You love the winter snow yet?


Into the end of December, 2013, the new year is about to begin, the weather seems to get colder, bitterly cold weather so that people’s mood seems to be not very good.  During the winter, it is in the love of young men and women, whether you love the weather will be like winter cold snow like it?Or sweet love gives you a lot of warmth it.  Here’s to do with the following quiz to see if you love this time whether it will snow!The first constellations original, reproduced, please indicate the source.  Test Title: always eat honey toast you, which of the following most want to eat it taste?  A: pudding Honey Toast B: Plump toast C: Blueberry Honey Toast d: Strawberry Honey Toast E: Honey Toast Sands Test results: Option A: Select this man, between the two sides be careful, because in this winter you will love the frozen snow likely, mainly because both of you most of the time is spent at work, career, so a lot less between you and him together time, it should be more so if you do not contact each other mutual concern passing miss, so as not to love more and more low temperature easy snow.  Option B: the feelings between you and your lover will not only not cool winter snow, will become more sweet, your feelings will become more stable and sustainable development, in the process of running a more in-depth understanding of each other will fall in love with each other , found each other is their inner love.  Option C: temperature between you love each other not only in the winter snow will cool a warm hand, more and more, in fact, the hearts of both of you are very attached to each other, so each will invest in a more sincere love, your feeling warm this winter getting back to the line, and this is a very happy thing.  Option d: this feeling that you can easily and lovers of winter cool snow downhill, one side is between each other due to various factors you can not find a more and better means of communication, as in the past two increasingly unable to as happy, happy.Suggest that you should be tolerant with each other between the two sides, I believe you will love through the low tide.  Option E: this winter your relationship status has always been like stagnant water in general, with no ripples.Probably because of work or time, resulting in a growing alienation between you.There may be afraid of not rewarded after paying, so more and more passive, neither side is willing to take the bigger step, make this state more stagnant.