Yoga can relieve the pressure of lizard-style yoga


Can relieve the pressure, the stress in your life has a lot to do to relieve the pressure is still relatively good, so yoga can relieve the pressure, what does?Xiaobian to talk about ah yoga can relieve the pressure。
Yoga can relieve the pressure of 1.Angle sitting posture: sit down, legs kicking to keep straight, slowly open your legs to the limit, try to straighten the knee。
Inhale, arms extended upward, stand straight back。
Breath, arm and upper body slowly stretching forward。
The abdomen, the chest, the chin sequentially affixed to the bed。 Hold this position for about 4-12 breaths or longer。
The whole process, extending the spine must be maintained。
Role: to adjust the skew of the pelvis, thin waist effect is obvious, to help open leg ligaments, tighten the leg muscles, beautify leg type。
Changes in menstrual symptoms of adjustment。
But also the long-standing practice has become smooth and delicate, full of vitality。
2.Palms trees type position: to stand upright, legs together, hands naturally droop。
The focus shifted to the left foot, right knee bent, so as closely aligns the calf and thigh, feet up, grasp the right foot put it in the root of the left thigh。
Release the hands and the hands up to his chest, palms clasped together, to maintain the natural breathing。
Maintain balance, try to keep a little longer。
The process is repeated for the other leg。
Yoga can relieve the pressure of the role: let practitioners to get rid of distractions, concentrate on calming down, dig out the highest human potential。 It can strengthen and stretch the leg muscles, but also improve the balance of practitioners。
3.Toe angle type position: sitting on the bed, knees bent, feet relative。
Both hands feet, straight spine, heel near the perineum。
Inhale, look up, stretch the spine。 Breath, body flexion, the forehead close to the bed as much as possible, maintain normal breathing one minute。 Knees near the bed as far as possible, after the operation, straight legs, jitter relax。