A good way to hedge against inflation.Beginning last year, Li Xuan has already won the Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Xu and other famous works of dozens.


  ”Peng President, today you take the liberty to come, what are some things that need to communicate with the domestic front!”Li Xuan with a wry smile.
  ”Oh?I do not know anything?”Peng Fei Li Xuan saw his face as if to eat like berberine, frowning look.I could not help a little more curious.
  ”America’s George.Bush’s vice president, will visit the mainland is not in May?”Li Xuan asked.
  ”Vice President Bush will be on May 7th to 9th, paid a state visit to China!”Peng Fei nodded his head, this is not a secret.George.Bush’s visit has been specifically negotiated by both parties properly set, the two foreign ministries have also recently announced outside do.
  ”Former US President George W. Bush to return.I will take the opportunity to come to Hong Kong to attend my wedding held at No. 10!”Li Xuan said..
  Peng Fei face slightly changed, he did not receive the news.The British government has already started wrestling on the future of Hong Kong, this time Britain’s most steadfast allies, the world’s number one hegemonic country, Vice President of the United States suddenly appeared in Hong Kong.
  He is simply in the name of private Li Xuan to attend the wedding, or other special political meaning?Peng Fei there is a return immediately Xinhua branch headquarters.This unexpected news report immediately to the central impulse, but Li Xuan next words shocked him more.
  ”In addition to Vice President George Bush, His Royal Highness Prince Charles yesterday, just give me a call back, he will come with his wife, Princess Diana Hong Kong to attend my wedding!”Li Xuan Shi