Julian again repeat it again.


  Two groups of indigenous face look different, see reluctantly, but because of Donna’s deterrent, should be able to calm the island for some time, she thought enough Mithril mining method of.
  After the account is over, Julian Donna let them go to the beach with a stopping place.
  Along the way, she was thinking in my mind a lingering lingering problems.
  Love Hewitt Evans.Who exactly is it?
Chapter 80
  Julian electric boat on the sea, Julian on board checked the noise of the engines immediately rang, she excitedly said: “The boat is no problem!”
  Boat no problem, what are you waiting for?
  Donna and Yu Ze was about to set foot on the boat, along with a burst of sound Ula Ula, a group of indigenous black rushed out from the woods.
  Julian this Ula Ula’s voice had a shadow, it fell to his legs quiver on board.
  Donna looked up and looked, when the lead of the black youth has been rushed to the front of her near.
  Black natives just like there is some kind of understanding, are still in place from Donna stopped four of five steps, they knelt down and respectfully in their hands filled with coconut water, berries and raw meat, as well as the whole entire weasel, deerskin and other things over their heads.