told him to answer questions, he did not dare to look into the teacher.Because he looked up and you will see a birthmark on teacher Atriplex size of the breast, but by then, the teacher wearing a thick coat.Until on the third day, his special abilities had been found.That year he and a girl.He looked up to see the breasts at the same table.On the same table each breasts long black spot the size of a mung bean.On one occasion, he saw the same table to see God, even the teacher did not hear a question, the original, the same table that two spots had grown Atriplex size.When the teacher asked him what he see, he never lied stammered saw dark spots on the same table breasts.At that time, the same table in tears, said he was playing.At the same table is one to hear her say that they have been wronged home, they quickly took her for a check.Later, the same table to do the surgery.After surgery, the same table dedicated to the father of Gu Xiaobei home thanks.It turned out that was the same table is a rare breast disease, the incidence rate of only 120000.If not Gu Xiaobei bullying, for too long a time, the same table is likely to lose both breasts.After graduation, Gu Xiaobei did not go to college.When their eyes are distressed, police academy graduate women at the same table to find him, hoping that he do something to help the police.Because the same table knew his eyes has a specific function.Since that cracked from the major drug trafficking, Gu Xiaobei eye has a specific function to do it gradually people know.He helped police break up major drug trafficking, his parents were threatened.One day, Gu Xiaobei parents work in the fields returned home to find a letter on the table, opened it there was a bullet.This frightened his parents, insisted he quit the SWAT team, Mind your own business.Later on the police, he alleges that his eyes well spent.On one occasion, he saw a woman’s underwear drugs, his face red Proton.He asked how the same table, there is no problem?He said no.Another time the car, he saw the old man put his hand into a pocket into the city, he was about to stop, when his eyes saw the thief pocket switchblade, the blade gleaming watch intently into his eyes, he then swallowed back again.After the car station, Diuqian old man burst into tears, saying that he’s a thousand dollars all lost, that’s their own money to go to the hospital for help, a whole village to take care of.This happened a few times, he can not enter the SWAT team.Police out of gratitude to him, arranged for him to enter?This city specializing in import and export trade of state-owned companies.After entering the company, just hit the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, he talks with a company with the boss, he saw the other side of the buckle from the lowest offer on the table files.At rest, he would quietly tell the boss found.At the time of the auction, his company only five yuan per ton higher than the price of rivals to win the contract, while the back of a bitterly.Later, he once again in the same way as the company won two contracts allow the company to a net profit of 30 million.Company executives did not know of his eyes has a specific function, but also that He is endowed with business acumen, less than a year, he was appointed business manager of the branch.After a few things, his specific function completely disappeared.Later, people he has a specific function of this thing forgotten, he married and have a daughter.Gu Xiaobei very satisfied with his position, he felt himself from an ordinary son to become a white-collar workers has been very good.Besides, he’s still.Gu Xiaofei daughter has been very good, very good results, a test is not a problem.My wife, it is also passable, just put some money too heavy, he can always hope every success in further.As they will be able to go abroad to send Gu Xiaofei.Gu Xiaofei on sophomore this is not quite got the idea, her greatest wish is to go and see the landscape Gushan.Because, from childhood, Gu Xiaobei often mention the mountains of Gushan at the dinner table, springs, waterfalls.When vacation coming to an end, Gu Xiaobei has moved to Gushan idea.That came Gushan eleventh day, after breakfast, he went to ride Gushan.When came down the mountain, he was about walking up the hill, suddenly saw a man sitting on the roadside sunglasses.Gu Xiaobei strange, as if there is always a man wearing sunglasses consciously or unconsciously follow himself, he suddenly remembered the drama of stalking, immediately tense up.Reason tells Gu Xiaobei, can not act in haste.If he had come Gushan, security protection is completely lost in the wild mountains, a people is very fragile, those occupations can make a person disappear cleanly.Sunglasses man was gazing at the peak of the Golden Rooster Gushan Gushan, it seems to not care about Gu Xiaobei.Gu Xiaobei can still get on the taxi turned around to return.The driver laughed, not up to the mountains?Hill just good repair Rooster kiosk, panoramic view of the entire Gushan.Gu Xiaobei say not to go, another day it.Gu Xiaobei ride, then looked sunglasses male sunglasses male still looking at Rooster Gushan an obsession with appearance.Gu Xiaobei back to the hotel to turn on the TV, look for?City latitude and longitude of the rule of law program, would like to find some clues to the boss about.But for three days, we did not see any news to the boss.Gu Xiaobei turn the house were reinforced.Evening meal he took the doors and windows shut tight on.Every day before going to sleep, he still set off to