117-year-old summer, seven foam head, fever, ran booked a ticket to Lijiang, a man drags big suitcase journey.  She is not hypocritical children, but would like the advent of the third year, to do something before the wayward adult.  But, that last field trip program was stranded.  Not Niangqin do not trust or do not agree with his father, seven foam bus from the airport down, luggage and cross the road when there is some thing.  Car speeding from seven Mo’s head went blank, and looked at the car a little bit closer, but is unable to move.It is Natsuko ink disregard their own safety and ran, set seven foam guard in his arms, rolling across the road together.  Natsuko who has a touch of ink liquid detergent taste, smell good.  Seven foam smelled so lay in his arms for a long time.  Hey, are you okay?Natsuko ink tone of concern but anxious.At this time, seven foam only feel pain at the ankle, terrible pain.  Was taken to hospital when seven foam ankle had swollen, his face pale because of the pain, fist clenched, nails stuck in the flesh, glowing little bit of blood red.Natsuko ink has been at the side, like a camel to coax children to coax her voice soft, good to see a smile.  Later, seven feet encased in plaster foam, Natsuko ink set aside their own thing, luggage and seven Mo send her front door, and told her to drink plenty of nourishing soup, so your feet can recover faster.  Seventeen travel plans are a little break car accident, seven felt foam, not lose, at least met Natsuko ink so bright as sunshine boy.  2 September, the majority of the student population on first school day.  And seven foam second day met Natsuko ink.  Natsuko ink wearing a black shirt, hair a little shorter than the last, exposing eyebrow.He stood on the podium, with the same good-looking smile that day, he said: the students, I am new to the student teacher, I called Natsuko ink.  Natsuko ink teach the history, very rigid discipline, but it is all the courses, a course on the highest student.  For example, in the review of Peking Man, Natsuko ink will point out the reduction map and swept the world of Feng photographs, tell you that if Feng’s life in ancient times, but also considered a beauty children.As another example, when reviewing the Tang emperor, Natsuko ink will talk about Yang, it will be commented that the emperor can be regarded as old robber.  Natsuko ink will pull the boys play basketball during the break, defender, forward, center, who all are very powerful.  Natsuko ink will after class, put a small fresh music in the classroom, the classroom echoed with nice tone.  Natsuko ink will be clerking, home occasionally and Mo on the way with seven, Q7 foam feet better yet, say seven foam like a child, said seven foam is a good boy.  Natsuko ink will raise the issue in the classroom, and then look to the whole class, and finally said: Seven Mo, you answer this question.  In short, Natsuko ink as quickly captured the hearts of the whole class, including seven of foam.  3 And Mo students like mathematics, like the language, like history, like politics, geography has chosen to hate.  What twilight line, with what pressure, what with the wind, seven foam fully understand.  Every test scores down, seven want to howl a foam, side branches can not afford to hurt the children, not partial history, politics, geography light partial kids can not afford to hurt you more!  Monthly exam results down day, seven foam geography teacher was summoned to the office.Geography teacher is a forty-something, leaving the Mediterranean hairstyle male teacher, saw seven foam, they begin to look bitterly education, twenty-choice ah, you’re right three, you play Troops point chaos Mongolia also can have more of a few, ah, I say you behind the words, geography teacher with silence instead of directly, completely defeated seven foam confidence in geography.  In the geography teacher’s mouth Gouqietousheng seven foam has not had time to catch my breath, also went to catch the ink Natsuko.  As a history teacher, Natsuko ink has all the characteristics of a history teacher can pull.Can start with education, then wander astronomy, geography wander from astronomy, geography wander from the humanities, then pull back from the humanities education, but also be echoed around.  Finally, Natsuko ink heaved a sigh of the seven Mo said: Why do not you those questions?After leaving school, I help you talk about?  Natsuko heard ink so to speak, when seven Mo mind some wood, foolishly asked him: summer teacher, you can not just say it, say it again?  Natsuko ink was about to pick up the pen correcting homework, I heard Mo say seven, was about to speak, but the girl said: I know, thank you teacher.Discourse faded, brought back the mouth and ran out of the office.  A history teacher has to teach the student counseling geographical problem, if people, seven foam fell out long ago.This person may be Natsuko ink, seven foam feel, everything is okay.  