Shen Jie Zi Fortson 18 + 12 9 0 3 points wins mansions score 2-2 Shenzhen


  Beijing on March 21, 2017-2018 season CBA playoffs quarter-finals continue。 Shenzhen team sits at home against Guangsha team, after four race with five players in double figures, the Shenzhen team home to 100-95 victory over Guangsha team, the series will rewrite the big score is 2-2。
The next war, the two sides will carry out a final victory in the mansions team home。   Data, the Shenzhen team Sullinger 22 points, 7 rebounds, Shen Zi Jie 18 points and 12 rebounds, 13 points and six rebounds Limu Hao, Rice 12 points and five assists, 18 points Guo Xiaopeng; mansions team Fortson 25 points and six rebounds and 11 assists, Hujin Qiu 14 6 rebounds, Lawrence Lam 21 points, 8 rebounds, 17 points and 8 rebounds Francis Bologna。   The first Festival, White Haotian underhand layup was the first team to score in Shenzhen, Hu Jinqiu fly tipped succeeded, Limu Hao also the basket layup turned dexterity。 Start away from home mansions team offensive slump, and the offensive end shooting repeatedly missed, relying solely on Hu Jinqiu made destruction to get points in the paint。
In contrast, Shenzhen team returned to prepare more fully, Limu Hao and Guo Xiaopeng choose to break through the taboo, the two consecutive labeled 2 + 1。 Guangsha team offensive mistakes, Guo Xiaopeng once again strong sudden restricted area to get points, followed by Guo Xiaopeng once again hit the third arc。
With the fast-break layup at the buzzer BDO score, the end of the first section of Shenzhen, home team 30-16 lead Guangsha team。
  Sub-section contest, at BDO assists Limu Hao, who completed a record oop, ignite the audience。 Guangsha team after adjustment, Bologna Francis leash outside the three-point shooter, Lawrence Lam rapid counterattack layup labeled 2 +1, mansions team scored 6 points。 Sullinger dumped hit stop the bleeding, then in Bologna-third of the Sith, Fortson made destruction, mansions team gradually back offensive rhythm, the Shenzhen team moratorium。 Rice layup, Sullinger basket continuous strong play also, the Shenzhen team continued on the offensive touch。
Lawrence Lam inside sudden foreign investment with 7 points, Bologna soared in the third of the Sith。 The first half ended, the Shenzhen team to continue to stay ahead of the 49-43 Guangsha team。
  Easy side battles, Lawrence Lam hit the decisive shot three-pointers to recover the body, the points difference approaching to a thin 3 points。
Rice breakthrough dumped succeeded, Guo Xiaopeng corner hit the third, the Shenzhen team still maintain the lead。 Bologna-third of the Sith soared in the lesson, Lawrence Lam made anti-break inside, Limu Hao hands burst deduct points, the two sides alternately score。
Shenzhen team offensive mistakes, Sun Ming-Hui seize the opportunity to fast-break layup, bolo-third of the Sith without mercy again, the combination of internal and external Guangsha team on the offensive end will be worse gradually disappearing。 Three end, the Shenzhen team -75-73 narrow lead Guangsha team。
  Distal battle, Guo Xiaopeng and Rice after another driving layup, Fortson reached the basket labeled as 2 + 1, Yang Lin Yi-thirds responded immediately hit bayan。 Limu Hao Zi Shen Jie access pass to pick the basket labeled as 2 + 1, mansions team shooting percentage has dropped, the team offensive trouble, Shenzhen rely on the continuous inside strengths to take points。 Salin Jie reached the paint layup, Fortson made a breakthrough win free throws killer hard to take points。
Thirds soared in Lawrence Lam, Sullinger mid-range fadeaway jumper hit the buzzer, Qiu Biao corner three stone mandrel。
While Lawrence Lam makes a foul-made three-point game is still suspense after another, but the last round, Limu Hao accept key offensive rebounds to help the Shenzhen team home win over mansions team 100-95。   The two sides starting the Shenzhen team: Limu Hao, Shen Jie Zi, Lu arts, white Haotian, Les mansions team: Lawrence Lam, Suruo Yu, Hu Jinqiu, Fortson, Liu Zheng (Zhao language)。