A direct say, “Let the bells to concentrate my fire to turn violent it.”


  ”She will not tell you ah invasion of privacy?”Jiu Lu asked.
  ”She will not claim this matter.She will still gentle and amiable, and others to discuss the story together.Privacy ah, ah reputation, she will not care.”Lu seventy-one pairs of wind chimes is to understand.Well, after all, is the enemy, “she is always white lotus lightness finds, will always maintain her innocent man set, a little dirty water, will not be splashed her.”
  Chen Jiaming little counsels, “How do I have nightmares at night?Liangliang I find you sleep?”
  ”.alright.”At the same twins Chen Jialiang also counsels.
  ”.”Eighteen-year-old big guy, and really good for nothing!!!Zhang Yun secretly wondering, moved back to Chen, who lives tomorrow.

Chapter 267 school
  Zhang Yun in advance with the company’s staff to prepare for school ah, soon, to live this day.
  Lu seventy-one wearing school uniforms, hair lightly edited, and usually there is no difference.
  ”.”She obviously looking forward to teachers and students to wear pretty skirts are big sigh of disappointment in the mind.
  ”.”I heard Okay?The silent land seventy-one.
  [See Five minutes later, oh ~ ~ ~ ~]
  After the message is sent on the Palace of Eternal Youth hit home, it began to broadcast advertising platform to do promotion, the number of people waiting for the moment to see live, rose to eight digits.
  Do not want to participate in student did not come to school today