Herbs memory


[Editor’s note] rural areas in the North, people are gathering herbs to make herbal tea custom, the collect herbs commonly used in disease prevention, physical fitness needs.In the eyes of knowledge medicine man, that hill and dale humble plants and flowers can all be life-saving treasure.Deep in the mountains bears extremely rich herbal resources, at the end of the article called for herbs were sure to protect wild medicinal resources.    I am familiar with rural, northern Fujian is deep in the mountains surrounding the village Shan.About these villages, leaving me a lot of complex emotions.Today, this impression about some of the villages are gradually retreat in the depths of memory.    I have for many years engaged in medical work at the grassroots level, because the work’s sake, will choose each year to the seasonal pick some herbs in the mountains for a rainy day.I love into the depths of the mountains in northern Fujian feeling, in its every inch of land, you can feel that nature has distributed fresh, earthy flavor.And into the mountains to pick herbs, not only can enjoy the original ecology of the natural scenery and feel the fresh mountain air, taken back herbs can save lives, but also to enjoy the many green pollution-free seasonal berries.    In “prepare against natural disasters” of the late 1960s, popular grass Medical herbs.At that time the medical conditions of the rural poor, and now is not comparable.The basic means of treatment is also limited to stethoscopes, thermometers and blood pressure monitors and other “youngest parts”.Northern Fujian Province as rich herbal resources area was also organized each year some experts on the province to carry out Chinese herbal medicine resources survey here.I live in the courtyard of childhood often dry the fathers taken back from the mountains of herbs.Every season, the compound pervaded grass fragrance and rich herbal.Some herbs can be directly used as medicine, while others need to go through dried, processed, or made into syrup, or made into a powder or even tablets.The production process is not complicated, the production conditions are very simple, but at the time is by Yi Bacao, a needle, the rural masses to solve the most basic health care services.At that time, in order not to make the limited resources depleted, some commune health centers also opened up gardens, we will gather some of the rare species of herbs grow nurture, to protect the resource recycling.In which the gold pit commune health centers Baicaoyuan, they planted many precious herbs, like polyphylla, even gold and other rare medicinal plants are cultivated.By the late 1980s, the state regulates the production and use of drugs, these gardens will gradually deserted, and now has become a vegetable workers.    Rural areas in the North, people are gathering herbs to make herbal tea custom, seasonal will choose before the annual Dragon Boat Festival.The collecting herbs commonly used in disease prevention, physical fitness needs.Collect herbs Yaoan season, otherwise some efficacy is compromised.About this reason, Song Shen Kuo, “Meng Xi Bi Tan” in the record: “multi-purpose healing herb taken in February and August, this special is not when.But February has grass shoots, seedlings not withered in August, drop-mining are easy identification ear, in medicine is not as good when.Rustic edge there sooner or later, there are days transgression V.As the ground spent by March, then April flowers in the mountains.Between a material of the same plot, sooner or later, its own, different physical properties of this also.”I participate in work, although a student of Western medicine, but years of monasteries, more or less also contacted a number of herbs, so for some herbs efficacy in the treatment of certain diseases, indeed witnessed played Miaoshouhuichun effect.In our local spread of such a saying: “blindly unilateral, mad doctors”.Cover because of its unique effect dictates.    Perennial people living in this land, most of them know the taste of a few tens or herbal flavor, they use herbs to regulate your body to adapt to changes in the seasons, but also to prevent some diseases.Some people are also adept at the use of certain unilateral prescription treatment of some common diseases.Whose adults and children have Toutengnaore, in their houses, fields captive Yi Bacao, it boiled soup dose, sick enough.A long time, these remedies have some people who will become the local soil Doctor.Barefoot Doctors in the 1960s, there are many from which selection is to come.Not only that, when the commune hospitals of doctors, but also very happy to make the best of medical treatment for patients.As the drug easy to get, easy and without cost, to alleviate rural masses was expensive problems also play a role.    In the countryside, the herbs used in clinical practice, is often the case.I once had a patient admissions due to fever subside, medication, hanging bottles have no apparent effect, the patient is very anxious.Later, working with my old physician may wish to use something called “azure white” try a herbal remedy.Shortly after the dose of herbal medicine, the patient’s fever subsided gradually turned.    Deep in the mountains in northern Fujian bears extremely rich herbal resources, the process of picking herbs full of hardships, but there are also a lot of fun.Herbal variety, a lot of similar appearance, but is vastly different herbs.Some herbs need to walk through the deep forests, thorns scratched, falls, snake bites, bee stings, you often encounter.But as long as the depth of which, those who can not experience pleasure in peacetime is difficult to describe the.See honeysuckle poetically curved branches stretched, avoiding the spines on the dendrites, it is possible to significantly tiptoe; dried in the branches of forsythia, wind chimes like a string, a movable splashed ring, commonly used in the treatment of acute Fengreganmao, carbuncle swollen sore embolism.There are also many herbs growing in a very steep in places such as may be used for ornamental lily, its flowers, scaly stems can be medicine, there is a clear fire effect, lungs, nerves, is a food and medicine used along with flowers.And some herbs need to climb tall trees acquisition, so the process of picking herbs in both the Wild are also at risk.    In the eyes of knowledge medicine man, that hill and dale humble plants and flowers can all be life-saving treasure.Polygonum cuspidatum, Shi Wei, contact Ishido.What are diuretic, which Jianwei, promoting blood circulation what; what with roots, which use stem, which with leaves; with dew when picking what to bloom, which was autumn when digging deep roots, really can be said to be a major problem yet!As Polygonum, many people are not familiar with, Mr. Lu Xun “From Herbs to Sanwei” put in the Polygonum described quite magical, this is said to be able to become immortal after eating a similar humanoid Polygonum.After one of the myths and legends of the Eight Immortals Chang, old is eating Polygonum the immortal.In fact, it is but Chinese medicine commonly used medicinal herbs, vines have its tranquilizing effect, mature roots have liver or kidney effectiveness.    In recent years, due to excessive deforestation, the destruction of the natural habitat of some vegetation, coupled with mountains herbs are over-harvested, so the sharp decline in production of wild herbs, and some species close to extinction.Others are driven by the interests of mountain herbs of frantic digging, often in spite of taking big to stay small herbs rules, often they found one, they Pianjiabuliu.Because predatory mining, and pick the original ecological environment, and now some herbs have been very difficult to find a.Among the natural, grow reason every leaf has its own presence on every tree; each squid bear fruit every one has its own reasons, if not the protection of these resources, the future of our children and grandchildren can no longer get God has given us these natural green plants.Therefore, the protection of wild medicinal herbs resource not only is every person’s responsibility, it is the obligation of every people living here bounden.[Editor: Butterflies]