“Help egg” memory


The preceding days to go home to visit relatives, taking the time to visit uncle aunt living in the country, is the country’s summer grain harvest hit the grind of the season, every household is one family, an old uncle aunt cousin also quivering help busy in the field, to see me back , uncle, aunt very happy, uncle, he said: “you’re so busy, but also come back to see me, the youngest of this rare filial piety.Hello youngest years we have not seen scenes of harvesting it?Forty acres of land to see go, where they are!”Uncle says forty acres of land, I know, refers to my home before plots, and later our family moved to the county seat, put all fields uncle gave the family a farming.    I ride a bike on the wall of the field, has been riding along the road, I saw the fields along the road, a block of bare stubble wheat field, rows of neatly rick code in a cornfield, there are cars on the road donkeys pull pack wheat, fields and farmers are still busy figure, roadside dark green dark green potato vine, blooming with blue and white flowers, from afar, is very nice.Riding, watching, I knew the cousin to harvest their wheat fields.    Sharp-eyed cousins saw me coming, he cried, smiled and said: “The youngest, what brings you here, do not stay to see the unit siblings, came running back to suffer?”I laughed and said:” unit nest uncomfortable, scattered to scattered wind, sister-in-law does not welcome ah?”Sister-in-law said:” too happy!The youngest, a long time not touched sickle bar?”I said:” is also, as the hometown people out there who do not hold a sickle, some justified, let me try!”Then took Tangsao hands cut no sickle trip, his face torn sweat, waist acid is not straight up, to-head sting stinging wrist, Tangsao see me so embarrassed, smiled and said:” by it can not, all you city people that can stand the pain, recover from it!”I had the sickle to Tangsao.    Call it a day when Tangsao asked me: “Third Brother, want to eat anything at night, sister-in-law for you to do?”I tentatively asked sister-in-law:” sister in law, new potatoes up yet?”Sister-in-law said:” Come morning, my family eat several tons, and think of how to eat potatoes?”I laughed and said:” Maybe before in the countryside did not have enough of it, always felt unusually sweet potato home.”At night, Tangsao specially cooked a pot of new potatoes, potatoes, plump, split the mouth, such as a child’s bright smile, looking at the steaming potatoes, and potato incense filled the entire room, all of a sudden I brought back memories of the past.    Until now I do not understand, in my hometown, when I was young, so why the lack of food rations to the year when the spring and summer, there is no.Assigned to each household is not much food rations in the vast majority of acting as potato.Potatoes also seems to have become a staple of people’s “life-saving egg”.Without this “life-saving egg” people’s day is like, really can not imagine.    Indeed autumn grain points after arriving home, after winter, spring planting, summer planting three seasons, not to eat no more new grain harvest.This time various kinds of plots of potatoes still immature, it will also have to dig out potatoes grown late charge to make rations.In fact, even in the fall and winter food and more, people are also using half potatoes instead of rations, food rations in order to try to extend the time.How important people are potatoes on the mountain is now the younger generation can not understand that.Only those of us who were born in the sixties and seventies to deeply appreciate.    From time to remember just sensible, production team and give each household most people are not wheat, but potatoes.Annual potato ripe, the production team hired potatoes together in one big house production team together, and then wait until the finished digging distributed to every household.Sub wait until the day of potatoes, young and old every family out, as if to do a big deal like.Production team before the big house to store potatoes is always the human voice noisy, animated conversation, talk with someone points more than potatoes, indicating strong Whose labor, earn work points more than the kind of pride is no masking show on the face.In turn to their own points of potatoes weighing, the whole family is always staring at weighing the custody and accounting, watching that big wooden box exactly how many potatoes as their own assigned, for fear of missing a potato own.Dark various production teams work points earned by how many points potatoes, so my family despite the large population, but earn less work points, points are not many natural potato.After back to selected points, good storage in the cellar, and then covered with a stone or the like straws reclosable warm things, is prevent freezing winter.Potatoes can be stored in the cellar to the following spring, no potato cellar of people generally placed around the room covered with straw, you know this is a year of their family rations, the effect may not naturally.    