Henry, please bowing to it!


In the early 20th century England, whenever the end of a drama, the play the audience if it feels good, it will call out loudly author!Author!, Meaning that please the drama of the stage, they will extend with applause and screams of respect.Then authors pretending to be surprised, and put a calm, frequently express my gratitude to the audience bow.At the time, the chirping of the writer seeks to honor.In contemporary eyes, Henry James is one of the most important writer of the 20th century, but at the time, he’s a drama staged in London, but suffered a tremendous blow.After the actor curtain call, the audience shouted back Author!Author!Henry James was invited on stage, happily prepared to accept the applause of the audience, but this time, the audience burst into boos, accompanied by Pooh!Pei Pei!.Henry froze on stage, I do not know what to do.Then he is famous novelist for many years, he started his theater, but brutally humiliated.Henry was already nearly 50 years old.With his famous novel when young, although big reputation, but his books sell.Publishers therefore mean, a book is only willing to advance royalties of £ 200.One year, all his published works every part can only sell 25.This is undoubtedly a humiliation for him, but even worse is: His friend is a best-selling author.Henry got to know Dumoliai, he just illustrator, drawing full-time as a magazine.Dumoliai have a disability, blindness in one eye gradually, increasingly difficult to paint, in addition to the health of one eye declining, in order to make a living, he tried to write two novels, other than surprise is that which one actually a fame, popular Anglo-American, and reprinted, ensuring intense royalties into his pocket.Publisher boldly advance royalties of £ 2000 waiting for his next novel.On one occasion, he received a check for £ 7,000 publishers sent, looked to throw open.Make money for him, what has not.Henry was jealous.His friend had read novels, and feel compared to their works, this is only a superficial and immature works.And after Henry suffered dramatic defeat, Dumoliai’s novel has also been adapted for the stage, performing in the United States and the United Kingdom tour, it lasted a few years, while Henry works on the withdrawal of play in a few weeks.While it’s painful defeat, a friend of success even more gripping.Henry as a writer, it is difficult to work on Dumoliai hypocritical praise, as a friend, but also feel jealous and envious of his success, these complex emotions intertwined, make Henry feel embarrassed.Henry then calculate their own life, he was 50 years old, no matter how optimistic, his life has passed more than half.Henry could not sell a few books a year, defeat in the theater and the subject of ridicule.When people mention him, are used in the past tense, the servants called him old celebrity.Until the end of his life, the loser of this situation has not changed.In old age the occasion, Henry and his literary celebrities from various quarters of correspondence totally destroyed, he felt angry despair if you do not pay attention to me, I will not let you get to know me.He did not want in his death, these letters were published, and when he becomes little dealings with the brightest celebrity letters.If Henry can now know, he burned the letter because he himself caused a great loss to the literary world, he would chuckle.But if he knew, and now he works sold abroad, are reprinted every year, research professor of English and American Literature students without a dare skip his work, he has in the world of digital readers is hard to imagine him, but at that time those best-selling author, and now have been wiped out, the name was forgotten, what would he think?During his lifetime he was considered a loser, who died after being repeatedly commemorated.Success came so late, people sighed with regret, but what does this count it?For Henry, success becomes sad and funny at the passage of time, ultimately this is not a piece of shit.In any case, Henry, if you hear, please bowing to it!