Potato entrepreneurial legend peasant girl


Wangxi Lian legendary first is from a start of 13 acres of saline.She lives in the village of Halle in Wuchuan County town of Halle.This picture is a picture Wangxi Lian in 1990, her husband Wei Zhuang Tong is a private teacher, monthly income of only 28 dollars, just enough to maintain adequate food and clothing, and even children to buy a Popsicle is a luxury.Wangxi Lian: My son I heard shouting outside Mai Binggun voice, my mother had no money, you give me to eat a bar, I was really hear my heart quite uncomfortable.If we go so poor, I will never be the light of day.In 1996, Wangxi Lian angry rented in the village who are not optimistic about the 13 acres of saline, hands are back to carry on, in two years time, the 13 acres of barren saline land into a lush green garden.Also let her become a typical transformation of saline, was named the county in the year’s Ten Outstanding Young model.In 2005, they elected deputies Hohhot.Wangxi Lian first time out of Wuchuan county seat, went into the city.However, this time into the city, bringing with her an unforgettable embarrassment, but also she never opened a door of Fortune.On the National People’s Congress, I went with a female representation inadvertently, pointing to his shoes and asked Wangxi Lian, guess what price.Wangxi Lian ventured to say: up to 100 yuan, while the others answer left her stunned.Wangxi Lian: I say you how much these shoes, he said that more than 1000, I was very surprised, because I was going to wear is three fifty dollars, but then I said why it is so expensive, he said this is the brand name it.Looked at his feet, more than 30 dollars of shoes, is not too happy Wangxi Lian.Also a pair of shoes, is not famous, but the price gap is so big it’s how?The concept brand for the first time in this rural woman just out of my heart left a deep imprint.After Wangxi Lian home, the thrill of that pair of shoes for a long time can not be dispersed.Thought to want to, she took a fancy potato.Wangxi Lian: We do not what other local resources, is this potato is still relatively well-known point.We can not play the brand of agricultural products?Can we put the potatoes we also registered as trademarks packaged better price.In September 2005, when the others also potatoes left in the ground, etc. Quotes, Wangxi Lian yet own 20 acres of potatoes were all dug out.The village people do not understand why Wangxi Lian to do so, even so wrapped up what price it can sell?One asked villagers not help but wonder, was almost laugh if Wangxi Lian.Wuchuan County is supported by the state’s poverty-stricken counties in central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 70% of local farmers by planting potatoes to maintain life, the county potato acreage of 80 acres.However, due to prolonged drought, an acre of land one year only 1,500 pounds to 2,000 pounds of production, income 300 yuan money.People wonder, potato is the potato, how high prices to sell?While we are puzzled, we are waiting to see her joke when Wangxi Lian insisting on the implementation of the package from her plan.In October 2005, Wangxi Lian took out more than 10,000 yuan savings, first registered the trademark, set up a company, she was particularly customized 5000 box from Hohhot, the potatoes were featured by the shape, size, color and 5 kilos into a box.Wangxi Lian: The first step is the selection we choose that from the inside thirty-two above, there is no green head, the skin is broken, faulty can not, we separate the two levels is between thirty-two to sixty-two a level six two to a pound this is a standard.Wuchuan County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region nearly 200 acres of arable land with chestnut soil, sandy soil migraine, conducive to the growth of potatoes, potatoes grown in large head, skin smooth, creamy taste, but it has always been a large gunny bags, never who sell potatoes wrap.In the eyes of the locals, only Apple was so carefully selected, and the local one kilogram of apples to 4 dollars, up to one kilogram of potatoes 8 cents.Because of the low levels of consumption, not on what price to sell potatoes at the local, if coupled with a layer of packaging, I am afraid that no one took any notice.Wangxi Lian picks can sell at home, start from the local market.Such packaging potatoes, at home really do sell out?In the people’s understand, the Wangxi Lian took 400 boxes packed potatoes, various units to send, she wanted to enjoy this free way to let everyone know that packaging potatoes, leaving the villagers and she did not think it was done.Villagers: do not think she do not, you say this Apple package worth out?The potato wrap, which sell out, this is not a prank?Villagers: how can you think of that package, if not to sell paper bag, and if you look at once can not sell back to, which pay someone to buy boxes, paper buy what you have now lost the whole.At the village of suspicion among the business really came to the door.Wang is Hohhot agricultural sales manager, all year round in the country, when I heard the news Wangxi Lian packaged potatoes he first came to the door, to see a doorway.Customers in Wang: Because I was the first time I heard, like a potato as well as selling apples to sell, because the whole sacks are then contacted to sell as a whole sack, the price does not work, then eat a taste that is also very general, when I heard this said they wanted to look at, to experience.Wangxi Lian Wang became the first big customer, once