look at the mattress, the bathroom also check something.At bedtime, electric batons to put under the pillow.There are several nights, he also conducted a drill, if someone broke into the house, he can not react the first time, the alarm can not be the first time, the first time to make an emergency call.He bought a special present “Criminal Case Analysis”, the expert said in the preface, malignant cases always occur late at night and early morning.The book also cited cases occurred after eleven o’clock at night.He felt worthy of an expert is an expert analysis so right, seven-thirteen cases is not that it happened in the morning?It was at this time when most people sleep sink most vulnerable.Gu Xiaobei told myself to sleep at night must not be too dead.But, noon, Gu Xiaobei think it is the safest time, however, to the risk of Quetu.Fourth, and finally came to a birthday Gu Xiaobei d the fifteenth day of the city, two in the afternoon of August 13, a man wearing sunglasses comes into the room.ElkY pushed open the door when Gu Xiaobei that there is no preparedness.During the day, Gu Xiaobei very relaxed.That to the boss can not even then daring broad daylight murder.At noon, Gu Xiaobei knives and batons into his suitcase.After the line Gushan, he watched TV every day, but the news to the boss that did not.During this period, his business phone to take a few old customer’s phone, that what is important thing, in fact, nothing happened, just want to eat dinner chat with.People like this, the contact feeling tied together with a meal.He said that was away on vacation, vacation, etc. go back contact.In addition to partners in several business, his daughter gave him a few times.Just this morning, Gu Xiaofei still text messaging, wish him a happy birthday, Then he remembered that today is his birthday.Usually when companies busy, never forgot his birthday, now have time, I have actually forgotten the birthday.After her wish him a happy birthday, and later added a grimace.Gu Xiaobei saw laughed, suddenly filled with his wife and daughter.It was lunch time, the entire hotel is quiet.He called for the two, and poured a glass bring their own?City special song, to prepare a people birthday.Gu Xiaobei think there are several people in this life is a very important day, a birthday is one of them.He Mozhu yourself happy birthday in the heart, reach for a sip, and immediately a gust of strong spicy straight from the throat to the stomach.Just then, the door opened, sunglasses men appeared in the room.He thought ElkY wrong door, he said, you went to the wrong bar?ElkY says, yes, this is a 503 room bar.Then, sunglasses and funny man looked at the house numbers say, yes, that here.At this time, Gu Xiaobei noticed his brow like a mole has Atriplex.You, you are the driver of the van?Gu Xiaobei surprised and asked.ElkY does not get in a word, just as intently as open to buy cooked food on that small table, a duck breast, a spiced tofu, a pig face, a peanuts, plus Gu Xiaobei to the two cold dishes, goes on a small table heaped.Gu Xiaobei smiled and said, I knew you.How you open the van to the city d?ElkY mouth float a layer of shallow laugh, like his shaggy beard.He took off his glasses, turned out, he was so young, a young man in his early twenties.Gu Xiaobei schematic to pour a glass sunglasses male?City special song, ElkY waved, he put on his sunglasses, put his hand into the right pocket of the coat, and paused it out, then put his hand into the left pocket, took out a screwdriver, scarred open two bottles of beer.He looks rather like Gu Xiaobei is uninvited guest.Gu Xiaobei to speak, ElkY picked up a bottle of beer that I wish you a happy birthday.what did you say?Gu Xiaobei wary about.ElkY laughed: Nothing, I wish you a happy birthday.who are you?Gu Xiaobei subconsciously reminded of his self-defense tool.Then all of them can lay his suitcase, and was stuffed under the bed.If ElkY been attempts, he only resigned.ElkY see Gu Xiaobei nervous look motioned him to relax, to say who I am is not important, but you do not need to know.In short, today is your birthday.Of course, today is not only your birthday, or my birthday.Gu Xiaobei almost laughed and said to myself, this guy very interesting ah.ElkY said, want to listen to my?Gu Xiaobei said, I now have to listen not want to hear.ElkY drink some beer said, OK, enough.Speaking from it three years ago.ElkY cited toast, also came a schematic Gu Xiaobei.Three years ago, I attended the college entrance examination, my score line of one, no question key test.I was in Costa Rica to mine coal mining.August 13 was my brother’s birthday.That day that he was off-duty, heard the news I was admitted to the university, in order to Zhengdian tuition, he was for someone else’s class.Who would have thought that that day, he had not been able to go down and then up, buried in the underground there are three people in our village together, dead, not even a wholeness corpses have not seen, it gives everyone the mine twenty thousand pension money sent trouble.A person’s life, on the value of twenty thousand dollars, not including sadness brought to the living.My brother was not married, he left only sorrow to my parents, and some just married, the child was babbling, some children in high school.Then I thought, people’s life so worthless Zehui?Say the most precious is life, since life is not worth the money, it is also on a broken University dim?I know that my brother died for me, not for me this college, he would not go to classes for others, maybe it will