Twenty-nine winter months is what constellation


Capricorn is the winter months twenty-nine.Capricorn is the Gregorian date of birth December 22 –1 19, it belongs to the Earth signs, located zodiac tenth house, ruled by Saturn.Capricorn personality rigorous practical, relatively high cold, poor communication with others, and strive to do things fair, discipline and rules and regulations, will not easily break the routine, likes to do things in the plan.Their inner desire to be caring, hope to get close to them, it is often easy to be deceived, fear of injury, pretending to be strong, do not let others see his softer part.  Capricorn people are depressed, they are not very positive sign of positive energy, the heart has its own little sad, though the trend was clear look on the surface, but do not easily be deceived this representation, their hearts are still very eager to someone who can they really understand and know their preferences and thinking, to understand each other, help each other care.Capricorn is a very responsible person, whether for work or family, they will play their role, to assume their responsibility, and strive to be the best of the best.  And other Earth signs like Capricorn is a relatively introverted types, conservative character, stubborn not good change, not romance, for emotional expression has its own way, is not the warmest, but it must be the most intimate.Their dedication is very heavy, very strong organization and ability to work, is a good leader, often in order to work a lot of things behind us, they focus on the reality, the pursuit of real, not fanciful, romantic and naive they missed, they desire to succeed, eager to pursue what they want.Like control of the situation, good alone to achieve the dream in my mind, very dear with their hard work in exchange for wealth. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source