April 16 is what constellation Lunar


Lunar April 16 Taurus.Taurus belongs to the earth sign, is ruled by Saturn, the second house is located in the zodiac, birth date for the new calendar April 21 – May 20.Are slow type of character, not rashness, always one step ahead steadily, stick in the mud, do not like change, stubborn.Once we shall not come back to one thing, dragged ten head of cattle.Taurus is stubborn conservatism, honest, sincere kindness, somewhat introverted, good at communication.  Taurus Taurus love for the feelings of people are slow, passive, they are not good to take the initiative, steady longing for love, but also to treat a relationship requires a long study period, could make a decision whether to accept.But once accepted and found each other, it will not be easy to make a change, stay the course.Taurus love for the boys, the boys do not want other types of constellations so active, but their soul to specific, single-minded, this is their advantage.Taurus girls are gentle-hearted, but this does not mean that the Taurus woman is bullied types, most of Taurus, are not silence the outbreak die in silence.  Taurus career Taurus personality is very pragmatic, very stable rhythm, there is a strong sense of professionalism that the economic base determines the superstructure, love also need money to support it, no matter the love is just a mess, Taurus woman can not lose their careers.Taurus men are also relatively strong sense of professionalism, as they do not want their money being tired, so the work will persist in the end, with fortune has been good, hard work there is good income.Taurus also because of pragmatic, because of convenience and compromise work in the workplace, do not want to cause conflict and did not express their views, sometimes giving a sense of hypocrisy, Taurus are going to have to review the problems in interpersonal terms, whether in good faith treat a friend. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source