dodged a bullet.I was young and is.You may not know, that in our small village, but I have people that I could Examination on North.Oh, ElkY self-deprecating smile, the hands of the beer in one gulp.When I represent the people in our village reasoning with the coal bosses, coal boss said, so many years, has been to this standard, the standard is so, I have no right to change.We went with the village people say, you know, to get the water to the North, he can know everything, you’ll never fool us.Coal boss one laughed, his men stood four thugs laughed.They laugh when even the dark chest hair also Yichanyichan.Coal boss raised his swollen upper eyelid he said, still think.However, students count ass?In my hands, not only have students, as well as graduate students.Coal bosses said the skin on the people recruited director.I saw the director leather, thin, as if half did not eat fed up of the way, wearing a pair of glasses, a coal boss bowing see.Coal boss said, leather flat statement, you talk about, where are you graduate, sawed diploma.Leather director said, as you all know, I am a graduate of a large mine, graduate degree.How, see it?Coal boss said to me, if you want to dry my hands, you can stay, along with leather director.Leather director looked on me, saying, I see the line, the young man is a piece of good material temper temper.Coal boss said, if you do not dry in here, then it would go ahead.The guy then pick up the phone and said, I still do, but also to accompany customers to eat a few.We do not go to see, the guy said, you think again, you can also look at the files of the country, my mine all kinds of documents ranging, considered a first-class security measures.Besides, there will be danger of doing, not the phrase mishaps Well.Coal boss left, we were those thugs out bombers.I was angry, however, secretly at night to track the boss at home stabbed the dog days.This kid was lucky not dead, I heard that spent more than 70,000.I wanted a knife dry dead dog days.That, in our village died four against four life has been a life good for him.You go to college?Gu Xiaobei could not help but ask one.You see you, ElkY pointing Gu Xiaobei laugh: I made trouble you can go to school, say how to do it my tuition, I naturally went another road up.So, you are on the road to delinquency?ElkY a laugh: They are saying, can not believe you said so.who are you?Who I am, I have to ask it?You are in the boss?Gu Xiaobei voice trembled a little, and finally do not want to say that the name of that out.ElkY said that smart, I see you not under my IQ.Your young age, how can we take this road, but this road of no return ah.Gu Xiaobei indeed put their confidence.ElkY suddenly lost just Sven: I hate people taught me pompously.However, you are an exception.That piece of paper to do, it is not true?Gu Xiaobei asked.ElkY said, we will not speak of these, please let’s first birthday?ElkY got up and went lit birthday cake candles.Gu Xiaobei then want to go out, to the boss laughed: useless, I had the door latch dead.Boss left to work out from the coat pocket lighters, one by one, the candles lit, a total of four, forty birthday on behalf of Gu Xiaobei.ElkY said, but my brother lived only twenty five years old, not married.There I was caught three, twenty-one large, small, only nineteen years old, they will not have the afterlife, but they have parents and brother.You know how we say it’s family?We say on the outside started a company, earn money to go home.In order to convince them that we deliberately took a group photo in front of a building to return it, of course, money.They all believed we had company, made money.Because I was the leader of them, but I was a high school student, almost became a university student.In our there, high school students is the highest degree of.Instruments of our village primary school, when the instruments forty years.Having said that for a long time, to the boss took a deep breath and then said: You know, we do not really do you say robbers.As the saying goes, a tit, we are being bullied, get it back from the community.We made an appointment, dry few votes to do it again, to really open a company to make money to support parents, his brother and sister are in college, the future can succeed.Besides, we are doing a few votes and those of the Rich and Infamous, or why we did several tickets, how not to report a?This shows that they ulterior.They are so many ill-gotten gains, and give us a little what is wrong.We take those ill-gotten gains, but in the good old days people thought, what is wrong with?Unexpectedly, all of this, let your eyes in full to stir.Gu Xiaobei then forget the fear, he quickly denied.Laughs at the boss, no one reported to the police, they cracked so fast?Gu Xiaobei said, that are legends, my eyes would have no specific function of.Gu Xiaobei boss to look forward to, sneered: Well, good, that is not to lie face with discoloration.So, newspapers and online about the things your eyes how to explain, there are those cases you help police break?On second thought, do not do good conscience not afraid Guijiao door, no matter, then, how you have moved around the house?Or white-collar residential area, into the area as a military restricted area into the same trouble.You looked them up?Gu Xiaobei suddenly tense.To the boss said, you forget, I did not put you pulled the white-collar district do?I naturally know the way.But please do not worry, I will not embarrass them, I just tell them you’re here is some things, so they went to a hotel called auspicious