“Uncle sorry ah, today I met it soon, did not find traction rope, tied it otherwise would not have broken your work, really sorry.”


  This gardener a stomach complaint, to see him such a good attitude, the idea is unexpected, very young inverted literacy.But he Lengheng soon look past the line of sight when the pupil micro-coagulation, did not speak.
  Lin-sheng want to help him recover the flower beds, he does not master this art can only look on in despair honestly stood by.Gardener until you see the trees replanted Well, just relieved.
  Suddenly I think that they are to ask the way, he hesitated, gardener somehow looked at him, do not care for him, continued to do his own hands of the living.
  Forest Health whispered: “Uncle, do you know where to find it housekeeper?The first time I came here today, some lost.”
  Gardener uncle without looking up, “You put me flowers almost broke, why should I tell you.”
  Lin-sheng little discouraged, just offend people, people should also have in mind the grievances.
  Some acid on his feet, stood for a moment, leaning on the flower bed and sat down, the ankle has not completely healed, he was not excessive overdraft.
  Gardener uncle looked at his feet a.
  Some of today’s sun poisoning, forest health nor a cap