Winter months were 48 what constellation


Winter months were 48 Sagittarius.Sagittarius is the date of birth of the new calendar November 23 –12 21, is a fire sign, ruled by Jupiter, ninth house of the zodiac is located.Sagittarius love a challenge, love of adventure, love to explore new areas of knowledge and the world.The driving force in their hearts that push the boundaries, to explore the future, seek faith life choice.Sagittarius has a remarkable motility, any constraints have made them feel depressed, they really desire is the same as the horses in their favorite vast space.  Personality Sagittarians Sagittarians are optimistic by nature, cheerful and generous, like sunflower in general, there is never a shortage of places in his joy, they naturally humorous, very understand life, and be good at communication with others, many friends, can give bring joy to people around.Sagittarius constellation stands for freedom, they are free and uninhibited, optimistic, cheerful, warm and frank, I never beat around the bush, hate affectation, Xuyuweishe, insincere people.  Love Sagittarius Sagittarius in love is quite active, belong to the type of initiative, hoping to seize the initiative in love, Raiders of the way of love is their greatest feature, they dare to pursue their own feelings and express themselves emotions.When the shooter really love someone, it will become “abnormal”, not so playful, full day see the shadows, they are more willing to spend time with your side, he refused to appear around ambiguous, and keep a distance from the opposite sex.  Sagittarius ambitious undertaking relatively low Sagittarius some of them, for them, a way to work just to make money, the most important thing is to find interest and pleasure in their work, not make work your way to become the shackles.They can not stay long on the same Wang Wei, who like freedom, like change, like the different challenges jobs and work.Sagittarius people behavior of doing things is relatively straightforward and outspoken, they often offend others. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source