Heng Yang: small paint brush life


Yang Heng teacher seen people who have felt the same way: from the appearance point of view he did not look like a real age of 60 years old who speak humble, gentle, affable, seemed to be at least five years younger, of which natural painting art Yang is the secret of his heart!August 28, the author with curiosity and respect for the feelings of specially visited the sustained several decades, with a typical thinking artists and artists of quality people – Yang Heng.    Art of the road from the county is interested in beginning Heng Yang Zhong Zhuang people, born in mid-1951.As early as in elementary school, he is very interested in painting.When junior high school, he painted pictures were vivid, stunning, many students are clamoring for his paintings.In early 1976, Zhong Zhuang Yang Heng from high school, and college bound him with “Dream Painter” to enter the county agency work, at home spare time Gaochuangzuo.But time is not long, the disintegration of the advertising company, he had to go home, but he has not given up on studying painting.To make a living, he was the actual rural areas, specialized in painting landscapes and some animals like the painting, made hall, market and sell it to get, business was quite good.In 1989, a fortuitous opportunity, he saw from the press, Jiangsu Huaihai art school enrollment, he try holding the attitude to the interview, think in the interview, his paintings been recognized by the judges of the teacher, the judges decided to enroll on the spot he.    Huaihai art school for drawing, color, design and other professional knowledge four years, laid a solid foundation for road painting after Yang Heng.After graduation, he dedicated to devote themselves to study traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy and painting exhibition where there as long as I heard, he would not wait to observe and learn other people’s painting and techniques.In order to accomplish something on their own painting, he not only repeated visits to Provincial Artists Association members wear ultra-Wo and Mr. Lu, an open mind to learn from them the art of Chinese painting, also made a special trip to visit the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of Chinese Calligraphers Association Introduction Christine Mr up, get his careful guidance, which have allowed Heng Yang has made substantial progress on the road painting.    Artistic attainments maturing there is a way.Yang Heng through their tireless efforts, his calligraphy and paintings, not only by our compatriots at home and abroad collections, also has been exhibited different levels of painting and calligraphy exhibition.    One day a decade ago, there was the old Chinese name is Chen Yixian, whose uncle came back from Taiwan, leaving before come to seek painting, elderly Taiwanese man on the spot to leave a deposit of 1,000 yuan.Yang Heng, at their request, to copy the famous painting of the Great Teacher had a “I map”, the elderly Taiwanese who get very fond of, treasure.March 2009, Heng Yang, a friend wanted to send two paintings to overseas Chinese in Canada Peng Sheng, Tang Pingfu women, asked him to make two door thanks to painting.Yang heard is given to international friends, said nothing, just a mouthful promise down and said no charges.In the next time Heng Yang locked himself in the house, spent more than two months to complete the “Spring Creek Bridge” and “Water Pik Yan Shu distant clouds cliff ramp Yu Louchun”.In order to facilitate exit, Yang Guanhua also to Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Institute, a request issued by the relevant proof.    Yang Heng told reporters that he had a pastiche of “painting”, was bought at a price of 6,000 yuan, the man later turned out to be a shot is 50,000 yuan.The photograph of works in November 2009, had participated in China (Xuzhou) First Expo exhibition galleries, as well as painting was exhibited alongside the “sunny wealth Chen-hsiang,” “meaning heavy mountains and rivers”, etc..His work not only in the various national painting and calligraphy exhibition into the exhibition and awards, is the county’s painting and calligraphy exhibition, given the chance, he will be actively involved, a lot of work on the spot been bought in exhibition.His painting “clear message” to be honest income Jianhu calligraphy and paintings collection.    The road of art extended indefinitely in February 2010, Yang Heng took four months to complete a picture of up to 10 meters of silk painting “painting”, later famous calligrapher Qitai Hong old man that painted inscriptions.Many insiders want to have, it has been a high price to $ 100,000, but he could not bear, he wanted it as their heirlooms, leaving children and grandchildren a little something memorable.Yang Heng positive on the wall of the studio, the reporter saw a painting just completed soon, “I coming out map”.”This painting is required to be a famous Taoist shrines Maoshan monastery of China made” Yang Hang Seng Index has not framed photograph of a good draw for us, said, “They have come several times letter reminders, followed by mounting well prepared give people sent.”Ten years sword.Under the unremitting efforts of their own, Yang Hengjian hold their life dreams, and go more and more at ease in the way of art, more and more smoothly.Today, Yang Heng can be said that reputation gradually from.Now, he has not only succeeded in his painting Court, in artistic creation has made no small achievement.China is already the country Painters Association and Yancheng Calligraphers Association, he is actively preparing individual country exhibitions, prepare some quality of work on display at the exhibition, will give the audience a new visual impact.Towards the end of the interview when the reporter, Yang Heng told reporters: person’s energy is limited, but in the future will be more focused on their creative, trying to make their skills more sophisticated, try our can to make their skills for more bring art to enjoy.