Even a disadvantage, as long as Natsuko ink, seven Mo will probably feel okay.  4 Objectively speaking, Natsuko ink is a good teacher, rigorous thinking, problem-solving ideas clear, for some students also very patient.  Of course, some students, such as seven students Mo.  In order to express their love learning, love geography, seven foam stare at the table where all kinds of maps, face very painful.  Captured so painful expression, Xia Qing Ke Zimo cry, bowed his head and looked at seven foam, the sound was very gentle, is not I talk too fast, you did not understand?Otherwise, I speak slowly.  Seven Mo had to eat what my mind was thinking about tonight is good, easy to read Enliaoyisheng, looked up to find Natsuko ink being smiled at his.  His body was laundry detergent taste of the day, light, let seven Mo a moment of trance.  Sip Min Chun, seven Mo looked down, pointing to some questions, said: teacher, I did not understand this question, you say it again ah.  There is a slight breeze blowing through the summer, seven foam rub the rub nose, furrowed brow.  Natsuko ink, sorry.Although you so close to me, I really did not listen to a word.  The foam that road seven fully understand the problem, when finished, it was already getting dark, the sun sets, it touches do not have a view.  We went out to dinner the proposal put forward by Natsuko ink.He put all the books and incorporated into the draft put away in a drawer, and suddenly he said of the seven Mo: so late, went out to dinner Well.After dinner, I take you home.  His smile still bright.  Seven Mo turned to send text messages to his father, then sip Min Chun should smile down, yes, just a little hungry.  5 is Mala Tang.  Seven Mo proposed to children.A bad mood when she would come here, put all sorts of peppers, hot tears out my heart will be comfortable; a good mood, will come here, many still put a lot of pepper, and my heart will be more clarity, not and then a little haze.  Find a place to sit in the corner, seven Mo pointing to the menu point a lot of vegetables, then turned round and looked at Natsuko ink, and a look of well-behaved.  Natsuko ink inexplicably raised lips smile.  Seven foam, no one said that you are very clever, very clever?  what?Seven regular foam mouth biting beef, silly looked up Natsuko ink.  I said Natsuko ink suddenly held out his hand to help seven Mo stroked his hair, the hair almost fell into the bowl.  Natsuko ink hand outstretched moment, seven of the foam head and crashed, his mind when that day as the accident.The blood supply is not on, a blank, it seems that only exist in the world of ink Natsuko.  A long time, seven foam was raising his hand to the hair strands to ear, the sound is very light simply said, Thank you, teacher.  This night.  Seven foam drinking tea walk in the summer Zimo side, full of little disturbed.Tea Natsuko ink is not allowed to buy her a drink, walk together, because the ink Natsuko said would take her home.  The shoulders are spaced a short distance, seven foam is red in the face, he has been head down.  Raoxue like to follow you and say, where, what to do, all good.  God as my witness, seven foam is a good girl.  6 Later, between the summer and seven sub-ink foam, such as we have already agreed a good understanding, without words, they know what the other wants to say, what you want to do.  Later, seven geographic performance with small foam rise, at least not twenty questions, wrong out of seventeen.  Then later, seven Mo has not told Natsuko ink, belongs only to those who own small mind, as long as they know like.  Then later, Natsuko ink to the internship, he wants to return to that city his.  Be parting.  Natsuko ink left that day, seven Mo him off at the airport.  There are a lot of students also went to form a small circle in the airport, facing the summer Zimo said various reluctant, to say all kinds of blessings, saying all kinds of farewell.  Finally, the last, Natsuko ink smile to seven foam a big hug.  He said seven foam, you want good.  He said seven Mo, you’re a good boy.  He said seven foam, youth will meet everyone’s always such people, love or no love, but they are a very important person in life.  That is to say Natsuko ink last three sentences of the seven foam.  Then he pulled luggage, back to the city that belongs to him, not here.  I love or not love, but they are a very important person in life.  Like, Natsuko ink will be seven foam life as a very important person.  7 Some things will pass.  Some people will forget.  Like Raoxue said the youth, such as wine, grow as intoxicated.  Then later, seven foam found Natsuko ink at the age of 17 encounter, their own feelings towards him is not love, but admire, or, like the kind of affection for his brother.  Eighteen summer, seven Mo finally went to Lijiang, a person, a person standing in a vast sea of flowers Listen cappuccino songs: Yesterday we see so far away / wait in the central square fate / That vague shoulder / more run more small