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February 21, 2010, 18-year-old Chinese girl Zhou Yang for the first time to participate in the Winter Olympics in short track speed skating 1500 m finals among seven consecutive break surrounded opponent to win a classic fight for the Chinese delegation won 3 gold medals, breaking the monopoly of South Korea’s two consecutive terms, it has become the youngest champion in the history of China’s Winter Games!After the game, the tenacious girl waving the national flag, while excitedly said: get this gold medal, can make a better life for my mom and dad a little.Sincere and simple words, the audience was deeply touched, her mother Wang Shuying is in tears.Over the past decade, the laid-off mother put up with hardships, struggling as bumps all the way, and now, she finally looked forward to entering the ice altar daughter boarded the peak of the day, short-track Xiaoya from poor home June 9, 1991, a lively and healthy girl was born in Changchun City, Jilin Province Institute of the families of cell-ray machine.Daughter embrace pink, just when the mother Wang Shuying unstoppable inner joy.Years ago, Wang Shuying will be laid off in Changchun City Machinery Factory, together with the leg with a disability, the couple’s life has been very difficult.Xiao Zhou Yang was born so that the burden of home much larger, in order to feed their families, Wang Shuying with little remaining savings to buy a knitting machine, by knitting for others to earn a little processing fees, has not been working husband four guerilla, sell ice cream during the day around the community and the school, in the evening in a restaurant kitchen help.In mid-July 1999, Zhou Yang Changchun-ray machine into the primary school children, and soon reveal the talent on the sport.Two months later, at a sporting event organized by the school, Xiao Zhou Yang won consecutive first place 100 meters and 200 meters two track and field competition.She dressed in red sportswear like lightning, fast to yellowish brown across the runway, which caused a person’s attention in the stands, she is the altar legend Cui Shunzi ice, snow she is famous Ye Qiaobo first coach.Cuishun Zi Wang Shuying come home, Zhou Yang pledged to close small as a disciple.At this time, neighbors have advised Wang Shuying: 8-year-olds to practice skating a little late, your family is not rich, do not waste money on something like!Husband Zhou Jiwen also some hesitation, but Wang Shuying said: children skating just to exercise, why give her pressure?In Shuying’s insistence, Zhou Yang Cui Shunzi well into the arm, the very beginning, she entered the three lines in the amateur ranks, due to limited conditions, the ice rink Changchun was very sufficient and third tier amateur team only two points at midnight bell on ice.To make a Zhou Yang has plenty of physical strength, Wang Shuying midnight every day get up on time, while yawning, while her daughter on a little pot soup nutrition.After the pot is good, then carefully wake her daughter, when I see her mouth licking raspberry drink it, Wang Shuying always have a strange sense of satisfaction.Wang Shuying under the influence of her husband Zhou Jiwen undertaken the task of pick-up daughter.From this distance to Changchun Fifth Ring Stadium home, in charge of shuttle missions Zhou Jiwen never wasted, this road about 2 km in the road between the father and daughter to complete a variety of running, jumping action, in short, as long as the Zhou Jiwen coach saw there learned all will give her ‘training’ on this road again.Skating need to wear skate shoes, and a good pair of good skates have a few thousand dollars, which is simply Zhou Yang families astronomical.At first, she always borrow someone else’s skate shoes, and later on with the old skates with coaches, because not fit the day slid down, her feet were blistered, two weeks after the heel punish galling bleeding, ulcers even after the bones are exposed.Mom, the coach said, off the ground into a bubble like a cocoon.Daughter comforted.Wang Shuying her daughter’s feet, painfully cried, she with a hot needle prick the blisters eleven.Since then, Wang Shuying sell ice cream during the day, in the evening until midnight knitting, also make a family house, he opened a lottery operator station.Two months later, she spent 800 yuan to Zhou Yang, Liu Cheng bought a pair of new skates others through a single row of.When she put the double new old skates in the hands of his daughter, Zhou Yang happy parents hugged and shouted: I have my own skate shoes!2006 mid-year, Zhou Yang honors the national team, because the champion Wang Meng has won the women’s 500 meters title at the Winter Olympics in Turin in mid-2006, so the coach Li Yan Zhou Yang intends to fight a long distance Owen, the Chinese team for many years to reverse the short superiority weak situation.Pro starting the day, helped Zhou Yang Shuying carefully packed their bags, specially