Winter Sonata


To go from a company building down, the sky has been dark.Lele look of gloom.Sun Ya see the side can not help feeling, it’s no wonder, do not guarantee their jobs, and for his own, it can not balsam pear face?I went to the bus station was.Sun Ya far to see the 59 figure coming forward, she immediately pulls away Lele hand, quickly thrown towards Lele sentence: I go friends!Immediately jump up.Speed is everything ah!Actually there is a seat in the front row, just like the sense of accomplishment that found a small oasis in the vast desert.Sun Yagang triumph camel sit down, but seems to have found the back of the individual towards his silly smile.I turned around, he!Several stations in the past, Sun Ya out of the car.For the man to catch up, Sun Ya wildly pulling his ears.Why why, the murder of pro-husband ah?Sun Ya looked daggers at him: now know that it is pro-husband?Why just dumb?Jiang Tao rubbed his ears, aggrieved like: just found a beautiful car, a menacing look, who knows how it turned out to be my wife?So you specialize in car peek beauty ah!Nymphomania!Sun Ya fists.Jiang Tao busy confessing his sin, at the expense of Sun Ya walked back to the back left three hundred meters from home.Wife, you have a heavy!Twist around Sun Ya, straight shook Jiang Tao hurry: wait for the next coming fall!Do not shake it from his wife two people in different parts of the car, but ultimately to a common destination, a small house, only 40 square meters of a small house for rent.Jiang Tao began in the narrow kitchen busy, Sun Ya face the TV secretly glanced glances, mind straight music.Then, eating delicious meals, Sun Ya is proudly raised eyebrow: how, Comrade Jiang, there is a beauty to accompany you taste food, very happy now?Jiang Tao swallow a large food that: happiness, happiness is simply mercilessly ah!Then, Jiang Tao ready to meet ya fist Sun, Sun Ya was exceptionally quiet, but also clip a piece of meat into large bowl Jiang Tao.Yes ah, Sun Ya how willing he hit it?Do not say no house no car to get married, but this year, Sun Ya just literally in shabby rented room and fell in love five years, married Jiang Tao.No fancy wedding, no expensive jewelry, no spacious suite Sun Ya know, she has a sincere heart man.If Sun Ya is a flower that Jiang Tao is the tree that sheltered her.Tuesday night, lying in bed.Jiang Tao look askance beside Sun Ya, I saw Sun Ya opening their eyes, staring at the ceiling.What are you thinking about?Sun beauty.Comrade Jiang, our company to be laid off.Sun Ya sighed, gently twist the arm of Jiang Tao.That, that you will cut it?Ask these things, Jiang Tao and some carefully.Likely Oh, I’m comin ‘into a loafer.Sun Ya finished, sat up, sighing.Jiang Tao Sun Ya immediately into her arms, and said: Do not worry, my wife, I’m here!If you really have been laid off, they play at home and do house women, cooking and cleaning.Well to make money, there is me, big deal to a few poor, a few more classes!Sun Ya but Puchi laughed: You are not afraid to raise what I was exhausted ah I’m afraid!Jiang Tao beat each of the offerings, the big deal you eat my porridge, you wear my clothes the old thing!Jiang Tao looked at the face of the play, Sun Ya heart is touched, man, you have to give their women a sense of security to survive, even if the sky is falling, but also that he wore for you!Sun Ya grimaced playfully at the moment: Haha, who am I?Sun accounting dignified beauty.You think, ah, no matter how layoffs, that is up to cut some sales and administrative staff, we take care of these treasury small backyard, how companies willing to cut it?Sun Ya this is true.Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the company’s export business suddenly reduced by nearly half.This time around, many small companies are busy closed their doors, large companies also busy layoffs and pay cuts, the company panic, and who knows, this trend layoffs storm finally blew the home front.A few days later, a friend Lele’s name really appear in the list of layoffs in.Sun Ya sitting at your desk when no better feeling.Lele himself and doing business is not the same, whatever the outcome is also a skilled accountant.However, Ye Hao secretly glad, and rejoiced worth mentioning, life is always in your own days.Lele been laid off most unemployed for a while, whatever the outcome, a set belonging to her house in the city.Sun Ya can do, she no unemployment, and that the salary costs of basic necessities of daily necessities after the removal of the rest, in the face of high prices too small vulnerable.Three these days, Jiang Liu Jiang Tao’s cousin came from the mainland city.Little girl is directed at several large companies by the end of the recruitment will come.Now the economic downturn, was still in their senior year, to make a living, taking advantage of idle learned early to take precautions.After Jiang Liu came on lodging at Sun Ya home.In the evening, Jiang Tao playing on the ground floor, the bed and give Sun Ya Liu Jiang.For several days, Jiang Liu and forth to no avail.That afternoon after work, and Jiang Tao Sun Ya busy in the kitchen doing dinner.Sun Ya pick the side dish.While secretly look at the front of the computer chatting Jiang Liu.She quietly got a job to a whisper Jiang Tao your sister do today?She would also like to live long day Afghanistan?Jiang Tao shook his head, the same people are not the result of a word: I do not know.Dinner, Jiang Liu suddenly put down their jobs, burst into tears.Terrified Jiang Tao and Sun Ya, in the comfort of their well-meaning, Jiang Liu stopped the tears, poured a lot of grievances: What large-scale job well, is simply a liar!The sea of people every day, 10 on a ticket, or cast a bunch of resumes down the drain, or it is not asking you to experience the certificate is to this level, what morals ah!Where there is no one over eight professional English, who had graduated from a customer, also allows people to live?Jiang Liu read major is international economic and trade, and now the financial crisis, trade has become well done, those enterprises employing more picky.Life is too devastated real people ah!At night, looking at the Sun Ya Liu Jiang beside knitted brows furrowed, and can not help but badly in my heart, only a few days ah, brutal and intense competition in this society let an innocent happy girl, all of a sudden in order to survive Chafanbusi dream full of frustration.Sun Ya phone suddenly vibrating a bit, open a text message is: my wife, I miss you!Sun Ya looked secretly laughing, through the curtain, she gently responded very quietly: husband, I miss you too!Forty-five days later, Jiang Liu gone, and with them wherever they went dissatisfaction with the failure of a city left.Sun Ya began to work more seriously.And she feared that she would appear in the eyes of Liu Jiang kind of lonely, frustrated, even desperate.More and more obvious signs of winter, morning, Sun Ya often feel, leave the warm bed, the body begins to chill, have been cold, until home from work.And this time around, and Jiang Tao Sun Ya looked pay slips, are frowning feel: performance bonus and less and less, make up the difference between the standards drop and drop.This winter, a little tough, oh!Liu Jiang suddenly called, the other end of the phone, could not conceal his elation.It turned out that the little girl changed the concept, the county has decided to return home in search of work.Jiang Tao and Sun Ya home, although it is a small town, but still a year to recruit many graduates return home to work.Liu Jiang by the institutions Recruitment Examination, one assigned in the town, not far from the county’s rural credit cooperatives.Sun Ya to start taking their own lives, she Jiang Tao against just such an account: back home to work, pressure, low consumption, close to home.Parents can take care of their elders, you can not rush to buy a house, you can enjoy the county slow pace and relaxed lifestyle when it comes to the final, Sun Ya excited wished he flew out of the box, pack up Road home.Even some repent.That year, Jiang Tao and Sun Ya graduate, pride to recommend the latest information sauna