Nine is what constellation in early winter


Nine is the beginning of winter Sagittarius.Date of birth Sagittarius is the Gregorian November 23 –12 21, belong to the fire signs, ruled by Jupiter, is located in the ninth house of the zodiac ecliptic.Sagittarius gives the most intuitive feeling is sincere, and dealing with people comparing to go straight, have something to say true self.No effort nice guy.They are very strong-minded group of people, look at things on their own judgment and assertive.  Sagittarius Sagittarius character of human nature optimistic, cheerful and generous, like a sunflower in general, there is never a shortage of places in his joy, they are synonymous with pistachios, naturally humorous, very understand life, and be good at communication with others, around many friends, can bring joy to people around.Sagittarius has a remarkable motility, any constraints have made them feel depressed, they really desire is the same as the horses in their favorite vast space.  Sagittarius girl Sagittarius girl sunshine optimistic, positive attitude, full of wisdom, versatile.Have lofty ideals, freedom and the pursuit of dreams, strong personality.Female shooter has a strong independent spirit and imagination, they are naive optimist, always able to bring people around me laugh.Sagittarius woman to get along, you need and they have the same interests and opinions, respect their beliefs, to understand their thinking escape.Female shooter altogether straightforward, love and hate, love and hate, not hypocrites.Most of them are very kind heart, compassion for the weak, like the record straight, Ganaiganhen.  Sagittarius Sagittarius men boys enthusiastic, optimistic, freedom-loving, do not like to be bound, like freedom.Their natural sense of humor, understand life, funny, philosophical, regardless of any occasion, can create a relaxed atmosphere of laughter, and with them no shortage of laughter.Sagittarius men great sense of obligation, but also very generous.And constellation Sagittarius male is useless concept of money, how many how many flowers, many friends, but they never mean, once the team need friends, they are always generous.Sagittarius is the freedom-loving optimist, bad things they could digest themselves, not overly immersed in grief. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source