taken away 100 boxes.After he went back to the relatives and friends to taste.Wang customers in: it is a featured her out, and then one to say it has a packaging, but also convenient, as well as a say, although it is expensive, but as of now the consumer, that was acceptable to me feel.Customer: go back to eat their own part, but also to send a friend point, friend rare, said Apple saw the paper bag, paper bag of potato have not seen, rare even eat once for all.After the 400 free to send me, a lot of people have to come to, precisely because of carefully selected, to ensure that the taste of potatoes.In December 2005, the packaging of potatoes sold three months later, the 5,000 boxes packed potatoes Wangxi Lian all sold, earned more than 20,000 yuan.Villagers: From people I admire people to sell, saying that this person is indeed bold.The successful sale of 5,000 boxes of potatoes Wangxi Lian firm confidence, but also to Wangxi Lian made a name with bold vision and courage.But one thing happening again in mid-summer of 2006 to get people’s admiration the courage to Wangxi Lian.Wangxi Lian on the packaging potato won the first battle, the second year in April, she ventured to look and farmers signed a contract to acquire 1,000 acres of a total of 1000 tons of potatoes, this amount is equivalent to 400 times in 2005, put together the equivalent of a few hill.In order to ensure storage that is the quality of potatoes can extend the sales period, the priority is to immediately find a suitable storage cellar.Because the village is located far away from the county, transportation is not a good condition.If the potatoes purchasing and storage places in the county just fine.Several days later, Wangxi Lian phase of a poised, this is the potato market is located in the heart of Wuchuan County, not because of this popularity, it is very important that the following is a can store 3660 tons of potatoes in the cellar.Wangxi Lian winding street has finally found a master here in summer Guoxiang, require the transfer of.Xia Township: she looked around my neck, I told her my total cost was 1.78 million, if you want to take over if you consider it your money.Wangxi Lian: I was on the big head, 1.7018 billion pairs me it is simply an astronomical figure ah, I earn three or twenty thousand a year, a year a few years ago, how long it can sell the pit?Xia village, then let Wangxi Lian scared in a cold sweat.The face of such a high offer, Wangxi Lian feeling cash-strapped.Word when he can Yan Yong County Golden Triangle Development Zone Director breath let Wangxi Lian decided to bet big fight.Yan Yong: For the agricultural products, engage in commercial distribution of these, the country has some industry support fund in this regard, that thinking on the one hand to fight for something special funds, on the other hand is to coordinate the financial sector, a financial capital.Wangxi Lian: we must win it, because it took no less than our next road, we signed contracts with farmers that you can not cash.But Wangxi Lian clear mind, with her belongings only 10 yuan of money, can not be won 1.78 million of the market.So she made to the summer Guoxiang paid 100,000 yuan deposit transfer market to her first name, then let the land market to the bank for a mortgage, payments to rural summer country, but, on the spot was rejected.Xia Township: She said that I have the confidence, the industry is willing to pick you up, I say you have to have the confidence to take the money, you do not have so much money, how I let you have it.Wangxi Lian: If I can get my personality, character to be a guarantee you, if you can trust me, trust Yan a director, I think you should think about.Wangxi Lian did not know that the summer Guoxiang, while rejecting verbally, in fact, has long been thought to transfer out of the market because of advanced age, business has been powerless.Since the first meeting and Wangxi Lian, he privately to people about, Wangxi Lian in the end is what kind of person.Xia Township: he said that this person is very capable, as a woman, can be hard work, hard work can boldly go.Two months later, under the guarantee Yan Yong, Xia township finally agreed Wangxi Lian paid 100,000 yuan deposit, three times in three years to pay off all debts, and the final price of $ 1.3 million deal.Wangxi Lian: It is not a dream, so there is a feeling, a moment that is not to say, can be said to receive the keys from his hand inside, where we live, I was in a trance, as if that feeling is not really.Wangxi Lian did not think she would be so easy to negotiate the contract, however, more she did not think that this bold attempt to make her almost complete failure.According to Xia and township signed a contract, Wangxi Lian to come in a month’s time the first payment 600,000 yuan, she put all their hopes in the fight for the $ 1 million mortgage, but when she took the land certificate and when this room to find a local bank things have changed.Wangxi Lian: He saw these formalities we say this, this road is basically the application is able to apply, but said the application process, then it requires the fastest three months, alas, when I took a big head, three months?The loan period of 3 months for Wangxi Lian means everything will vanish into thin air.The original intention was good, that will be able to run down the loan within a month, Wangxi Lian ignore the details of a time.If you can not pay within a month’s time to summer country village, paid 100,000 yuan deposit as liquidated damages