, A country occupied the No. aviation industry, almost half of the men turned out to be a murderer, it will have more than what you destroy the company’s reputation?


Shen North Star smiled, then “Please be assured that this thing I’ll deal with, after all, and I wanted to buy so much stock, it will become a pile of waste paper.”

This is agreed, Andrew This calm down, at least at this point of interest, two of them will be very good partners.

After signing secret contracts let Andrew Shen Chu Wenjin North Star let him away, just watching Ann Wei Zhen asked: “Andy, where are you going to check the evidence?”

An Wei Zhen hand, slender fingertips is a picture of beautiful Talisman, “Zhou Zhou, in some places we can not go, but he can go.”

His words, Shen Chu Wenjin North Star and shouted nod, this is actually a good idea, Zhou Zhou was not actually the average person can see, but they not fear of being discovered, so if he was seen, will be another thing is scary code.

“However, in order to know where specific things, I have to see the side Rothschild.”An Wei Zhen for this is still a little worried, merit a book of divination have conditions that have to come into contact with