Hen beloved Son Complex


In rural areas, most families hold raise a few hens under.These hens to a certain amount, it is necessary to stop, feeling hot, lying in bed does not come out.Then you just fertilized eggs in the nest, it will be hard working hatch up.    As the saying goes: chicken is not chicken, 7 March 21.Also he said twenty-one days brooding hen chicks started out.    Chicks hatched, chicken mother also not a kind of thin.Because “broody” These days, it’s too much physical exertion.Do not think it is lying on the egg brooding everything will be fine, otherwise.It consumes nutrients while heating to warm the eggs, one side of his mouth turning from time to time to exhaustion position to mobilize the eggs, the eggs are heated evenly.Do it all it is so carefully Olympus, Do not worry will break the egg.To the fast hatching days, it should listen carefully egg chicks have no movement.Which sounds chicken eggs, there are beeping, or turning the sound, although it is a slight, but it can not escape the ears.Once heard the news, they quickly and carefully pecking broken eggshell, chicken immediately exposed to plenty of fresh air, wet nap soon dry up, legs too hard rod, and take advantage of the bursting shell, out of the eggshell.If the old hen did not experience, will not do this, some frail chicks do not hold out for a long time, it will be suffocated in the egg shell..But for the owner of forcing it to hold the nest to feed fresh water point, which are reluctant to come out looking for something to eat.    Chicks all out, it’s dedicated to tending.It led dozens of chickens roam in the weed leaves, they teach how to peck at grass shoots, look for insects, really busy music almost.What if the hopes of finding its own good, but it is reluctant to go belly gargling.It cuckoo cried, sons and daughters will call to him, and feed them to the mouth.    Outdoors foraging, which not only pay attention to the children’s food and clothing, but also to take care of their security.Once other animals invading the old hen chicks will to exclude life to protect.I have witnessed the scene hen fighting snakes.A few years ago a summer morning.A few old people at a roadside tree shade chat.An old hen led a group of chickens foraging leisurely.Suddenly, chicks “chirp.”I cried running around up.Old hen “Cuckoo.”Cried, craned his neck, ruffled hair, jumping around, do like to wrestle.It tracks the sound looked, I saw more than a foot long snake Peel flowers are chasing chicks, hens screaming stop in front of the snake.Gilded snake Nobuko, put up half a foot long neck and stretched it out a ground penetrating confrontation with the hen.I grew timid and afraid of snakes, but to afar off, anxious.Just when they are no less contention, there is a brave old man, with a stone and killed the snake, its solution around.    However, the old hen son eager to love when there are too far.In winter, it is afraid of chilled chicken, wings, chicken tightly embrace the below.Because too many chicken wings can not accommodate it, it’s hard to hold; external hard squeeze out, which is not open through the air, the body was weak mother Wu Si under the wings of love; in the summer it is afraid of chickens the hot, wings, whirring fan.As a result, newly hatched chicks numerous wind, gave the “frozen” dead.    Visible, there is love love of learning.Aiko well and everything goes well; improper love, in spite of good intentions, but it will have adverse consequences.Love and human love is no different livestock.