Public Libraries Act next year January 1 implementation of these four service-wide free


Data for: serious candidates in the pro forma self-study room。
Wu Junjie taken for example, many readers have encountered before the library on weekends, holidays do not open case。
"Public Libraries Act," pointed out: the public library should be open on public holidays, there should be national holidays opening hours。
And should the services, opening hours, borrowing rules of the museum and other social announcement through its website or otherwise; closed for any reason, or to change the opening hours, except in case of force majeure, should advance notice。 For children, the elderly and the disabled, "Public Libraries Act," also in terms of reading area has been set, first public library established by the Government should set up children's reading area, and is equipped with the appropriate professionals conduct for juvenile children reading instruction and social education, and support for school-related extracurricular activities carried out, areas where conditions permit may establish a separate children's library; and second, should consider the characteristics of groups of elderly, the disabled, and actively create conditions and provide Document information suited to their needs, barrier-free facilities and services。 And it should be based on their own conditions, to develop research on issues laws, regulations, policies and carry out national authorities to provide information and documents related consultancy services。