Hibiscus gossip about


Here is to go home twenty Yu Hua, should be the boundary of Liuyang.  Mino Weng stop, the up and look, Mountain scales even, Rare earth acres.I do not know someone vegetable bed, except for a few Ye Teng, also clumps of hibiscus weeks Wai, forming a barrier wall.  Hibiscus approximately one meter, two meters.Its shoot leaf axils, although not flower, and its green leaves, the green was cheerful person, if the seasonal vegetables.Mino Weng trend in recent, about vision, it exposed places of the leaves, there are traces of the moon and stars.How’s ear, eye contact persons, are made almost Zhongchang of Speech, in cool water Ling Zi Ran.  Although Hibiscus Green said, the kind of eye-catching non Distinct.However, Blue Hibiscus general, if the mint taste, a trace of a trace in pure, like incense over a ray, relaxed and happy, in case of old who is fresh, muddy those who encounter it is clear.A side stand, dark air, raw gaps, heart rhythm and.Some of the hot sun lose.  Childhood, food scarcity, often hungry, in addition to roots stem Althea Jane is beautiful meat dish of fresh.Althea is not the kind of astringency and bitterness gardenia.Talking, but also articulate and aroma of.Should no exaggeration, my stomach’s still haunted by Yu Xin slightest of Althea.  I look forward to Hibiscus, even to restrain people obsessed homeland in the water shield perch.Hibiscus, China, the United States does not lose its peaches and plums.Dawn For now is not present, and pick it clean hands, drain well from old springs a little wash, filled them with porcelain, laid him down on wooden steamer, steamed until cooked, its shape is not bad, its still Shu Shu, Zhang still that Zhang.Eat, eyesight, to the heart of the stains, the plot of the larynx, the viscera scattered silt.  Remember vegetable bed before the old one surnamed Zhang, they planted several strains of good hibiscus, born with Xiao Zhu.After Zhang’s family moved out of rustic wild, they abandoned the vegetable bed.None of the people who voice message, do not hear the cock barking, it seems the longer the spirit of hibiscus.Its flowers, not a year season, after the old calendar May until heavy frost of late autumn, even winter, are reflected in the white snow flower.  At that time, Mino Weng still somewhat selfish, bent on exclusive beauty of its flowers, also compiled some “weird” appalling.Piles of rubbish, miscellaneous shortage, high Mao nobody, chaos diameter wood cover.Especially the sounds of the insects is weeping, whisk the chilly wind, even during the day, some people Shen.If so, others not quite dare, even three, two travel together.Therefore, every few days, I won a small basket.Althea way to eat more than one or two species, and those who occupy it for a long time, is also hibiscus tofu soup!Then grind the new production of soybeans, tofu with just pan boil, crisp, smooth and smells good..Hibiscus rice porridge, also the good refreshing drink, does have such short bamboo, Houttuynia, honeysuckle, and the like smolder Xiasangju effect also to dry!  As for meat hibiscus Lang, it is the ultimate, lean meat cut into thin slices, if its thick petals hibiscus, Hibiscus is per piece, prosthetic, and filtered through the old spring.After a little salt, no seasoning, and mix well and stew.The soup its juice, very fragrant, light and slightly sweet, special, full bowl, curl Xiang Wu, the lead can provoke a lot of imagination.If you go any further some of that dream, the same as the Lu Sheng Huang Liang.My life, I lean hibiscus Lang, also enjoyed two back, the value of all juvenile birthday, grandmother join together the plot, for me to do, I just come off the Althea.  In a little longer, so the discount hibiscus branch three, four, lawn cuttings frontier.Juvenile Young crazy inferior, often after I pulled out, abandoned without a trace.So a few times, not even one percent, is the strike.  And then later, I stay on the outside flooded, or months, or a few ten days.So a total of one, two rank, Zhang Yuan hibiscus waste, nor the ocher green branches.I do not know what to uproot, and planted a few pine plants abroad, is now pose a cloud of dry, shady days Blot out the Sun.  Alas!Hibiscus flower, killings and far, and its fragrance only the achievement of a text breath.  I remember in my grandmother, chaotic plexus, to grandmother’s tomb, if we dropped a one, and that IL plain white hibiscus, mourning and nostalgia can be a.  Alas!Today, Mino Weng also Laomao, although weak hands and feet, but the eyes are better, which was also Althea eyes and the power!  Mino Weng, do not eat hibiscus flowers, carry on for many years!Suddenly, I head a little more of it read like.For decades, stroke, inhuman, something non-business men.Today the human diet, really put on a secure, yet another dash?China’s “explosive watermelon”, beef extract, bodybuilding pigs, hormone leeks, corn steamed bun and so on, who ravaged the already fragile human nerve.The other side of the globe, poison cucumber also mysteriously came to know God mankind table.  Mino Weng Fu Zhang, follow remembered vaguely, to go over the lonely lane wild way, to smoke at play, you can find a more Hibiscus?However, I would ask all times of the Friends of enthusiasts, I try to do Althea Lang.  Mino Weng made on May 31, 2011