before three in the afternoon, and not to alarm.In the interrogation room, the performance was very calm on the boss.He said knew would come when.Police Road, process, why did.To the boss said, people always want to do something alive.At school, every time I take the first, later did so to make a living, I have to do the best in this line.Police said, What do you logic, his success in other people’s misery, you thought it was a matter of honor?Glory glory not, you are not the final say.To the boss look of disdain.Like you said, you kill Tong music, it is a psychological hatred of the rich, then why did you kill Gu Xiaobei?You want to be a Robin Hood outlaw, but not killing innocent people.To the boss said, who let him mess things should not control the pipe?Just because he has a specific function?Since it has a specific function, how I did not think someone would kill him?Police sneered: So you’re killing innocent people have handled?To the boss said, Gu Xiaobei do not have a specific function, however, he did not foresee that he would be killed.Visible, his death is predestined.You’re right he’s been brooding eyes, he was the heart of the beholder?To boss smiled: the dandy is not to say we have a pair of eyes staring at you, I just want to dig those eyes.Say to you, when I met Gu Xiaobei auspicious hotel, I would have beat him in the eye, and I hated that his eyes.But, finally, I think, even make a person physically disappear, there is no need to give him disfigured it.That being said, you still have a conscience.Police laughed and said: You know how you are brought to light?Then, the police put a disc into the player.Boss stunned to: restore the entire recording process of the July thirteen cases.Police snapped off the road player, this time you understand Tong Yue said the eyes of the bar?The boss how to not think, Tong Yue Gu Xiaobei say the eyes are not the eyes, but holographic video system installed in the room.Some regret to say to the boss, it seems that this is really killing me wrong.Police said that some mistake was not committed.With boss arrested in seven-thirteen cases finally put a stop.The detection, thanks to the teenager’s eyes Gu Xiaobei.?City paper can not help but promote a return to all-round.Evening again on the front page of the case to the board out.Very in-depth interviews, the entire report reads more like a novel detection.Finally, tell people reported: when it comes to the robbers, be sure to life, would rather lose wealth can not losing your life, this is the greatest.Newspapers views caused a public discussion about the.Some members of the public indignation, saying that what people courageous, do not rely on social equity and justice-year-old teenager to maintain, and that those of us adults do?Some people also said that Tong Lok should not be so obvious, but should not play selfie and his girlfriend, exactly where college students’ moral bottom line.If Tong music is not the only son of a billionaire, if he was born in the western mountains, summer vacation, he might seek a chore to earn tuition, so he would not incur unexpected calamity.?Ethical standards and develop the activity of the great debate, virtually the teenager Gu Xiaobei became a celebrity, he’s also well-known specific function.d city seeing is not weakness, community groups and organizations to carry out joint activities to the courageous students to learn good boy Gu Xiaobei.Provincial departments to understand the situation, Gu Xiaobei was named the Top Ten Good Samaritan teenagers.A small working committee of provincial leaders also cordial visit to Market Street Primary juvenile Gu Xiaobei.After the field view, leadership is feeling, she says conditions not think such a bad school, but can not think so shabby schools to train such a good teenager.A small working committee leadership for a sum of money for the Market Street elementary school built teaching building, the province of a school even told Market Street Elementary School is twinned schools.National Day, Gu Xiaobei attended the courageous one hundred good boy autumn camp, came to the Gushan Scenic Area.Campers immersed in between Gushan Qingshanxiushui, no one pay attention to Gu Xiaobei daisy stream unwittingly left the team.For visitors’ convenience, shallow Daisy Creek put a few pieces for people to walk.Gu Xiaobei stepping stones over a creek daisy.After Daisy Creek, is a large privet tree, here is the famous rabbit back to attractions.Privet tree has introduced a large rabbit back to the origins of the panels, said to be hunting a poor young man saw a white rabbit, poor young man threw a machete to chase the rabbit, the rabbit has tracked the edge of the precipice.Seeing no way out will come back to the rabbit, into a legend of a white silk watching the back of the rabbit, young Gu Xiaobei suddenly a little trance.When he opened his eyes and found the surrounding landscape completely changed, that piece of privet disappeared, appeared in front of a creek.The other side of the creek is wild oak trees.This fast-flowing creek, not for people steppin stone.Gu Xiaobei being a teenager hesitated to do in the past, I looked up and saw the other side of the stream there was a similar age and his boy.Teenage a good shirt, sky blue pants, wearing blue and white sneakers, as if from another era.Gu Xiaobei teenager has been stared at the boy towards the blue mist-shrouded depths of oak tree.He did not know that the line Jiji Gu Xiaobei also called juvenile, then he will have a chance encounter with a white hare