Her gentle


In front of a flower Nongying, the room is a little light.Since the sum of the ink gently shallow, the whole sheet outline winter snow.    Dressed in heavy winter clothes, gently along the footprints have been covered by a thin layer of snow, slowly and carefully gait.I fear the pace of this reckless superficial dirty her white.    A white sea, no wave no Lan, want it to have been so.Yuan Wang, Yi Keke tree is decorated with winter, the white sails of ships consistent ships sailing quietly drift, but never far away.And I was her fisherman harvest her gift to me, though it is winter, I still harvest.Carrying a “creel” away.Hydration cloud, a cloud of snow, is a transformation.Blossoming as white as snow like goose, goose than clever, like a wizard, consciously jump on my shoulders, and the light whisper.She said she wanted the world colorful, turned white all over, I do not believe that, until such time as those are red and green, and those are the white light of the light of the strong.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) dressed in snow white, back to the hut.Draw the curtains, her white once attracted me.Then she a white like a mirror, the warm sun of this put into my face through the big windows, but no longer warm, she must have thought this temperature will burn me.!    She is gentle.