Twenty-eight winter months is what constellation


Capricorn is the winter months twenty-eight.Capricorn is the Gregorian date of birth December 22 –1 19, belongs to the Earth signs, it is located in the zodiac tenth house.And other Earth signs like Capricorn is a relatively introverted types, conservative character, mature, down to earth, very planned, patience, extraordinary perseverance, determination.Their dedication is heavy, strong organization and ability to work, is a good leader.  Capricorn people are very kind, although they face the cold, but the fiery heart, stars have a soft heart, they like to help others, gain satisfaction in helping others, it seems born to be a servant of the people’s attitude.They not only strive to do things, but also down to earth, a very reliable partner.They step by step, not opportunistic, such people tend to be able to win in life.Capricorn Taurus as in general, is not know how flexible the constellations, their conversation rigid, inflexible work things by the book, do not know how to turn a lot of opportunities are often easy to miss.  Capricorn people are depressed, they are not very positive sign of positive energy, the heart has its own little sad, though the trend was clear look on the surface, but their hearts are still very eager to someone who can really understand them, know their preferences and thinking, to understand each other, help each other care.Capricorn in love, consider not only the feelings, more of a life, responsibility, and bread, is the economic basis for them because they are necessary props constitute a wonderful marriage and emotional. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source