After the long walk Cangshan, white leaf was relieved, the woman said..


  ”Now, I ask you a question you answer a word, as long as you let me have a little dissatisfied, I immediately kill you.”
  Woman in yellow swallow, she Tianshan dignified elder, was so humiliated when.
  Came to the secular world, it will actually kidnapped people, which if returned Tianshan, I am afraid that she elders do not become.
  White leaves to see her do not speak directly asked altogether.
  ”What’s your name, where they come from.”
  Women can feel the leaves white intention to kill, dare not answer.
  ”Green away from the Tianshan pine.”
  It is an ancient martial Tianshan.
  Contact before leaf and white Donghuai Yu Dong Xiaofeng, it is from Jiuxuan Tianshan.
  ”Why kill Ye Pingsheng?”
  Green paused away, or that out, “he killed Jin Zhao Jin Zhao Tian Shan elders of our family and relatives, I killed him is subject to the command of Tianshan.”
  White leaves slightly stunned, but his face is still some stubborn.
  Ye Pingsheng, nosy what you need it?
  Jin Ye Chao is white killed, before we came to Ye Pingsheng warned leaf white, do not move Jin Zhao, a leaf-white no choice but to kill him.