Spring season appropriate exercise your body good


Five errors Spring movement ● Myth: sudden whim, a crazy exercise, exhausted by the Expert Comment: This is a very wrong training methods。
Whether it is from the muscles, organs, internal organs for affordability, or from the results of the exercise, this exercise will only play some of the negative effects, or muscle strain, people aching muscles or because the intensity is too large, people generating fatigue。
The persistence exercise, you come up with part of the time every day, in different parts of the body to do specific exercises。 A long time, physical coordination, heart and lung function, metabolism will be enhanced, and gradually develop good, moderate exercise habits, but also effectively prevent obesity, resist the attack。 ● Myth: room, equipment must all be tried, only to feel that they exercise the Experts: This is a common mistake novice recidivist。 Some people have had a sense of fear, too scared to go to the gym。
In fact, even the gym regulars, and there is no need in an exercise where the instrument is not a finished floor。 The one you do not have much time, and secondly, when the body fatigue, but also exercise, it would increase the burden to the body。 Experts suggest that you most want to tell parts of the exercise fitness coach, so he arranged an appropriate exercise program for you, the progressive realization of the purpose of your fitness。 ● Myth: Exercise only thirty-five minutes, a lack of continuity Experts: Many people in their daily exercise will make such a mistake。
If an exercise does not exceed twenty minutes, then it can not achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise。 Possible renewal through to an adequate supply of oxygen to the various tissues of the body, organs use to enhance, especially the heart, lungs, blood vessels and other functions, improve disease resistance。
● Myth: ignore the warm-up exercise, repeated in the spring of sports experts likewise suitable workout Comments: Wang Tao said that the warm-up exercise can greatly reduce the risk of sports injuries because warm-up exercise can improve the overall level of bodily functions, such as increasing the body's joints lubrication degree, increase body temperature, etc.。 Warm-up exercise general advice gym doing aerobic exercise, can be a treadmill, elliptical machine, climbing machine, etc., can warm up the body for the whole body, often anaerobic exercise can not play such a role。
Repeatedly doing the same workout exercise only certain parts of the body, while other parts are not appropriate exercise, it is difficult to maintain a balanced body, it is difficult to achieve the best physical condition, and even cause sports injuries。
Fitness should select a variety of training, aerobic exercise combined with anaerobic exercise, so that all parts of the body have been tempered, thereby improving the overall physical fitness。
● Myth: go to the gym every day, but do not pay attention after the workout recovery and rest Experts: Fitness exercise should pay attention to reasonable time, a degree of relaxation, so that the body can not only get exercise, it can be fully restored。 Therefore, the necessary rest during exercise can not be ignored。
In general, it is best if it is a great strength workout, you need more time to rest four times a week exercise effect。 Anaerobic exercise, should be changed every few weeks time a regular exercise schedule。 When aerobic exercise, should alternate among the different types of aerobic exercise performed。
Body recovery also includes recovery after exercise, the purpose is to make the transition from the human nervous state of motion to the quiet state, after strenuous exercise to prevent a moral or physical discomfort。 The human body in motion, a variety of physiological functions pitched, oxygen requirement is 15 times the usual, if suddenly returned to the stationary state, between the organs will be because of disorders caused symptoms of discomfort, the most common are dizziness, nausea, dizziness。
Because the body during exercise physiological changes that occur will not stop with the movement and instantly disappear, so appropriate activities to relax after exercise is conducive to aerobic metabolism, restore strength and eliminate fatigue。
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