”All right, all right, do not cry.”


  After a while, he seemed a lot better spirit, to look round, expressionless look again to the micro-Xin long, and her face Xing twilight.
  ”You know how we are here?”
  ”That is when we go back to say, your co-workers waiting for you.”Oct-long micro-channel.
  Xu Xianglin and Weng Lok and other sub-come, Zhao days then face some ugly asked: “Tian Ming it?”
  Xu Xianglin: “He.died.”
  Zhao days then clenched fist, “is useless and hurt you.”
  ”I say these now, has no meaning.”Xu Xianglin self-deprecating smile.
  I have been waiting tattooed man while seeing this and said: “Hey, you all right man, they are also alive and well, it is better to put us, how?”
  Xu Xianglin forehead veins drums drum, music is the son Weng pale face to hide behind him, long micro Sim said: “Before this, you do such a thing done several times?”
  Tattoo man hands rubbed on the waistband, ingratiating smile: “No, no, only this time, also just kicked iron.”
  Xin said long micro system: “He’s lying, their hands still