fitted her favorite of citrus.Wang Shuying said to her daughter: ocean, the national team better than the local team, in order to truly succeed, we must pay more sweat and hard work!Adhere to teeth, it would only make passionate citrus Shuying good news is, despite her daughter to eat a lot of pain, but after 90 children and the other is completely different, she not only filial piety, and has a very mature age inconsistent, when nothing can love like a baby on the phone to Wang Shuying, like other girls, like love plush toys, but Zhou Yang but never opening his mother asked to buy anything.After entering the national team, Zhou Yang can receive 500 yuan per month wages.Zhou Yang in addition to daily expenses are kept up to the mother.However, these are the children of hard-earned money, Wang Shuying and how willing to move on a sub-ah!In November 2007, the national team winter training came to Changchun, close at hand, some of the Changchun Ji parents often go to see the children, or give money, or send goodies to the children.Daughter, mother treasured flesh and blood, Wang Shuying so is not so ah!However, the family is too poor, that money can not just indiscriminately, the only time a gift of the visit, Wang Shuying has become a sentimental memories forever.That afternoon, Wang Shuying sitting in her husband’s bike came to the training center at the gate, just met a grandmother sale of citrus.Citrus is only two dollars a pound, but the couple of times a dig pocket, only to find out it was a dollar.See a dollar bought two small citrus, Zhou Yang happy bad, one did not even spit on nuclear swallow, also intoxicated, smacking his lips and said: Mom, this citrus how so good ah!After wiped his hands, Zhou Yang also asked: Mom, that one I eat it?Wang Shuying listened extremely sad, said: eat, kid, this is yours.But Zhou Yang to think of something like a bear to eat, and the rest of a citrus carefully hid the bag and saw my mother look of confusion, blanket with her mouth, mysterious smile.After half a month, to coincide with Wang Shuying birthday, her daughter called back, ready to take this opportunity to improve to improve her daughter’s food.When look at her daughter’s backpack, Wang Shuying found that there are a few pieces of workout clothes, then pulled out to prepare wash clean, at this moment, only to hear a splash, a soft and round things hit her feet.Wang Shuying looked down, turned out to be a citrus.She was surprised and asked: ocean, this is not a small Zhou Yang proud nodded and replied: This is what I deliberately left you, you know that time refused to eat, you can eat today Oh, today is your birthday!Wang Shuying put citrus peel, breaking the one hand tremble in the mouth, eyes has long been a glistening.Due to geographical isolation, Wang Shuying-run lottery station sales rarely, can only deal with the most basic of life, but Wang Shuying never thought to give up, because every time the phone Zhou Yang, Wang Shuying can be very proud to tell her: I your father and dry on a good deal, very fixed monthly income, things at home you do not have to worry about!.However, there is always a paper can not hold fire day.In October 2008, a long time did not come home by Zhou Yang a chance to play, and teammate Wang Meng went back home to see.Because I wanted to give my mother a surprise, Zhou Yang did not say hello in advance.Went to his home front, Zhou Yang will feel wrong.Full floor tenants, all the others have been replaced or aluminum alloy steel doors and windows, only their homes or old wood windows and doors, many years of trials and hardships, the above green paint desultory.Datailielie Wang Meng see it all, but also frowned, and said bluntly: ocean, you do not say that their business is very profitable right?It seems not the case children!Sure enough, open a door, outside of the house only one lottery machine and two benches.In addition to the back room a place to sleep, filled with a variety of debris, even where there is no prong.Careful Zhou Yang noted that in this small space, because the ignition does not fit the gas tank and stove, cooking a local parents did not notice any, simply put a small cooker.Opened on top of the aluminum pan, which is a few small potatoes boiled water!Daughter’s unexpected let Wang Shuying caught off guard, she sheepishly, rubbing his hands and said: ocean, very good selling lottery tickets these days, my mother did not have time to buy food, or you go out to eat and Wang Meng hotel bar?Zhou Yang did not say anything, but first she silently in my heart: my mother, one day, I want to be like sister, like Wang Meng, standing on the highest podium, to make your life completely changed for the better!The end of 2008, Zhou Yang in a match was South Korea’s flagrant foul, because it is in the rapid slide in, unable to control her speed, head banging on the bezel, and had a serious dislocation of the cervical spine.To recommend the latest information sauna