Sicily to the Italian leader in teaching Chinese teachers will require a lot of talent


"Chinese fever" in recent years more and more popular abroad。 (Source: CNS) Italian news website, Palermo school office (UfficioscolasticoregionalediPalermo) and the Confucius Institute Enna "Kore" University jointly launched the Chinese teaching network, which will cover many from kindergarten to high school, including Sicily school。 The Chinese teaching network by Maria Luisa Altomonte, director of the school office area (MariaLuisaAltomonte) and Kore University 乔瓦尼普格 Aires (GiovanniPuglisi) co-sponsored by nine provinces in Sicily are included in the network, Sicilian schools offer Chinese language courses in Italy will account for all schools offer Chinese language courses 1/5。
In addition to Chinese language courses, Chinese culture will also offer courses, because language and culture are inseparable。
Schedule and coordinate the work of individual courses will be in charge of Correa Confucius Institute of Chinese and Italians in charge of Sun Bo (transliterated) teachers and 马里内拉穆 Scala (MarinellaMuscarà) Teachers, as well as Technical Director, Ministry of Education Office of Palermo Qiaozhi Ka Wadi (GiorgioCavadi) have completed。
With the launch of Chinese teaching network, relevant departments will expand large-scale teacher training program to provide professional teacher talent for the network。