Helpless indifferent


In life there are many beyond our time, will also have a lot of frustration in life things, many times, we know very well what they want to do very often, we do not want to do what is also clear, however, whether it is wanted or do not want to do, is so involuntarily, so helpless and unable to face their own ideals and objectives, many times, we do not want fighting, many times we really do not want to give up (read the article net:.sanwen.COM), however, is really beyond our control, helpless and powerless really do not want to do, but do not want to have to do, however, do we just give up yet? Because involuntarily, because it really is not helpless or unable to pursue their own yet can really force yourself to do? I am afraid it is a self-deception so, in the face of frustration, we should be more of a lightly since we can not help myself, after all, barely, after all, do not give up since we did not want to give up, indifferent to accept whatever now, we hope he can continue to I believe that one day we will not move before the helpless believe that one day we will take it lightly smile back again, we will also be able relieved and then move forward, we should also learn to take it lightly, calm and unhurried believe we can eventually want toward you before the direction of the bank believed that one day we can readily