Twenty-four winter months is what constellation


Winter months twenty-four Sagittarius.Date of birth Sagittarius is the Gregorian November 23 –12 21, belong to the fire signs, it is located in the ninth house of the zodiac zodiac, ruled by Jupiter.Sagittarius warm, friendly, straightforward, like, and make friends with people like talking about the arbitrary, they versatile, detached imagination, curiosity for the unknown.They enjoy swimming in the life beyond the material, the feeling is different from the joy of living.  Sagittarius constellation stands for freedom, they are free and uninhibited, optimistic, cheerful, warm and frank, I never beat around the bush, hate affectation, Xuyuweishe, insincere people.Freedom is their innate nature, they are independent, freedom-loving, most do not like it is to be bound by discipline, which will make them very unhappy.They advocate emotional freedom, do not like to be too much restraint lovers, need more free space, a desire to understand them, support them, giving space and trust partner.  Sagittarius love a challenge, love of adventure, love to explore new areas of knowledge and the world.The driving force in their hearts that push the boundaries, to explore the future, seek faith life choice.Sagittarius has a remarkable motility, any constraints have made them feel depressed, they really desire is the same as the horses in their favorite vast space.Sagittarians have a strong thirst for knowledge, his most high demand, desire in their careers is relatively strong, they like the challenge, like fresh stimulus. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source