Winter months seventeen is what constellation


Sagittarius winter months seventeen.Sagittarius is the date of birth of the new calendar November 23 –12 21, is a fire sign, it is located in the ninth house of the zodiac zodiac, ruled by Jupiter.Sagittarius is known for optimists, know how to self-digest bad mood, to grasp the mood is better.For them life is full of ideals, often depict the future in mind blueprint.Sagittarius people love ideas like fantasy, often have unrealistic ideas appear, which people are very insecure, and lack of accountability.  Sagittarius Sagittarius personality warm, friendly, outgoing, straightforward, like, and make friends with people like talking about the arbitrary, nature optimistic, cheerful and generous, like a sunflower in general, there is never a shortage of places in their joy.Freedom is their innate nature, they are independent, freedom-loving Sagittarius has a remarkable motility, any constraints have made them feel depressed, they really desire is the same as the horses in their favorite vast space.  Sagittarius Sagittarius men boys enthusiastic, optimistic, freedom-loving, do not like to be bound, like freedom.Their natural sense of humor, understand life, funny, philosophical, regardless of any occasion, you can create a relaxed atmosphere laughter.Their spirit is very independent, like its own way, do not want to be bound by others.Treat the feelings of sincere, he is a rich emotional person.Sagittarius men are very real boys, they like things simple and straightforward, so in front of them, must show their real side, do not affectation.  Sagittarius girl Sagittarius woman has a strong independent spirit and imagination, they are naive optimist, always able to bring people around me laugh.Female shooter altogether straightforward, love and hate, love and hate, not hypocrites.Most of them are very kind heart, compassion for the weak, like the record straight, Ganaiganhen.Their pursuit of freedom, unrestrained life, do not like bondage, it does not mean they are not specific for the feelings, they need mutual trust and respect.They like the feeling of protection, want to be tame, was control. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source