shall not be returned, while seeing time again to fulfill potatoes recycling contract, without operating funds, in turn is a huge liquidated damages.Wangxi Lian: It was on the ignorant, what I can not control, then started to cry, if not to say that this money, I really really I could not go up.From the bank’s home country to county, Wangxi Lian walk a full three hours, along the way, in the face of difficulties never bow to the strong woman burst into tears.Wangxi Lian: weeping go, I think, in the end I gnaw away the next step.Not, then I think the last time, I said I divorced my wife, he was not implicated.Wangxi Lian’s husband: your difficulties are my difficulties, you can not say that the difficulties that I broke up with you.This how do you repay a man?We plan to play together as long as we are confident, brave treat, what can the past Goukan children.Never give up holding the belief that they found the local rural credit cooperatives, in the understanding of the situation Wangxi Lian after, they end within a month’s time Wangxi Lian issued 100 million loan.Rural Credit Cooperatives: Because of our rural credit cooperatives in rural areas is to the local farmers as well as agricultural development services, so that Wangxi Lian this project is to solve the difficult problem of farmers to sell potatoes, consider such a situation, so we said yes, by our joint social studies will soon give her one million loans, was the most difficult times in her hair down.In October 2006, such as about Wangxi Lian performed the contract, she acquired from farmers of 500 tons of potatoes to the final selection of 100 tons of fine packaged for sale, packaging potato sales of 400,000 yuan.Packaging potatoes fame, brought a godsend, mended the opportunity Adds variables, almost fall short.Until April 2007, this piece of potato base surrounded by mountains suddenly become shrouded in mystery.Wangxi Lian: At that time the police bursts in our patrol around the base, watching.Wuchuan County People’s Government Vice Mayor Hao show steel: about 200, this 200 to I do not tell anyone, I know it is only to the Olympic Games.So Wangxi Lian never dreamed that this mystery and her small business owners that sell potato had contacted that day, a godsend good hit her head.It held the previous year, Wuchuan potatoes was listed as the Beijing Olympic Games special for the food business, after screening, Wangxi Lian companies lucky enough to be sent to the Olympic Games in Beijing Olympic Games potatoes.Wuchuan County People’s Government Vice Mayor Hao Xiu Gang: it is this company has been engaged in Wuchuan County, organically grown and sold it this credibility is also very good, the operation is also very good, quality can be guaranteed, so we chose this company as agent.Wangxi Lian: both excited and nervous, daring to do, I said as long as we have the strong support of the county government, and I’m absolutely assume this task.In August 2007, Wangxi Lian successfully received 80 tons of orders from BOCOG.In April 2008, from sowing the first seeds from, Wangxi Lian heart was not careless moment.Antifreeze, fertilizing, watering, and so everything about potatoes have become a major event.With two successful harvest July 25, 2008, 28, Wangxi Lian heart slightly relaxed.The August 7, 2008, something unexpected happened.Unexpected downpour in no sign, the moment everyone’s heart hanging up.Wangxi Lian: This place relatively sticky soil, if the rains would not be able to go in there and could not say the harvest.Rain harvesting potatoes, potatoes can lead to rapid decay in transit.Even erected shed harvesting, can not find so many willing hands.Day 2 is the agreed delivery time must be, if not completed on time, this will become a glorious mission lifetime can not forget the unworthy.Wangxi Lian felt an unprecedented pressure.Wangxi Lian: my heart is also very anxious, Bureau of Agriculture related technical personnel to communicate how to do that?Then I said look okay the next day, the next day or the next.Is the past year and look forward to pay, really want this to be a heavy rain it came to naught?Wangxi Lian expecting God can clear up the whole date together, can result took her heart sank again sink.Just a dozen hours away from harvest when the rain stopped.Wangxi Lian on its own can not complete the task, a pinch She calls out to the county government, the county has given full assistance.Wuchuan County People’s Government Vice Mayor Hao Xiu Gang: I spent more than 100 people, one by one election, one by one, pick, picking out one by one.Wangxi Lian: dry overnight to almost four o’clock in the morning, which basically played out, played out on the next day we packed, that is, the next day early in the morning can go to Beijing, and basically did not drop the ball.In August 2008, Wangxi Lian unforgettable.She successfully completed the task of the Olympic supply of potatoes, 80 tons of potatoes will be safely sent to Beijing.This year, Wangxi Lian and her reputation louder potatoes, 300 tons of potatoes are packed looted, Wangxi Lian himself was chosen as the Olympic torch, becoming the first No. 69 passed by the Olympic torch relay in Hohhot.In 2009, Wangxi Lian has contracted 5,000 acres of land to grow potatoes, potato production will reach 3,000 tons, is expected to give her $ 3 million income.Compare past and present, who would have thought four years ago, she was a peasant girl never been out of the county, shoulder hoes, associating it with the sun and the moon sand?