Hercule Poirot: Austrian cow leather Aspen


Prime Minister Edward private detective to find non Demirel, spoke of a tricky event he recently encountered: one to alarmist famous for “Perspective News” magazine, recently published a number of material ready to expose former Prime Minister John Hamilton especially the fact of abuse of power.Non-Trail Hammett’s heir, but also his, this material once made public, will not only destroy the reputation that old politicians, but also to harm non-political Demirel, causing turmoil and confusion in the opposition will will take the opportunity came to power, dictatorship.Polo is reluctant to meddle in politics, but not Rael in his mind is a good politician, he felt he had responsibility.He said: You and your government can counter the “Perspective News” rumor!This is what they want, through debate, the magazine will be increased sales.Non Demirel said that even if the accused in court, they will not be lost, because they expose the material, not rumors, but facts unknown.Non-Raelian then told the Baltic, the government is the discovery of this fact, so to discourage Hammett continue in power, ready to take measures to rinse ‘Austrian leather Aspen cowshed’.But this is a serious problem if the material published, not only the bullpen could not wash the dirt, and the entire bullpen will be demolished, he personally does not yearn prime minister in this position, but the state will be at risk, which is the desire of the opposition he refused to be a human error and ruin the future of the whole country.He also tried a variety of ways and to “see News” magazine accommodating, but not bribery, violence does not work, it seems that things are hopeless.Polo smiled and said: you come to me, that you still have this hope, I will do my best.Polo left the prime minister, met with non-Raelian wife Hammett down the stairs when she was Britain’s first and only lingering charm, beauty is outstanding, and enjoy a high reputation in the community.She invited him to the office anxiously for Polo said: I do not like the public imagination so good, he actually was a fake and non-Raelians should not marry me, my father dragged him!Baltic attached, turning quietly he said: I have accepted this event, Mrs. willing to help me?Mrs. flatly he said: To clean ‘bullpen Austrian leather Aspen’, I really ensure the implementation of political honesty, I would be happy to do everything!Soon, the major newspaper published a message, Mrs. Rael non-vacation to Scotland.But “Perspective News” magazine has a different report that his wife did not go to Scotland and non-Raelians, but rest in a beach entertainment.The next report more specific, saying that a man named Simon Argentine men often accompany non Trail beside Mrs..Then again, this magazine published two photographs, one non Leier Fu Simon half-naked people on the beach photo, it is a two whispering in the bedroom scene, public outcry, “News Perspective” more waves, they expose the abuse of power, former prime minister also reported delayed.Because the more aroused public interest in the affair, it enables the magazine increased sales.Official of the supervisory authority can not ignore this, to “see News” made the accusation.In court, the first witness was the bishop of Scotland, he vowed to prove non Mrs. Demirel has been living in Scotland palace, the bishop met with her almost every day.The second witness called Selma.People found her face and Mrs. Rael non-striking similarities.She testified that there is a “perspective News” magazine, who called her to accompany a very Ah-ting people, according to their demands took two photos, for which she won her a reward needed.Pleadings “Perspective News” magazine agent rather pale, saying only that they had received under the material to be posted on the magazine.The decision is fair, “Perspective News” reported counterfeit, spreading rumors, fined large sums of money, to apologize to the parties and public opinion.At this time, the non-Baltic went to see the Prime Minister Demirel: Do you trust the things that I have completed the.Non-Rael said: how “Perspective News” would do such a stupid thing?Polo said: This is my first-hand manipulation, that is what I look for Selma come.He says his mission is the same as 赫拉克里士, put his hands to go into sludge, building a dam so that water diversions, so pure sludge covered a woman’s body.People are interested in this than any political scandal.The result, how to end?Reaction, defeated!Pure innocence restored, a huge tide of romantic feelings and cleaned up the bullpen Austrian leather Aspen.Finally, he stressed that: even now “see News” and then posted a message fraud, John Hammett, and no one believed.Edward Demirel angry toward non Polo: My, how dare you take advantage of her..Mrs non-Raelian entered the room: I agree with everything, and I spent some bishops in Scotland and peaceful life, and now I feel very full of energy, what should I carry on my career.