Was almost ready, please choose an auspicious day to the inspection Mrs..”Early Spring Road.


Jiang Chu nodded: “Well, tomorrow I have personally come across, hey, Xuancheng side of the bus station can also start to build, and that time you arrange to go on.”
“and many more.”Jiang Chu touched his chin thoughtfully and said:” This Xuancheng bus station, or to slowly.”
Spring smiled and said: “Madame is not also intend to buy a piece of land?”
Jiang Chu hook lip smile: “would be a little cleverness.”
“Is not slaves smart, but now many people are waiting for Baba, Mrs. Xuancheng bus routes it.”Early Spring Road.
Jiang Ping Chu after the town buses implemented, would always deserted street to permanent dill holding fire, and now Lord knows, Jiang Chu what route to be, the center of the piece of line to have the fire!Land prices have to go up Cengceng rub, is also why, Xuancheng Jiang Chu to develop the bus came to a thing, naturally, we are looking forward to the Huoer.
Take an advantage not think to follow suit?
Jiang Chu touched