Not work!Not yet!”


  ”That’s when the line?”
  ”Anyway, not now!”
  More dialogue, fundamental staged once a day.
  Horch not angry, anyway, he had plenty of ways to torment her.Woo, Jojo wronged.He is now in transition, we had traffic and fans are in decline, if then broke romance, Sheng Joe really worried plain love beans fell from its peak.
  Well, sometimes think, I feel like a femme fatale.
  Bell listen to her so deep sigh, sneer: “You?The roots of troubles?The roots of evil curse it.”
  Sheng Joe: “???”
  This case, only to find a boyfriend cry chirp backing up.
  Boyfriend recently was the creation of the new post, sit at the piano one day Sheng Joe da da da ran headlong into his arms, he grumbled to chat to him.
  Then deep bell was removed a group chat.
  Although it will not be long before Fuzi Qing add him back, but have a boyfriend to help her vent, or do so cool.Horch and he pulled her to sit down, holding her index finger falls on piano keys.
  ”I will bomb?”
  Sheng Joe honestly shook his head: “all forget, even Twinkle will not be a.”
  Horch press a chord, “Try these repeated bomb sounds.”
  Although not play, but remember fingering, slender fingers on the keys standing, as he taught