In the spring, the production team will pull out of storage for seed potatoes in a kiln, a selection, site of the team organizing women will cut down the sprouting of potatoes as seed, usually a budding potato has several parts, then put a few a budding place all cut down, often a potato sprouting remove part of the general running out, some sprouting the site is too shallow, people say this type of seed potatoes in the ground is not budding, and some naked through not find a place not find a few budding.So they simply cut along with the sprouting of potatoes as food rations distributed to every household together.    To the spring, when farmers began waved the whip, a road plowed furrows, along with seed potatoes that will sweat together plowed into the land swarthy.Then harrow, hope rain, fertilizer, weed hoe obstruct, a procedure, one lead longing eyes.    To the harvest season, farmers in the hands of the hoe like a Pathfinder, a step kowtow, that the hands hoe, then knocking the land, throw a fist-sized white fat elf, pile in the ground, mess farmers face filled with smiles.Next busy for a while, livestock transport people back and carefully stored in the cellar.But also the hopes and expectations store.    This is looked at as a life-saving potatoes, eggs most people, perhaps think of that period of time to help harvest the production team at the school in the late seventies.    That’s smash “Gang of Four” Soon, the school is very thorough, and off.Motionless school students to organize production teams to help harvest, the students almost do anything, dig potatoes, flax pull, pull peas everything dry, almost let the production team doing school, our school just do it.Although there are some teenage pupils, although the strength is not very full, but is alive and kicking fool, the whole body seems to have to be tired, who would not flinch.    Dig potatoes, it is all great strength, high school students.Low-grade students will be dug potatoes harvesting potatoes vines, grouped together packed in hemp bag filled potatoes to prepare farmers uncle mule, sometimes till noon, not at home, the production team will organize a man sent Tam Tam cooked potatoes, and give to everyone to eat, perhaps hungry, perhaps more people eat, see a smile grin potatoes, is so fragrant, so tempting.A morning tired all of a sudden forgotten.Wait until potatoes full stomach drum circle lying in the ground to rest, not willing that grinning.    Land after the harvest production team and our children these poor people patronize the place, because members of a family, less labor, not many points of rations, in order to prove that we are not eating a small pocket, they will have to do some thing within its power at home.So consciously back in a sling after school, went straight to the production team Kangshang shovel potatoes, the potato fields not plowed, the ground did not dig potatoes net, the production team was looked after, for fear of someone digging, we also take advantage of care people do not pay attention only to secretly dig, if found, in addition to the confiscation had dug potatoes, but also reprimanded.Sometimes, digging digging, I heard a yell, and ran away tools until Paoyuan hear cries, only to bend beneath breath, and Simou in other local action, the production team of potatoes, a piece of land far away, piece of land near the partners know, not allowed to dig near the place, where it would take a chance to go far, the results are the same, there are people who look after, our small partners who also hated to see people do this , all teeth, hard not to let them see the old uncle either foot ridge trip or chasing us sprained ankle.Of course, sometimes good, half the sling can dig potatoes on, the mother’s home has also been praised, Mo Zhaotou mother, “a baby I can work for the mother” put warm heart.Sometimes bad luck, look to see a tight grip, is also not on the dig, was also confiscated sling and shovel, he bowed his head at home.Mother saw me go home empty-handed, do not blame, do not say anything, eyebrows eyes full of kind of appease.    Twenty years have passed, the home dug potatoes scenes rarely seen, the children dug potatoes in the fields to find potatoes scene and I am afraid there is no.Now home to a bumper crop of potatoes every year, in addition to leaving too good to eat, to buy starch factory, vermicelli processing plant outside, outside the livestock sub-points, as potatoes Yazi next election that spring planting is more nobody cares.    Now I am afraid not many people like to eat potatoes every day, unless a long time, eating seasonal vegetables, eat more time to adjust the change of taste, and occasionally eat a meal outside.Then there are the living conditions of aid to less well-off families with potatoes and vegetables, but very few people fond of potatoes.    In recent years, the potato seems healthy food, more and more people of all ages.Other potato value gradually been excavated, that small potatoes are being widely used in processed noodles, water livestock products, small pastry, granular powder, modified starch and other articles, but has a unique effect.    People’s living standards improved, potatoes, gradually losing their stage of history.But that lack of clothing out of food potatoes are seen as poor people’s “life-saving egg”, “Golden Peas”.Potatoes filled my childhood all day.Because often eat even as the main food to eat, until today I saw potatoes, still we can not forget that she gave me everything, and my life can not erase the memory of precipitation.