Help other people’s articles


Part one: to help others joy for a teacher habit, I love to observe people’s eyes.Once, on a train to Beijing to work, it is scorching summer, I carry a bag of clean cucumber hot weather.I sat at the side to see people standing crowded hard look very sympathetic.Wolf had looked gloomy light as a grown man, as if ready to make an active volcano.I took out the cucumber ask around people who eat, most people are very polite.When handed over to the grown man, he unceremoniously caught up on breathing eat.But at the same time, his face revealing a soothing look, look not so evil, I also very rewarding.  I am a teacher in a private school in Beijing, the same dormitory is a divorced 30-year-old woman, she helped in the cafeteria kitchen.See, she found this job is not easy, very concerned about.But a few days, the cafeteria does not need her, let her go.Her silly Leng Leng sitting on the bed in a daze, always think what you are doing is not good.When my class back to the dorm, she said to me, so and so it is certainly below the belt, school just let her go.Her teeth when speaking, but also reveal an expression of despair.In order to enlighten her, in addition to my classes, but also out of time, she needs to go to the supermarket to buy a towel and instant noodles and other things given to her, advised her to give villagers a call, and then later discuss together how to do.After a day, the fellow she picked up her safely.  Away from home, safe worth a thousand gold.But peace can not own a person completely around, and to some extent that treat people you meet, that is, to protect their peace.  I saw a report, a college student due to mental depression and roommate odds, to drinking poison to kill a roommate in.I think, handed him a glass of water if the roommate he suffered grievances and painful it?He also went under the murderous scheme it?  Civil use, do not underestimate the power of a glass of water.The first time I came to Beijing after the laid-off workers, lived in the same dorm so many girls, I only remember one of them.Because One night, when I have a cold I could not sleep, she handed me a bottle of hot water.Let me know how the matter, given the need to help people to help in time, is a very pleasant thing.  And what kind of people live, will have different experiences and feelings.On the road, if there is no seat tickets, I simply pick the cabin, maybe a few steps away, it is the double world.Because different people encounter.  I practiced martial arts, when not a last resort will not be used.One day on the way to go, was stopped a couple.They said to come from the field, the results did not find a place, the money was gone, I was in a hurry.Now people are generally the first reaction will certainly think they are scam.I did not force them to throw off, I gave them five dollars.I think if they say is true, you can use the money to buy a cake and a bottle of water.If they are indeed liars, they hope from people in their goodness to repentance.In any case, I did good things for others, still feel very comfortable.    Part II: helping others, their own happiness husband is an accountant in the village, not only the management of revenue and expenditure accounts of this village, the villagers also managed accounts to move out to move into, and also manages a number of other things.  Last night when I was still working shop, a man named Liu Ping village people to the store to find my old open letter.Previously, our family lived in the store, the family house is finished this fall, and her husband went home to live in, rarely come to the store.Find his work villagers thought he was still living here, often came to my shop he opened a variety of letter.But now her husband not here, nor is it at night working hours, not in the village committee office.His work is always looking for people who love the morning, at noon or in the evening he came here, my husband thought maybe this time it should be at home.Every time I see someone come, he is not, and I disappeared under the circumstances, I put her husband’s telephone number to come, let him come to call him, did not carry a cell phone or met the point age-old come to him, I use my phone and her husband contact, an appointment time and place, so look for him to find him again.  Oh, I became her husband’s private secretary, in fact, I’m also for the sake of the villagers.I have always supported the work of her husband, I do not want to let people come to hope that he could not find work because of his disappointment.Although those things and my business, but I think that is the village folks can help to help it.I always warm-hearted people want to help, my husband used to say I am silly, because I have much to pay each month tens of dollars on phone bills.Sauna net last night came to me to prove that the old public man called Liu Ping of the letter, is has been married 30 years old, and though she had married, but her account is still the village, some of the last two years she often My husband came home chores.I think she has lived a hard life, all over 60 years of age, and also from dawn to dusk to go to the market to do some small business every day, looking really poor enough.Liu Ping’s husband turned out to be the countryside educated youth, 30 years old, she was looking for an object when conditions are particularly high when she married people pretty long, family conditions are good, find the object when the East West pick pick up, high fragmentation, low not to, finally became marry the old maid.  I remember when I was very young, I do not know who was later introduced to a neighboring village in the countryside educated youth, the man younger than her 4-year-old home in the city, home conditions are not good.After returning to the city this man very lazy.Not being dry, work a few years in the factory, laid off factory collapse.Later I heard that he was ill, recuperating at home, not doing anything live, they now have a son, did not amount to much, has over 30 years of age have not yet found the object, nor down to business jobs.Now the family is very difficult, we lived fairly poor.Therefore, Liu Ping often find local civil affairs departments to apply for government grants difficult, difficult to apply for government grants is a very complicated thing, must complete the formalities.Therefore, Liu Ping often come to my husband, all kinds of open letters to prove.  I sympathize with Liu Ping current situation, I could not bear to see her all the way to my old running around looking for an open letter, though not within the working hours of the night her husband, but I also want to try to help her.So I said: What you drive letter telling me, I go home at night to let her husband to give you a good start, and then you tomorrow morning at 7:00 my store to come up, she said: “That is very kind, thank you very much.”She put the contents of several open letter to be told I went home.21:00 After more than I came home from work to see her husband did not go out today to play cards, and her daughter was in the living room watching TV, I let my husband first few letters open letter came out, and put it in my bag, think Liu Ping morning onward transmission to the shop.I heard that, she went back to our village to live, and she lived in my house not too far away from the place, it was her parents left the old house.I think, in the morning I go to the store when the moment came out early, give her a good open letter sent home, lest she go all the way and then I find I get the mail store.  Liu Ping and I said good night at 7 o’clock this morning she went to the store to get my letter.This morning I woke up very early, and I had some time to just 5 points, but also do not want to sleep again.Read a book while sitting on the bed, then wash after 6:40 I was out of the house, a detour to Liu Ping family sent her several letters that letter.I always walk to work every day on, when it was still dark, when I quickly went to her home, I saw a figure at the intersection parked on the road is checking his tricycle, the car seems to be the exception occurred.I think that tricycle and that figure like Liu Ping, went and saw she really is, she came out so early is just going to the store to get my letter.I asked her how the car, she said, like a battery problem.Liu Ping see the direction I go wrong, she asked me to go over there doing.I said: I want to pass the letter to be delivered to your home.She’s incredibly moving to hear, I took out the letter personally handed to her, she excitedly patting my shoulder, repeatedly said: You’re a good man ah, thank you, thank you!I laughed and said, You’re welcome, I am more than just a little way around things, the province you go all the way there I took on when I exercise it!  I was a good warm-hearted person, always tried my modest little to help others.I am willing to give, for the benefit of others, at the expense of their own interests.I am a selfless person, always like to think of others, and think for themselves less.I am a sincere person, friend’s always honest, no matter what the situation, I do not love others and to care about personal gains and losses, I think the disadvantage is a blessing, would rather suffer themselves, not let others suffer.I preferred to go by the point of grievance will not embarrass others.I think as long as other people happy is my happiness!  Maybe I’m good with a pure heart came to this world, I have always liked helping others, I help people who need help to other people’s music for the music, to the bitter suffering of others.Life for decades, whether in daily life or in the network, I helped countless people.Also with my sincere good behavior probation and a lot of people.Although people in today’s society will be like my husband always says I am silly, but I would not care to go.I think, silly silly, as long as their pay will be able to bring joy to others is tantamount to my happiness, helping others, their own happiness!We would like the world is full of sunshine!May our society more harmonious, better life!!