Hibiscus never fade


Think of this title, my body there is a cool, because writing this letter when it is already more than half of the fall, and quite cold in the fall, I was the fall of Althea infection, was already about to late autumn , so write these. Because autumn weather did cool down, these days the temperature dropped to normal people feel it. Cool autumn weather is a natural law, who can not change, depressed after the fall of all things winter will come. Autumn is not just a vision of things to depressed, fall is also the US side, many flowers will open in the fall, sweet-scented osmanthus, chrysanthemum, hibiscus… Osmanthus fragrance with a sweet and pleasant, chrysanthemum is a hint of fragrance, hibiscus probably no taste, but very bright flowers. Thank you for these beautiful flowers open in the cool autumn, open the yellow, red, purple flowers of various colors, these beautiful flowers and colors to decorate gradually depressed world smell of these flowers have opened people fall open distant heart. I remember last year I always wanted to write a story called “Osmanthus such as a book,” and it has not finished, there is one called “old Chrysanthemum” in the story, did not finish, Althea’s story written as “Hibiscus not decline,” it , hibiscus seems to have been a flowering plant, is that right ? From spring to autumn, every month in bloom, can be really powerful, really beautiful, beauty essence of life. I fight for this year’s fall three stories are written complete. A lot of people like to use hibiscus as a network name and what does this mean it? I think so many people mentioned Althea, Althea life is tough because it also shows that people love and praise for Althea. Hibiscus is actually a very common flower beds usually spend, it is particularly the reason why is because this woody flowers have been in bloom, as long as the hibiscus tree has leaves on when growth has been continuous flowering hibiscus, really like Like a phoenix continues to sublimate their own lives. Since Althea to write, actually I think this really is a very magical flower. I heard that the Korean people are very fond of hibiscus, the national flower or something, you can refer to South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s name on the inside with a “hibiscus” word, Korean love of hibiscus can be seen. In fact, Althea does not smell, do not look too good, just keep flowering it is very magical. Constantly flowering hibiscus spirit is like a spirit, indeed the uniqueness of a person is very important, as long as a person continuous efforts will succeed sooner or later, so a man should learn hibiscus, Hibiscus never decline, a turn, such as the phoenix rebirth, that is brilliant life.