miss you!


  If not, he would not be aware of to stay in China, if not his actions, Chakun they would not do that to die.
  This is a bullet for him to bear Chakun.
  Chen diving to Chakun left is to let him drug treatment, in order to make Chakun get new life, but now the result was just the opposite.
  Chakun did not get a new life, but in China lost their lives.
  Sorry, upset, all kinds of negative emotions constantly swarmed Chen diving heart.
  ”Grief.”Zhoucheng Xuan Chen patted the shoulder up diving out of the room, he knew Chen diving needs most now is quiet.
  No one can share his inner pain at the moment.
  Because no matter how speak, Chakun are diving will help Chen in the gun.

Chapter 156 painful experience

  Chen diving Chakun digested the bad news with enough time, then Su Qing drove with him to the hospital morgue.
  For others, Chakun is a foreigner finding out the identity of any information, even if Chen did not know all of his diving everything in the Kingdom of Siam, so that Chakun even dead, nor any of their loved ones and organizations You may notice.
  Chen diving with Chakun not have the opportunity to find the bodies of the king of Siam, King of Siam Chakun tell their fighters airborne Rangers.
  Not to mention that he did not see the King of Siam, even if met, will not bear the King of Siam